Should Hillside School in Montclair Be Renamed For President Barack Obama?

  • Arlene Teck - 4 years ago

    With the greatest of respect for the student and the suggestion – NO, do NOT rename Hillside School after Barack Obama. To do such a thing at this time would be divisive and could even be inflammatory. Consider the possible safety and security risks for the students who would go there. Yes, in 2 decades, it would be a good time to reassess the situation, to see if such a renaming might be merited by Obama's surviving legacy.

  • Diana - 4 years ago

    Why should it be. What has he done for that town that school??? What don't you name it after someone fron the town who made a difference . LARRY DOLBY there is a name you can put there...

  • Matt Braun - 4 years ago

    Idk. Maybe they could ask all the dead Syrians. Meantime, Hillside School sounds appropriate.

  • Sean Finn - 4 years ago

    In a couple decades it will probably make a lot of sense for a progressive town like Montclair to honor our first black president and first president to openly support gay marriage and other queer rights. In one of the most polarized moments of our nation's history, when a sociopath is the president-elect and progressives need to build a credible opposition to Trump that includes people at other points of the political spectrum, I think it would be tone deaf and counterproductive to alienate roughly 25% of Montclair by renaming Hillside for such a polarizing president with so little distance from his terms in office. Much respect to the politically engaged MHS student who started this petition however.

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