What is the main factor keeping you from getting down & dirty and destroying our enemies in South Africa like a noble & honorable Aryan?

Posted 2 years.


  • William de Hewitt - 2 months ago

    I agree with you 100% Michael E. Blizzard.
    It's very frustrating... I created this poll a few years ago and it seems our Aryan Folk are too cowardly to even tell how they really feel on a poll, let alone actually doing something about our genocide being implemented by jews and their various proxy armies.
    Get in touch with me! I'd love to have you on as a guest, or even just as a caller for a segment on one of my future talk radio show broadcasts.

    ~William de Hewitt

  • Michael E. Blizzard - 4 months ago

    41% of you spineless cowards are waiting for others to lead the way?! Some of us have utilized our superior Aryan intellect and leadership abilities to lead ourselves in this struggle for survival. When we soldiers have neutralized most of the dangers, then we will send for you cowards on the day of the rope...

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