First Round - Matchup #30 (Poll Closed)

  • City of Monroe, NC

  • City of Oak Creek, WI

Posted 2 years.


  • Jerry Hammernik - 2 years ago

    The Oak Creek Civic Center is an amazing place. The centerpiece of a new development that blends suburban with urban, it features a library where you can dash in for a quick pickup or stay for hours to learn and explore. The center features a citizen focus that makes it easy to obtain services or participate in public events.

  • Kim - 2 years ago

    Monroe, NC - the older 20th Century building has it's own charm and is much larger inside than you'd assume outside. I'm willing to bet it's one of the few in the country with a fire station built into the lower levels ~ bonus points for housing both admin and first responders!

  • Jill Lininger - 2 years ago

    The Oak Creek Civic Center houses a fabulous library in the center of a vibrant new downtown area. What could be better than that?

  • Joans Hoy - 2 years ago

    Monroe City hall is very community geared and they love to reach out to the community! A very beautiful city hall!

  • Jkn - 2 years ago

    Beautiful new city hall, and city center. Can't wait for summer and the farmers market.

  • Sharon Millard - 2 years ago

    The Oak Creek Civic Center is is absolutely beautiful. The floor plan is open as well as light and airy. I love having the huge, new library upstairs with private rooms to study, learn new things like different languages, or just practice or learn how to use and play a Wii game. This location is now considered the, "Downtown" Oak Creek. Many up scale stores, restaurants and apartment buildings have also built, or in the process of being built. We also have a lovely walking trail that takes you over little bridges. There you can look down into the little streams and see fish, and other wildlife. When you're on the trail, you feel as though you are out of the city because it's just very relaxing!.

  • Bridget Souffrant - 2 years ago

    The Oak Creek Civic Center is a gem for our community. The public meeting spaces are a great option to rent and host a professional meeting. The new library portion is amazing and draws in children and adults alike. The city hall back offices are modest, functional, and make for a great workplace environment. Our beautiful clock tower is the perfect focal point of the new town center. Our town center includes a park with a gorgeous walking path as well as a splash pad which is so fun! I'm proud of our new building!

  • Deb - 2 years ago

    Fabulous new city hall and library with easy access to residents. Conveniently located to a beautiful walking path, new apartments, eateries and more. It is a must see!

  • Carol - 2 years ago

    Beautiful place to work, play, relax, eat, shop and everything in between. The city of Oak Creek especially the Civic Center area is and will be the place to visit and/or live with many exciting new adventures and possibilities on the horizon.

  • Steven M Kohnke - 2 years ago

    We now have a beautiful new Facility that is accessible to all. It has several meeting areaas for use by the community. It is located right in the center of our new downtown and within walking distance to shopping and restaurants. Soon a State of the art medical office building will also be there. There is a park to walk in at lunch and grassy park with a water pad there as well. Most importantly is that I work here and do my best to meet the needs of the citizens of Oak Creek in both Electrical safety and the proper working and maintenance of the street systems we have.

  • Ashley - 2 years ago

    The Oak Creek Civic Center is beautiful. The public areas are well designed and the finishings take into account our city's history and future outlook. The location was well planned with access to apartments, retail and food. As construction continues on our new 'downtown' it will be wonderful to see how Oak Creek is able to use the space to engage our community.

  • Diane Robinette - 2 years ago

    Gorgeous open concept city hall and attached state of the art library. Close to apartments, parks, restaurants and retail. Wonderful event spaces available for residents and businesses.

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