What did waking Eve tell us about Frank's psychological state in the SF movie Passengers (2016)?

  • None of the above.

  • Frank had genuinely fallen in love with Eve, just from watching videos of her, and he would have wanted to date her above all else, even if they had've both made it to the colony planet with the rest of the passengers. It was fate that he spotted her capsule when he did, so at least they can still be together, even if the situation wasn't exactly ideal.

  • Frank’s increasing depression and suicide attempt meant that the only way he could imagine facing the rest of his life was to have a partner by his side, to tackle every hurdle together…even if it meant committing a grievous act to get her into his life.

  • Frank’s decisions were completely selfish, but not deliberately sexist. If the only other person on board was a heterosexual male, he would have opened that capsule too, just so he didn’t have to be alone for the rest of his life.

  • Frank’s actions showed a man going crazy from loneliness, which affected his ability to make an ethical decision—or stick to one.

  • Frank’s actions were inherently sexist, perpetuating the sexism of today in a future setting. He wanted her so he did everything he could to make her his own.


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