Do You Want A Nick and Sharon Reunion?


  • Lolly leblanc - 6 years ago

    Please put them back together. They belong together. They have that chemistry that's loved. Im waiting forvthat day when my favorite couple is reunited.

  • JoanMacGillivary - 6 years ago

    You know this story is getting boring......Nick and Sharon and their children..were always so good with each other there was no lying. or being rude ...their children loved them and they certainly loved their children at least they do not lie..when that baby was given to Sharon in that nut house...she was so medicated she did not know if she was coming or going....and its really Nick's fault that this happened because he use to go with that Doctor and it was really her because she was so jealous over Nick...and wanted to pay him this is certainly not Sharon's fault....get some of the old Y&R back with Nick and Sharon find someone out there for Chelesa if your going to keep her..(I wouldn't she knows the truth and so does Victor) so its time for big changes in this soap opera this INCLUDES PUTTING SHARON , NICK, AND THEIR CHILDREN BACK TOGETHER AND MAKING A NICE FAMILY TOGETHER FOR A CHANGE.. sorry I had so much to say....but please do this....

  • Diane Touchstone - 6 years ago

    Put that family back together

  • Loumar - 6 years ago

    I would like to see them together mainly because it will drive Victor and Nikki crazy.!!!

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