What best sums up how you feel about the Superbowl?

  • Terri Johnston - 5 years ago

    We always watch the Superbowl, but, since we live two miles from the Falcons training camp, we are very excited today!!!! RISE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love your website, Tina!

  • Linda Cashman - 5 years ago

    Not a fan of professional football. I used to watch for the commercials, but now you can see them on the internet or TV beforehand. Not watching--I am disappointed in Budweiser turning political and Gaga will make a political spectacle of herself. I am TIRED of "celebrities" who think their opinion is more important than others. Beyoncé REALLY turned me off with her anti-American, anti-police spectacle. I used to love Budweiser's ads with the horses and dogs, and their ad this time would be ok if it were not obviously taking a big swipe at the President -- I have seen it and it is nicely done cinematography wise, but it it OBVIOUSLY political--disappointed in them. Now I have to cross Nordstrom and Nieman Marcus off my shopping list also, after what they recently did. I can get my cosmetics, handbags, clothing and other accessories elsewhere (and coffee, too, although I never really went to Starbucks much). I will probably cook and watch on-demand.

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