Where will Chris Carter sign?


  • Bob stillweed - 7 years ago

    When he played for the astros he was popular in the clubhouse. He would drink a two liter bottle of coke and then stand on the bench and burp really loud. He called himself welcome belch carter and his teammates called him grand burp butt.

  • eddiemathews - 7 years ago

    The Big Sleep was a great guy on the Brewers last year, and 41 homers is nothing to sneeze at. But his defensive range is poor at best. I like the reasoning behind the Chisox; hope he ends up there.

  • Art Manchuria - 7 years ago

    Why the big deal about Chris Carter - MLBTR is making him out to be some superstar who somehow has not landed a contract with the only positive stat being his 41 HR's. He is the second coming of Dave Kingman - a guy who could hit homers but really not do anything else very well. Please stop with the bromance with Chris Carter - He should just go to Korea or Japan and have a nice career there.

  • Shawn butt - 7 years ago

    Japan was the heavy favorite but because carter farts too much it goes against the culture. The rays have the advantage. Cash likes to have versatile farters

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