What do you think of outgoing Gov. Markell's proposed fix for the budget gap?


  • Mary Gipe - 6 years ago

    It is getting impossible to see the advantages to living in Delaware. Besides being hit with the Brandywine School District referendum and now Markell raising taxes. Allowing people to take itemized deductions is real sneaky. There is not alot of incentive for business and skilled labor to locate here. Did I forget the high crime rate? I wish I had more positive to say......

  • Cat Tavani MD - 6 years ago

    Typical democratic thinking. Raise taxes, put everything on the backs of those who work and pay tax, take away advantages for seniors that have them moving into our state.
    He proposes increasing deductibles when repeal of Obamacare is about to fix that. He's going the wrong way- again.
    I do think people will ultimately have to take a lot more responsibility for their own health, not abuse their bodies then expect others to pay for "wanting everything done " but this "wealth distribution" has to stop.

  • Richard Pointer - 6 years ago

    The problem in the Indian River School Districct is the number of kids from undocumented illegals particularly in Georgetown. This has a significant impact on the Medicaid expense which Statewide total in the area of $600 million dollars. This was caused by the Obama administration because there was no enforcement of the immigration laws. I am afraid that Delawarean are stuck for years to come because the Democrats in the State love these illegals since some of them vote.

  • Trevor - 6 years ago

    Cuts are necessary... that's just the unfortunate truth. I just don't understand why, whenever budget cuts are made, public safety is the first thing to go. As someone who works in public safety I can tell you that it's extremely frustrating to know that your leaders don't have your back.

  • Charles R Smith - 6 years ago

    There is only one thing you can count on when democrats are in power-relentless spending and tax increases to continue to try to fool the "poor" into thinking that they will be taken care of as long as they continue to vote for the democrats (socialists). The people of Delaware are apparently so gullible that they still believe the democrats are the "peoples" party.The continual redistribution of wealth from the middle class (or what there is left of it) to the so-called poor is destroying the socioeconomic structure of this country away from striving for a better life by self-improvement and experience to one of " why should I do anything since the government will take care of me." One needs only to look to New Jersey, Maryland, New York, and Connecticut to see what the future holds for Delaware. Our democratic legislators are in office only to enhance their personal wealth (does anyone know of a poor legislator?) and to hold onto their office until they can collect a grossly overblown pension. Instead of trying to bring commerce to Delaware to provide decent jobs that will propel citizens to a higher standard of living and allow them to raise their families without state assistance we find that our Governor- elect is proposing new taxes before he even takes office. No surprise there because he is a living example of the lifetime politician that all democrats strive to be.
    I for one will never vote for a democrat. I will leave that office un-voted unless the candidate is so despicable that I would not want to take the chance that he will win by default. I am also tired of paying for the education of other peoples children for my entire life. My children left public schools over 40 years ago but, I am still paying teacher and administrator salaries that have always been more than I made. I went to a school that was almost 100 years old when I attended and it is still being used today. Why is it that education planners cannot design a plan for physical properties that last more than ten years before launching into a relentless series of referendums until they get what they want? The entire system is based on building new schools to force more non-teaching positions at ever more ridiculous salaries. Stop spending money you don't have and aligning revenue to budget instead of the opposite.
    It is way past time to restore balance to government and only spend what you have or plan to save for the future. The cronyism and "pay to play" has to stop. Also consider term limits as a way to control the current passing of the baton from one family of politicians to another.
    Wake up Delaware! The "Delaware Way doesn't work anymore>

  • Kent County, more so than the other two counties, has gone to great lengths to reduce our expenses and other costs for our residents. To build the new Kent County Recreational Center, we saved our money first, over the last 20 years, and were able to fund more than half of the construction outright. To take steps, in any form, to reduce the State's financial burden by placing it on the backs of the counties, is still going to be a form of tax increase because of the very tight financial system we have implemented. I have been very outspoken about this with legislators I know, and I hope that Governor-Elect Carney, and the State Legislature will take this into consideration. Do I have their answer? As much as I hate to say this, look to Senator Colin Bonini, who has repeatedly said that Kent County did it right, and should be held up as a model for the way government should be run.

  • John - 6 years ago

    Delaware needs to cut spending, not raise taxes, to end this horrible downward spiral. This state can't afford to spend money so freely forever without consequence! And, for sure, the answer to our problem is NOT to balance the budget at the expense of fixed income seniors! Shame on you, Delaware! And shame on the politicians who have been running this state into the ground!

  • Joe Smoe - 6 years ago

    Delaware's liberal chickens have come home to roost! What did you expect to happen with such leaders

  • ron niblett - 6 years ago

    thank god markel is gone, he has been the worst governor since Ruth Ann Minner!

  • J Dorman - 6 years ago

    I think it's ridiculous to cut the people who are most vulnerable relying primarily on social security to be cut off from assistance for their medication. Our seniors who cannot afford to pay the school taxes etc on their properties - why can't they be grandfathered in to continue the abatement or for seniors turning 65 in 2018 be given a tiered situation according to their income. All this cutting! Seniors received a $3 raise in Social Security and now you want them to be responsible for $1000 plus in taxes on their homes that probably need repairs but they can't afford them. I think its awful how we treat our seniors in this country. not to mention medications cost more, then you have the doughnut whole. Those who can afford it (not all seniors are broke) I'd be foolish to assume this - but as I have said if the abatement is tiered according to income then that would help the state and the seniors....

  • Harry Thomes - 6 years ago

    This is what happens when you have one party rule for so long. There are no checks and balances or alternative ideas which leads to cumulative fiscal mismanagement and cronyism which results in draconiam measures such as these. People who can afford it will continue to move over the line into PA for better schools, a more fair tax situation and representative government where both parties have a say.

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