First Round - Matchup #19 (Poll Closed)

  • City of Hayward, CA

  • City of Redwood City, CA

Posted 2 years.


  • Karen Keefer - 2 years ago

    Our Redwood City Hall is so welcoming, well laid out, beautifully designed, and centrally located. There are many services there, as well as a large Council Chamber that comfortably accommodates the many citizens who enjoy being a vocal (and listened to) part of our wonderful county.

  • Ed Everett - 2 years ago

    I love the city hall because it is elegant but not palatial. The council and residents were willing to spend money on the city hall to reflect its importance and to have Redwood City residents be proud of it without the city hall being extravagant. It is beautiful and fits with Redwood City's personality.

  • Merrily - 2 years ago

    It is a beautiful City Hall ( I remember the old one). This a very open and welcoming building inside and out! The employees are very happy to serve the citizens and are well informed and very courteous! Redwood City Hall rocks on!!

  • Mary Askins - 2 years ago

    It may be a small city hall comparatively in size, but the quality of the employees, staff and public servants it houses gives it BIG presence. It's wide expanse of windows in the front of the building make it as transparent as the actions of those who occupy it daily. Redwood City City Hall is equally committed to its community as it is with the policies they govern. Great City Hall!

  • Barbara Delantoni - 2 years ago

    Both Beautiful and functional.

  • R. Eng - 2 years ago

    Appreciate city hall staff advising me where to call and what telephone number (CalTrans) when the pedestrian lights stop functioning at Whipple and El Camino as I was on the bus trying to report the problem. Dangerous pedestrian situation.

  • Dawn - 2 years ago

    Perfect location in downtown Redwood City. The building is open and light. The ivy-covered walls are classic and beautiful.

  • Lauren Schryver - 2 years ago

    The City Hall is, indeed, a most welcoming space!! I am so proud to be a citizen of Redwood City for many reasons and especially for its newly released statement regarding immigrants. This is just the opening sentence:" The City of Redwood City is committed to enhancing its cultural fabric by supporting and celebrating its multi-ethnic diversity, which includes newcomers and immigrants." I have lived her for almost 35 years and have watched RWC council transform our city in so many positive ways.

  • Jodi - 2 years ago

    Not only is the city staff always friendly and welcoming, but so is the building - lots of light, open spaces and it doesn't feel as if anyone is hiding away

  • Keith - 2 years ago

    I volunteered for two Redwood City committees because it is a civic responsibility. I extended because I am proud to serve such a wonderful city and my fellow committee members are knowledgeable, dedicated, and fun.

  • Fiona L - 2 years ago

    The city does a wonderful job using digital channels like Instagram, Medium, and Facebook to promote community events and educate residents about the city's history. For instance I love how the city is holding a photo contest to get people involved with the local community.

  • Dai Pham - 2 years ago

    Not only is the building modern and centrally located the personnel and government services are friendly and prompt

  • Olga Khylkouskaya - 2 years ago

    Looks spacious inside and there is always a friendly smiling woman in the front.

  • Nancy Radcliffe - 2 years ago

    The open floor plan and high ceilings make this building feel very welcoming.

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