First Round - Matchup #17 (Poll Closed)

  • City of Effingham, IL

  • City of Roanoke, VA

Posted 2 years.


  • Poll Daddy - 2 years ago

    After careful review of the results and the IP addresses of which the votes came in, we have determined that the results were likely manipulated and Roanoke should be declared the winner.

  • Clyde - 2 years ago

    If Effingham wants to play dirty, we will vote against them over and over again in the next round!!!!!!!

  • Hadlyn - 2 years ago

    This is War! If ELGL doesn't overturn the results, We will lead a charge to vote against Eff in the next round!!!!

  • Charlie - 2 years ago

    Do th right thing ELGL! Overturn these results! Roanoke won fair and square!

  • Tony - 2 years ago

    Glad to see the results being reviewed! With an hour to go, Roanoke had a huge lead. The only way they could have lost is if someone had voted over and over and over again. I wonder if all those votes caked from hundreds of citizens, or a select few. Hmmmm...

  • Poll Inspector - 2 years ago

    These results have been challenged after questionable tactics late on Friday night.

  • Fred - 2 years ago

    Effingham city hall is the heart of a vibrant downtown!

  • Phil - 2 years ago

    I love being a part of such a great community. Go effingham!

  • Danielle - 2 years ago

    Almost! Go effingham! Small but mighty!

  • Emily - 2 years ago

    One of my favorite things about effingham is the effingham travel pig!

  • Beth - 2 years ago

    Way to go effingham! What a come back!

  • Stacey - 2 years ago

    Effingham city hall deserves to win! Power to the Small towns! GO EFFINGHAM!

  • G. - 2 years ago

    Love effingham city hall inside and out

  • Carrie Pardue - 2 years ago

    Our town loyalty speaks volumes! I might not live in Effingham anymore but I was born and raised in that beautiful town. They have my vote, over and over and over again!

  • Randy - 2 years ago

    Effingham city hall is the best!

  • Sarah - 2 years ago

    Effingham has such a great city hall!!!!! Go effingham!!!

  • Donna - 2 years ago

    As a newcomer to effingham, the city of effingham has been such an easy place to fit in. Love effingham already!!

  • Kyle - 2 years ago

    That brick is really nice though

  • Matt - 2 years ago

    Effingham is such a great place to live!

  • Henry - 2 years ago

    The sculpture is great

  • Lynn - 2 years ago

    Effingham is a great place to live. The high school kids get to run the city for a day. The kids get a great sense of community from this.

  • Brad - 2 years ago

    Effingham is so great! The artwork is awesome!

  • Emily - 2 years ago

    What makes effingham so great is the personal relationships so easily developed by working with everyone on the city council.

  • Paige Koester - 2 years ago

    What a beautiful building in downtown Effingham!

  • Brock - 2 years ago

    The brick is great

  • Brock - 2 years ago

    The brick is great

  • Brock - 2 years ago

    The brick is great

  • Holly - 2 years ago

    Roanoke has the most engaged community in the country! Go Roanoke!

  • Dan Woods - 2 years ago

    EFFINGHAM CITY HALL!! What an amazing feature to this thriving City! It compliments the downtown district and functions as the progressive hub of local government. The history on the walls within and the outdoors' sculptures of the playful children and flame of hope show the passion of the people, past and present.

  • Jerry Hecht - 2 years ago

    The work ethic in Effingham and surrounding communities is immeasurable. Loved it when I lived hear, but didn't appreciate it until I moved away.
    A big thanks to the many dynamic individuals that have contributed to this communities success. The future looks bright for those to follow!

  • Arlin Ruholl - 2 years ago

    Effingham Proud!!!

  • Cheryl - 2 years ago

    love it!!!!!

  • Ann Deters - 2 years ago

    Effingham City Hall is a reflection of the beautiful city and the people who make Effingham a shining star in the central part of the State of Illinois. It is truly an honor to be part of this contest!

  • Leisha Susan Rice Cook - 2 years ago

    Been working here for 24 years, have seen a lot of improvements over the years. Roanoke City Hall is a beautiful old building meshed with a beautiful new building many many years ago. However, its not just a building that makes City Hall beautiful, its the all the folks who bring the services to the community we serve.

  • Karen - 2 years ago

    I enjoy the fact that people are able to walk through the halls and recall how the offices used to be used.
    Its great to see the old and the new blending an older structure with a newer one. Last year the outdoor steps to the older building were renovated and that entrance reopened for public access.

  • Melissa Williams - 2 years ago

    Love our City of Roanoke city hall! Recently restored the original main entrance and it is grand!

  • Tammy Pike - 2 years ago

    We love our city hall. Very approachable people who run it! Forward thinking!!!

  • Jodi Thoele - 2 years ago

    Love our Effingham City Hall! It is such a beautiful building in downtown Effingham.

  • Brian - 2 years ago

    Roanoke's City Hall stands above all the rest.

  • Aisha - 2 years ago

    Roanoke's City Hall is both old and new. I look forward to watching this beautiful building go all the way to the final two.

  • Dan Bledsoe - 2 years ago

    There are so many beautiful City Hall buildings. Congratulations to all of the participating cities. We are especially proud of our City Hall in Effingham, IL.

  • Timothy - 2 years ago

    Bonus points aren't awarded per comment.

  • Amanda McKay - 2 years ago

    I love our City Hall! Such beautiful artwork and a great anchor location for our downtown!

  • Jeff Fuesting - 2 years ago

    Great facility and citizen friendly! EffinghamStrong!

  • Effingham Proud - 2 years ago

    City of Effingham City hall is beautiful!

  • Lynn McGhee - 2 years ago

    Roanoke, the Star City. Pride of the Blue Ridge. City Hall restoration adds to the charm of this friendly city.

  • Jeremy Heuerman - 2 years ago

    EFFINGHAM CITY HALL!! What an amazing feature to this thriving City! Compliments the downtown district and functions as the hub of local government.

  • Marsha Heuerman - 2 years ago

    We are very proud of our Effingham City Hall. It's an honor to be in the contest.

  • James Arndt - 2 years ago

    This is like David v. Goliath. Effingham may be smaller, but we are mighty.

  • Sasha Althoff - 2 years ago

    Effingham's City Hall features beautiful artwork all around including the "Flame of Hope" by Leonardo Nierman, bronze sculptures of children playing, and other rotating art pieces.

  • Michelle - 2 years ago

    Effingham, IL's City Hall is a beautiful structure and compliments Effingham's classic style.

  • jim Arndt - 2 years ago

    This is very exciting for the City of Effingham. Our City Hall is beautiful. It was constructed by a local builder (small business) and a local architect (small business) 20 years ago. We are honored to be part of this contest. What a great way for the residents and local businesses to get interested in City Hall's across our great Nation! Two Thumbs up ELGL!

  • Timothy Martin - 2 years ago

    Roanoke in running for Best City Hall in America!

  • Chris Morrill - 2 years ago

    Roanoke, VA's city hall entrance was beautifully restored by its in-house design and maintenance team for its 100th birthday in 2015.

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