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  • Paulette White - 2 years ago

    Personally, I missed that this was the final swan song for the series. I am Not happy,about it! I truly loved the show and thought the ending was like most fans thought, Rushed!! Like a pie had to come out,of the oven soon, do lets get this thing over with! But I do see a new series with John and Mary along with Cotton being saved somehow in the offing. Wouldn't it be a turn of events for,them to now be the Witch hunters or at least have their own settlement where they immediately know when one comes in and then gets rid on them!! Seems in the end, the networks always get rid of the really good shows and replace them with losers! They do this time and time again, even on the NBC, CBS, ABC etc etc. No wonder people are turning elsewhere for their entertainment. The End.

  • Jarrett - 2 years ago

    Once I watched the series finale, I knew that it felt rushed. I agree with all the other comments, especially the ones who were sad to see Penny Dreadful go in a similar fashion. I was really hoping that Lady Lawless would make a final appearance, or curtain call. She did amazing work with the Erzabet Bathory-esque character. I had also believed that Mary would regain her powers in some way. Whoever the victor was, they should have allied with Tituba, a really indispensable plot device, whether she was a seer or not. No, her ending was just not cool! Mercy was also building up to become another wild card with her new powerful man-puppet, but I must say, no one's plot build was working up to being killed by Anne Hale. Anne Hale seemed to be hastening her own destruction, and it felt like her ending just bought her a few more years at best, and unpleasant ones at that! Finally, no series feels "wrapped up," without a 5, 10 or 20 years later scene, where they show how these characters and events went on to shape future generations, leaving opportunity for spinoff series in a variety of different media types.

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