Who do you ship? (Poll Closed)

Total Votes: 9,928

  • Hmm - 5 years ago

    Gona, good, positive and passionate talk, I like that :-) I think we're more passionate about writing mile long metas on the subject than voting, lol. Anyway all the best to you and stay as positive as you are now ;-)

  • Gona Kom Heda - 5 years ago

    How big a fanbase is does not equate to victory. Passion does. Based on what you've said, your fandom lacks of it. You guys complain when you can just fight harder. No disrespect, just honest observation. The Kru didn't win all those polls and have media platforms write about our movement just because the other ships' antis just want to troll. Every ships have antis. We have closeted homophobic antis voting against us on every poll, from different TV fandoms and alliances. And still we won against them.
    Also, I saw a comment on the page saying that one love for Reylo has 2 haters that just wants to get in the way. Are you actually going to believe that? If you really love Reylo, then you guys should say, "our love for Reylo is stronger than their hate." Each Krus are passionate. And it shows in the results of every polls we've won because we won't let our antis' hate win against our love for these two strong women.
    But keep believing what you've believed to justify your loss. Again, not being disrespectful, just real talk.
    We still have 10 hours, take advantage of it. Good luck.

  • Hmm - 5 years ago

    Reylo community is big as well(it is a Star Wars ship after all), but from my personal observation many of us are not that much into voting more than once on any particular poll.
    From the sound of it Clexa fanbase is big too and I'm sure you guys are winning through your own effort, but I think what a few people before me are trying to say is that Reylo antis are definitely involved too and it's upsetting, because we cannot go anywhere without them trying to hunt us down and banish us from places.

  • Gona Kom Heda - 5 years ago

    Let me tell you about CLEXA'Kru. As a family of fans, we find great purpose on telling the world how much we love them, either by trending on Twitter or winning polls. Not trying to be condescending, just defending our stregnth but, we've won polls like this a lot of times and it wasn't because of the other ships' antis that made us victorious. It was our unified passion. We have fan pages that organize power hours to vote as a mass and we have people always informing us about other polls that we have to take care of. When you see our votes rise, it's not a coincidence that all the supporters are here voting our bum's off. The family just organized a huge picnic

  • Hndon - 5 years ago

    I think anti reylos are also just trying to vote off reylo along with clexa shippers actually being supportive to clexa

  • Cantbelievethis - 5 years ago

    Yeah, I know Reylo is just a baby compared to Clexa, and I'm really sorry that we came across as whiny...I apologize to all Clexa shippers. For some of us, this is our first foray into shipping and our fandom experiences have been somewhat tainted by the pettiness of these 'antis' who won't let us enjoy anything in fandom. But I've come to understand that this type of experience is not unique to us so I guess we'll just have to deal with it. Again, apologies to all Clexa shippers.

  • Shwtleereylo - 5 years ago

    Reylo is life!

    No hard feelings for clexa. We are all shippers here. Best of luck! :)

  • Clexa - 5 years ago

    Thanks for understanding. Everyone has antis though. You won't be able to avoid that. We have our own antis who vote against us in every poll too. Particularly a group of people from the same show who ship a pair involving one of our pairing. They're pissed off that their ship isn't canon and ours is. Anti voting comes with the territory.

  • Understand - 5 years ago

    Don't worry, we understand Clexas are a really big fanbase, but like we said it's not that you can't win on your own, its just that antis have actually said they were voting because they didn't like Reylo. I wouldn't, or anyone else wouldn't have commented if it wasn't said a few times. We just wish they didn't start voting because they hated our ship. In all honesty, I think you could have won on your own, but it's unfair to have a disadvantage.

  • Clexa - 5 years ago

    We (Clexa) took the lead because someone just let us know about this poll. Most of us didn't know it was happening. We are a big fandom who have won polls such as Zimbio's best ship 2016, EOnlines Top TV Couple 2016, etc... and we've won those with millions of combined votes through all rounds. We came 2nd in 2016 MTV's Ship of the Year contest, and were the most popular ship on Tumblr this past year (2016) making it at #1 on their end of year ship list. So no, we haven't started winning because of antis, it's just cause more of us (Clexas) are voting now. Be happy we don't have our full fire power voting here. A lot of people in our fandom only want to vote in the more well known contests now, because there's no point stressing about every single little contest out there. There's too many to keep track of. Therefore, you still have a shot and might be able to win, but stop with the immediate calls to cheating or anti's just because the contest isn't going the way you want it. Just vote.

    And to end that, I sincerely want to wish you good luck and happy voting.

  • Gona Kom Heda - 5 years ago

    Kru! Kom Wor!

  • Heda - 5 years ago


  • Cantbelievethis - 5 years ago

    I just thought that the creators of this poll should know that 'anti Reylos' have openly stated that they are voting for Clexa (even though they don't have a clue what it is) just so Reylo won't win. I think that would be considered sabotage, but I also get that there's nothing you guys can do about it..just thought you should know.

  • knewit - 5 years ago

    When I first got here the votes was in the favour of Reylo but suddenly Clexa won... I didn't want to have ill suspicion that it was the antis but it seemed like the case... I don't know, let's just see

  • Someone for Reylo - 5 years ago

    I found this out on a few other websites, but there are many people on anti reylo blogs that are voting for Clexa because they don't want Reylo to win... and they don't even know what Clexa is.... I know there may not be any way to fix the problem, but if there is it would be highly appreciated. Clexas a great ship, but i just find it unfair that people are voting because they hate one ship and don't even know the other ship is

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