Should FMCSA reconsider the Entry Level Driver Training final rule to include minimum behind-the-wheel training hours? (Poll Closed)

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  • christopher a smith - 4 years ago

    I was a licensed instructor for 7 yrs I'm certified with CVTA . I'm positive that no student learns at the same pace as any other student. All are motivated differently come from different back grounds should be skills based for school. however most actual training comes from time spent in truck with driver trainers unfortunately this is and can be biggest reason student success rate isn't really that high .Most of the training programs are poorly run because of money and time there aren't a lot of trainers so they tend to hang onto them because of lack of options they are poorly vetted a lot couldn't pass the current cdl test and most training programs are monitored in house and we should have an independent organization to monitor and vet trainers like instructor's so student complaints are investigated not thrown in a waste bin and ignored because the person in charge of training program is buddies with the trainer!! C A Smith

  • R. J. - 4 years ago

    As a training manager at truck driving school, I see it first hand. 30 hours is not enough time BTW.

  • Thomas montfort - 4 years ago

    There is no way 30 hrs is sufficient. I've been driving for 39 years and I'm still learning.
    My opinion is if FMCSA thinks someone with no BTW training can get in a 80,000 truck, and drive in traffic where moms and dads, wives, husbands and KIDS are, are clueless and should be held responsible for the problems and accidents that may result.
    If this is how they feel then I suggest they are all put on an airplane and flown from coast to coast. With a pilot that has no BTW training.

  • Michael - 4 years ago

    I agree with Craig completely. I myself am a graduate of a PTDI certified program and I will always feel very lucky to have gone through the training that I did ! I got plenty of solo time and was very lucky to have gotten all the backing time I needed. With a lot of schools, they only teach the absolute basics and cram many drivers in a truck for what mainly is a joy ride. Some have no mountain experience or are even shown how to couple and uncouple. Having trained over 200 drivers for one company, I can honestly say that most of them were not ready at all to handle a cross country trip. When you pay big money to go get trained, you have to expect a higher level of training. PTDI training holds a higher standard and as far as getting a CDL, at least at the school I attended, you didn't get that CDL unless you earned it. Drivers have a lot of distractions, work overload, and time issues than someone even 20 yrs ago. No job is worth getting yourself killed.

  • Craig - 4 years ago

    Having graduated from a PTDI certified course, I can say that even 30 hours are insufficient to be able handle a tractor and trailer safely.

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