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  • Roxie Sandra - 3 years ago

    This season didn't seem like Sherlock for the first two episodes. I feel like they tried to change it up and it made all the characters seem out of place and not themselves. It got better for the last episode, but still a little different. It was good, just a little out-of-place.

  • Michelle - 3 years ago

    I've seen The Final Problam more times than you can imagine it's excellent. Please Please don't make this the last. I loved it.

  • Arnozi - 3 years ago

    I really hope they continue...i'd like to see Irene Adler again

  • Disappointed - 3 years ago

    Boy they dropped the ball on this episode. So disappointing and boring. The series better come back so the writers can redeem themselves. Writers, please, don't phone it in ever again.

  • Nancy - 3 years ago

    I always enjoy this series. Better then anything on network or cable. Did not feel like a series finale too many strings dangling.

  • Mary - 3 years ago

    Why did thia feel like a parody of Saw?

  • AHHHHHH help me - 3 years ago

    Why is this a show

  • Julie - 3 years ago

    The thing I loved about Sherlock was the detecting. The "final problem" seemed like a cop out. Writers couldn't come up with any more deducing? Let's just throw in a psycho episode that seemed like a copycat of "Blacklist" or the dark knight series? I loved the suspense of the first two but this last episode has me questioning whether I will tune in again.

  • Rose Marie Ferreri - 3 years ago

    Wonderful as always, hope it is not the last. Maybe it was more of a farewell to Mary! Crossing my fingers!

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