Grade the 'Beaches' remake on Lifetime:

  • Z - 4 years ago

    Horrible and distant and over acted. Im so freaking upset lifetime shpuld really stop remaking movies and doing. Bio stick to what they know.

  • LP - 4 years ago

    Major Dissapointment!!! Not everything needs to be updated. I saw the original a thousand times and I won't watch this one again. It just made me want to watch the original, which I only have on VHS :-(

  • EJ - 4 years ago

    Watched it for 3/4 hour then cancelled the recording. It was horrible.

  • Franchette Farley - 4 years ago

    Obviously there is no true comparison as to the talent that originally starred in Beaches. The producers seem to not make the movie fluid but rather skim through the original, picking and choosing WHAT to add. The original movie was more authentic in the manner which Bette Middler played a talented and struggling LA to NY actress. I love the beautiful Nia Long, more poised for comedic roles. For the part of Hillary, I'd pick Angela Bassett. The movie did not do enough justice regarding Tory and Whitney's rocky interaction as it then segued into a loving one. One never really saw Hilary at work hardly at all. The whole movie was rushed. Overall, it is a Lifetime movie and not a cinematic movie and I'd rate it a 7 for the making of a Lifetime drama but a 4 overall for remaking a hard to follow act of the Divine Ms. M and Barbara Hershey.

  • bmacias - 4 years ago

    They should of never tried to remake this classical..It was all over the place and it moved to fast through some crucial important parts that the original had...Maybe this new re-make works for those who have never seen the original..I can't imagine who but...10 thumbs down to this disaster!!

  • Sasha - 4 years ago

    At first it didnt quite do me like the original ,however they took the movie amd made it their remake it wasamazing i loved it idina ur singing was amazing it deserves an award

  • BB - 4 years ago

    Because of weather, I had to wait until Sunday to watch. So disappointed, loved the original SO much, expected so much more. What was the version of Wind Beneath My Wings, really different! Not necessary to watch again.

  • RM - 4 years ago

    I too was extremely disappointed in the so-called remake of Beaches! Not sure what they were attempting to prove by filming this version. I did enjoy singing Ms. Menzel is blessed w/amazing voice.

  • Jamie - 4 years ago

    It was horrible & did the original movie injustice bcuz it was all over the place.

  • Rosemary Kent - 4 years ago

    I wasn't going to watch it but finally did. I agree the original actresses had much more chemistry. I missed the scenes and the songs didn't add and I thought it hurt the movie. I still like the original much, much more.

  • Joy - 4 years ago

    I cried at the end but definitely not as good as the original. Nia a much better actor than Indena. Have watched the original so many times I have lost count but don't feel the need to watch this over and over. glad that younger women will get to see story but wish they would show the original on tv more.

  • George - 4 years ago

    If you saw the original then you know how horrible this was. The whole dynamic of the two women was changed which is why the original was so wonderful. Sad attempt

  • A - 4 years ago

    It was an okay movie. Idina looked really skinny, like not healthy skinny. Not sure I would watch again

  • Marylyn - 4 years ago

    I cried just like he first time. Lthey both did a great job. Remember times do change. The old stars thought it was good.

  • SN - 4 years ago

    Better than I expected. Definitely something missing. Some of it felt awkward. Idina menzhel was the best thing going for it and nia Long did well. No tears here, needed more! Character development? Songs? Time? different Torrey? IDK. It had some nice moments though, that's about it. (This is just without comparing it to the original).

  • Megan - 4 years ago

    The original was in '88 and now almost 30 years later? Gimme a brea!?

  • Katharine Johnson - 4 years ago

    It was o.k.Not as good as the original,it was missing something really didn't make me cry.The guy that played John was really good looking.Cant say I would watch it again,the original one I've seen many times.

  • Trish - 4 years ago

    Did they have a strict budget which restricted them from hiring anybody that could act?

  • RD - 4 years ago

    Something was lacking! The remake did not catch my attention like the original. The original was 3hrs long this one was 2 and at the 1hr Mark I was loosing interest but I suffered through the end!

  • TT - 4 years ago

    It was ok, But it was missing something and it should have been a little longer

  • KD - 4 years ago

    I love both actresses, but some of the performances were awkward. And the emotional impact I was expecting was sincerely lacking.

  • D - 4 years ago

    Horrible !!! Should have left it alone. The original was 100 times better. Leave great movies alone. Go make some new ones... be original.

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