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Should Gwen Ifill disclose that she is writing "The Breakthrough" at the start of tomorrow's debate? (Poll Closed)


  • Linda Marsh - 16 years ago

    Gwen Ifill should have been 'objective' enough to have recused herself, rather than accept the position of moderator. Heaven forbid if someone from the media with Republican leanings... oops! sorry, there are none. After November 4, I will be on a strict no media diet and I so look forward to it! I have had media bias up to the topmost hair on my head.

  • Tom Desrosier - 16 years ago

    Right after announcing, she should stand-up, grab her pocketbook and head on out to the subway.

    This harms the process beyond words. She should not even have considered doing this gig.

    Tom Desrosier

  • Joe Luke - 16 years ago

    Had this been a reverse, of her writing a book on McCain, she would have already been replaced and this would be major news. Yet, another example...

  • susan - 16 years ago

    Mentioning it will help sell books.
    I know, let George Will ask the questions!

  • Dog - 16 years ago

    This isn't news. The YouTube video was posted 2 weeks ago and has an August 21st article about Ifill that mentions her book. It's clear to me the Republicans are raising an uproar only now in order to distract from their VP candidate, since McCain's antics last week to get the VP debate postponed or cancelled didn't work.

  • Tom - 16 years ago

    What would the Obama Truth Squad if the shoe was on gthe other foot.

  • hrh - 16 years ago


    In all sense of professional journalism, she has to ABSOLUTELY disclose that she is writing a book all about "the age of Obama."

    Would not her book sell oodles and oodles if he is elected? ABSOLUTELY a conflict of interest.

    And I'm sorry, but she also has to ABSOLUTELY disclose the publishing date of 1/20/09! Come on, people. Even though it's her publisher that made that decision, it ABSOLUTELY has to be disclosed.

    The fact that the media aren't reporting it until now on the eve of the debate when it's too late to do anything about it is telling.

    The fact that they're even having a poll about whether it is a conflict of interest is telling.

    The fact that many of them are saying it's not a conflict of interest is telling.

    And what is it telling us?

    That yes, yes, Virginia, there is a biased media this country ...

  • TONY - 16 years ago

    She has no business being involved with this debate. They should switch her out. It's not a personal thing against her, it just isn't fair. If it were a republican writting a book and heading the debate, the liberal blogs would be going crazy. I think people should stop focusing on party politics and focus on the issues. Make things fair and let the true "better man/woman" win.

  • al - 16 years ago

    this is foolishness, this book has no regard to her ability to ash question to the two people in the dedate. if she discloses the book before the debate, it will only help the sales of the book. a good thing for her, a distraction for the election.

  • john - 16 years ago

    she was approved by both campaigns. Just more silliness as the republicans lower expectations for Palin and start thier spin before the debate actually happens. Palin is not qualified to be VP. Get over it.

  • Gary Sieburg - 16 years ago

    The disclosure needs to be complete. It needs to explain what this book is about and that Senator Obama is a subject of the book and that she sees him as some transformational figure in politics. It should also let people know where they can get more informations.
    By the way, the rest of the news media needs to disclose their own personal bias'es as well instead of continuing to present themselves as objective. If the American people knew what the political leanings of reporters were they would have more trust.

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