Do you read excerpts or #DailyLines from Diana Gabaldon's upcoming books or stories? (Poll Closed)

  • Absolutely! I will gladly devour any excerpt or #DailyLine I can find.
    572 votes

  • I used to read them, but I don't anymore.
    24 votes

  • Sometimes.
    58 votes

  • Yes, and I wish Diana Gabaldon would post them more often!
    71 votes

  • No, I would rather wait and see those bits of the story in their proper context, when the book comes out.
    71 votes

  • I read excerpts, but only for certain books or stories.
    16 votes

  • I'm addicted to the #DailyLines!
    16 votes

  • No, I am trying hard to avoid the excerpts and #DailyLines.
    12 votes

  • What excerpts? Where can I find them?
    12 votes

  • What are #DailyLines?
    10 votes

  • Other
    11 votes

Posted 2 years.


  • barb - 2 years ago

    I wish I didn't read them but I can't help it. If i see one one I read it and then think I must stop this and wait for the book.

  • Julia - 2 years ago

    The best days are those that start with Daily Lines

  • Judi hanner - 2 years ago

    I thank my Lucky stars for having Diana decide to try to write a novel all those many years ago! Diana, you light up my life.

  • Wanda Steffanson - 2 years ago

    I LOVE reading Daily Lines. I also love recognizing them in context when I read the book(s).

  • Sinead Banks Capoeman - 2 years ago

    I'm an Outlander nerd. I admit it. I have been since the first book came out. Diana got me through some seriously rough times in my life, providing me an opportunity to escape, from time to time, the challenges I was facing. An extremely talented woman who brings history to life.

  • Debbi - 2 years ago

    I love both the books and tv show! Much love to Diana!

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