How do you feel about Pres. Trump's executive order on immigration?

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Posted 2 years.


  • Thomas Cosgrove - 2 years ago

    We've got a Nazi as President

  • Rulis - 2 years ago

    The media has become disgraceful and journalism is at an all time low. Time for this change in this country to keep Americans safe in the world climate as it is. The media slants to whatever they wish to fuel and feed issues and make them worse---immigration , race issues. Blame the MEDIA.

  • Tammy Can - 2 years ago

    Trump is right. Keep out the refugees that cannot be vetted.

  • Usa - 2 years ago

    The time has come for change! We need to educate the left. Make.them watch footage of soldiers dying with missing limbs scattered all over!! For their right to protest....against saftey of. Their country .......

  • K - 2 years ago

    I have friends and colleagues who are affected by the Muslim Ban. They are hardworking people who are just like you and me. They are are not terrorists or fundamentalists. They share the same values as you and me -- helping your neighbor, raising your kids right, democracy, freedom of speech, etc. They are scared now for their own safety. Many of them will probably never be able to see their families again. The news is full of people being deported illegally and sent back to countries where they may face death.

    A few Christians are terrorists - for instance, the young Christian Trump supporter who just killed 6 people in Canada -- but we don't label all Christians as terrorists. Why do you assume anyone Muslim is probably a terrorist?

  • James - 2 years ago

    Strange ... I posited on this poll, a nationwide via fox news... Several questions.
    All of them were overwhelming NO.
    Way to try to manipulate, shills.
    Too bad you couldn't get that local pub you were looking for, and not have to travel far from home/work...or have to do homework.

  • Marie - 2 years ago

    I am a bit upset at the manner in which this ban has been blown out of proportion. The media plays a big part in the way it is being portrayed a racial or religious ban. It is not either and for once we have a president that has the guts to do what has done so many times already but this time sticking to his guns for he safety of the American people. We have men and woman dying abroad to try to help fight terrorism. I think that we are not holding are end up at home and keeping ourselves safe. There needs to be a better process for allowing foreigners of any type taking safety in our country. We have already heard and seen (remember 9/11) that Muslims hate the people of this country and everything we stand for. Why would should we let these people in our country to change the values and constitution to fit their beliefs? People brought in this country need to assimilate to our culture not visa versa. Its not just one nationality either our country has been too lax in the people allowed to come here, that puts the American people in danger. That is what our military is dying for TO KEEP OUR VALUES AND THE PEOPLE SAFE AND UP HOLD OUR CONSTITUTION.

  • Deb - 2 years ago

    I oppose ban because they are making us more hated-fueling the fireswhy not improve vetting process of those admitted, not just target one religion-many of the terrorists were home grown-Columbine, Sandy Hook...Why not include Saudi Arabia and other countries in the ban-the terrorists from 911 were from there-oh maybe because President Trump has business interests there

  • Charles Schaefer - 2 years ago

    The coverage over the temporary immigration ban is revealing your bias. I have been watching local news reports less and less because you have been sucked into this hysteria. I don't recall such coverage over Obama's more extensive ban on Syria and Iraq. Your survey will be inaccurate because you will tend get an over sampling of liberals and radicals to participate. After all who is left watching your news.

    I know of people who will not even watch the news anymore because of the blatant bias. It is not only what is covered and how, but what is missed or dismissed by your news agency as unimportant. When the unimportant is assessed along side some your trite news it becomes even more evident.

  • Mike - 2 years ago

    I like how when obama had a ban nobody cared. But now Trump does it and everybody freaks out. I think it is necessary to put a temporary ban on an area that produces terrorist. The media is just sturring the pot by calling it an "immigration ban"

  • Sue - 2 years ago

    I also voted in support abd my vote did not count - quite obvious what your stance is !

  • Lora - 2 years ago

    I cast my vote on your voting for if I supported or open host president trumps ban on the immigration law and my vote for some reason was not counted I should've been the 217th vote but nothing has changed

  • Brenda Kray - 2 years ago

    We need to Protect all Americans .including Muslim Americans who are innas much Danger as the Rest of America from Radical Islamic Terrorist...Borders need to stay closed untill we can ensure All American Citizens the safety we all Deserve !

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