Are You Team Hope or Team Steffy?

  • lorettamills - 4 years ago

    Plus I can really see how Liam finally honestly fell in love with Steffie.

  • lorettamills - 4 years ago

    I think that both hope and steffie married both liam and wyatt hope got pregnant by wyatt and steffie by liam I believe it would be better to grow Liam up really falling for the woman that had his baby...Hope fans need to let go and let Liam love steffie now...I think if Hope comes back let her come back married.

  • Jami - 4 years ago

    Steffy & Liam belong together the show gets to stupid with all the break ups!! this is why soaps don't last it gets to unreal. Put Hope back with Wyatt. Now get Rick interested in Carolne again.

  • Deborah - 4 years ago

    I've always been for Steffy with Liam until she married Wyatt and I love Wyatt much much more than Liam and so I really think he should get the prize but if not Steffy please bring someone new one the show!! Give the man a break!!! No one should have to put up with this much crap!! I know it's a soap but come one , Steffy should have known Hope would be coming back as soon as her and Liam got back together.

  • Michelle - 4 years ago

    Let Eric bring a new girl for wyatt from Genoa. wyatt and steffy are a better couple, but he deserves someone who is not into Liam. Then Steffy will regret leaving Wyatt... but, will be too late.

    I don't see the attraction to liam, he is too controlling and impatient, I hope steffy leaves him before he does again. Did the writers forget that Liam left Steffy before he got kidnapped. Don't make him as the innocent victim.

    Leave Eric and Quinn together.

  • Sharon - 4 years ago

    Also Liam doesn't eat meat. I dont trust a man who doesnt eat meat

  • Sharon - 4 years ago

    Liam is a bitch. Indecisive. He will screw Steffy over eventually. Wyatt and Steffy. Hope and the bitch. Thats how it should be. Katie with eric and quinn with Ridge. He is HOT.

  • Lynn - 4 years ago

    Please dont bring that miserable boring whinning bitch Hope back PLEASE. LET ME ENJOY INE SOAP.GX

  • Tudy - 4 years ago

    I am tired of Liam I want Wyatt to be happy for a change I hope ridge and Quinn get they desreve

  • Candace - 4 years ago

    Love Liam and Hope! They deserve their chance and would of been married long ago if it was not for Steffy being her usual spoiled nasty self and meddling and being underhanded they would have been. Send Steffy back to wherever she is disgusting and should be in jail for killing Ally. Bring Ron Moss back as Ridge and get rid of Thorsten Kaye and let Ridge and Brooke be happy, and love Quinn with Eric! I really want to see Bill beg and grovel at Katie's feet and her to kick him to the curb!

  • becca - 4 years ago


  • PurpleRein - 4 years ago

    The show is better off without Hope. Her character was super childish and undecided.. Her and Liam were boring together.. I'm glad that this triangle with Wyatt has finally ended.. It would be great to see these characters with fresh and new story lines. And Hope has been gone too long to be a threat in my opinion..

  • Maria Y Ramirez - 4 years ago

    I tried of Liam crying for everything what he wants.I love Hope she's the only who gave up Liam.Yes she's coming back properly tried of therm getting there way it's her turn

  • row - 4 years ago

    Don't want to see Liam with this new Hope. He has awesome chemistry with Steffy. Please let them be happy for once. Tired of seeing couple not staying together.

  • Denise - 4 years ago

    Dont bring Hope back... Im tired of seeing the same people move bsck and forth between the same loves.... Just stop it.... One reason I stopped watching! Just boring

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