What did you think of The Final Problem?


  • SV - 7 years ago

    Last episode was a disappointment. Euros as the woman on the bus, or the one that spend the night with Sherlock in disguise was soooo different from the one on that island. There she was only sadistic and introvert.
    A reason why Euros could become so, was never given. Loving parents, brothers who where likewise strange, what send her off to kill sherlock's friend?
    Liked the episode before this one much much more. ah well.

  • Ingo - 7 years ago

    For me the show went away from it's heart starting with series 3. I consider the first two series' the most brilliant ones. They retold the Conan Doyle stories in a modern context using great acting and funny wordplays. Now the Conan Doyle stories have become something like a radio wave on which the creators modulate their own story. It's like putting too much spice on a fantastic meal. And the "new story" is neither brilliant nor logical from my point of view.

  • Michael R. - 7 years ago

    Tense, harrowing, and extremely moving. This is the second time (that I can remember) that I have cried during an episode of _Sherlock_.

    If they don't choose to bring the 'Baker Street Boys' this was a marvelous send-off.

  • Kaylee - 7 years ago

    I though that the final problem was amazing. I don't understand how people can't like it. It was interesting and intrigueing all the way through. I loved it. I am in the sherlock fandom I have a fan page on instagram. Me and my beat friend love Sherlock. We cried alot. And we're sad it's the final season. I believe thus apart from s2 was the best. And I didn't think you need to make any improvements. I was amazing. ~ Kaylee. Xx

  • Kathy Custren - 7 years ago

    The larger 'elephant in the room' (as it were), was the look at how 'human' people treat their family members who are so markedly different/dangerous by institutionalizing them, then living in denial as a kindness to their own mental health in dealing with the problem. Still using that to special, traumatic, and dramatic effect in cinema perpetuates the stigma that people who may be remarkably gifted are also to be hidden away and locked up in some remote place for years or lifetimes. The story touched on the fact that Eurus must have undergone some type of 'study' or monitoring to determine her machinations. However, that was the way the 'family' dealt with it and carried on. Not only is the treatment of the sister a huge part of the larger story, it could open the theme to more storylines with the family truly dealing with the mental health of their youngest and admittedly brightest. ~ Blessings! :)

  • Alastair Brown - 7 years ago

    I was really looking forward to this as after seeing it it could well be the last ever episode perhaps beside a one off special in another 3 years so expectation was very high. Let's get the positives out first and start by saying that Sherlock is in my view the best TV show on British TV in the last 5 years. Every series has been excellent with some episodes stronger than others with the first two series probably the best overall. I felt the first episide of this run was the weakest as I was getting a bit tired of the Mary storyline but the second with Toby Jones was excellent. So to the final problem and the highlights were the start with the 3 trapped in the flat with the bomb and then we were onto the island and his sister which was excellent the first half was terrific when the three are being challenged and it allowed mycroft some good screen time who is probably my favourite character and his interaction with Sherlock and Watson was excellent but I felt the last 30m it stated to lose its way a bit. We all knew Morarity would appear and when he did it was handled cleverly as his scenes were years ago and he seemed to be playing the long game but it also highlighted what the series has missed since his death at the end of series 2. The sister stuff did lose its way particularly with the little girl On the plane scenes and how she was beaten by Sherlock giving her a hug and Watson stuck down the well but you never saw him get out which could have given more drama. Also lestrade and mrs Hudson characters suffered in this as they were hardly in it Which I feel makes an episode weaker plus Mollys scene with Sherlock was handled well for drama but felt like an add on. Would have loved to see all the characters involved in this finale like they did at the end of Series 2 involving Morarity and Sherlock on the roof which in my view is the best finish of all the series and has never been bettered but I suppose they can't do the same again but this being potentially the last ever it deserved a bigger finish that what we got. It certainly felt that this was the end as it finished with the voice over from Mary who after being killed in episode 1 has appeared more than ever who they seem to not have enough of but seemed the end in my view as there was no cliffhanger but just a wrap up of the both of them doing what they are doing so I suspect they may come back for a one off special in a distant Xmas but with them both in the Marvep universe I think that will be that but at least we have 13 feature length episode to enjoy anything now.

  • christine - 7 years ago

    Have to say I remain big fan of BC and MF but this last episode went too far. And they made Sherlock the most idiotic among most characters... which breaks my heart. Lots of plotholes too. Compare to the most successful S1 and S2 (esp S1E3 and S2E1 imo) this finale has no true crime but someone rediscovering his own family history. Instead of what happened in the better episodes which are about a clever detective solving crimes among us (more relatable to the public)... ..So 90 mins spent on knowing one complete lunatic family s drama, in which each one responsible for the three sectors of the country's population: the government, the criminals and the ordinaries. long sigh..... isn't that a bit too over the top? I am terribly sorry to say so. I truely am.

  • Anna - 7 years ago

    I respectfully disagree with the writer. This episode was the most disappointing of the latest series, and they went out with a whimper, not a bang! The Napoleon of crime a puppet in the hands of the most intelligent Holmes, a non-existent ACD canon third female sibling, who managed to escape her ultra-secure prison in the previous two episodes, like Count Montecristo to wreak her revenge on the world and her family. Suspension of disbelief can only go so far!

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