Who should play the Super Bowl halftime show next year?

  • Someone - 3 years ago

    Pls,Did you know that Twenty Øne Piløts is on a hiatus? If they win probably we will see them again,please,we need it :(

  • Somørita |-/ - 3 years ago

    Voten por ellos! Tienen que ganar! Voten para que ellos ganen, tienen que ganar! Les van ganando a Rihanna! :D

  • Matthew Taylor - 3 years ago

    I meant or Taylor Swift

  • Matthew Taylor - 3 years ago

    I think kesha or pop singer pink of Taylor Swift should perform at the 2018 super bowl

  • TØP FANGIRL - 3 years ago

    TOP TOP |-/

  • TØP FANGIRL - 3 years ago

    TOP TOP |-/

  • TuftedParidae - 3 years ago

    But I know we made it this far...

  • idk anymore - 3 years ago


  • Tara - 3 years ago

    I hate twenty one pilots they suck ....i rather see taylor swift,britney spears, miley cyrus ,justin timberlake or NKTOB cuz they sing alot better and u could understand them too

  • Korey Hensel - 3 years ago

    We totally need Florida Georgia line up there! They have a bunch of great songs and a lot of people love them from all music lovers!! all the other artist they have on this list are to sled absorbed and over played let's get something fresh and knows how to rock the people! !! I VOTE FLORIDA GEORGIA LINE ALL THE WAY

  • John Bruno - 3 years ago

    Imagine Dragons should be chosen. They have a bunch of well known songs.

  • Gabby - 3 years ago

    So what the heck happened to BTS being on the list?! They were top ranked and all of a sudden taken off. WTAF?! They'd put on an amazing show and would be great to push more for kpop to enter the US scene!

  • Crescencio - 3 years ago

    What about the gorillaz

  • Aaron - 3 years ago

    Metallica!! Please!! No pop crap. I want to see a band that plays and writes their own songs. Besides they opened up the stadium last year before the 2016 season.

  • depressed and band Øbsessed - 3 years ago

    CMON TØP CLIQUE!!!! WE GOTTA DO THIS!!! Stay alive frens |-/

  • TyJo - 3 years ago

    TØP is winning guys ! Clique show your power and make the Tøp wins !!!

  • Tøp Rat - 4 years ago

    Lemme get this str8, BTS SUCKS like wth kpop
    Just sucks. TØP CLIQUE, WE HAVE TO DO THIS!!!! PLEASE!!! IF RIHANNA WINS IM GONNA GIVE UP I SWEAR. TØP HAS KEPT ME ALIVE SINCE I WAS 9! ALL THE DEPRESSION AND ANXIETY WE FEEL IS JUST TRAPPED AWAY SOMEWHERE ELSE WHEN WE LISTEN TO TØP. Face it, a lot of us wouldn't be alive if it weren't for tøp... then again Tyjo and jishwa are also amazing people and have never played at the Super Bowl. I understand BTS hasn't either but BTS sucks ass so that's just one of the many reasons why they shouldn't play :) |-/ Spam me on Instagram with tøp pics @crank.that.dunseph also why isn't frank from crank.that.frank on here?????????? he wouldn't sing but he can teach everyone about the yeemo family and teach everybody now to kill their minds but to kill their blinds ;D

  • Kaylee - 4 years ago

    Okay so the clique has taken overXD I swear to god if rhinana ends up winning I will bash my head into a wall. Tøp deserves this more than and anyone else on that list

  • dab - 4 years ago

    Dave and Busters

  • Poptart boi |-\ - 4 years ago

    COME ON CLIQUE!! LETS DO THIS! RIHANNA HAS ALREADY PLAYED AT THE SUPER BOWL!! TYLER AND JOSH DESERVE THIS, THEY'VE SAVED LIVES!! But honestly, they are the thing that makes you wake up and say "Hey, I'm going to be fine, I'll be okay. I'm not alone" COME ON!! THEY DESERVE THISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

    Stay alive |-\

  • Top - 4 years ago

    The clique is taking over

  • |-/ - 4 years ago

    TØP deserves this guys, let's switch up the system. Instead of the regular old grunge or rock bands, maybe let's try an alternative rock band.

  • Joe - 4 years ago

    This poll can be used to market even though it's not everything. Sorry, but it seems to me that people under 28 are the ones that know about this poll and have the time for it. Britney on the other hand is being voted by a wider range of age brackets, and she would put on a real exciting concert.

  • No face - 4 years ago

    Honestly I love tøp but they need a break from preforming for hells sake, BTS or Panic! at the disco should be the ones preforming. (One) Bts does sing in English and a lot of you need to stop being racist just because their Korean how would josh & Tyler feel if they saw all the crap your saying about other bands. (Two) Panic should be playing because they never get the chance because it's always tøp and I'm kind of tired of seeing them.

  • It's Britney, bitvhes ♡ - 4 years ago

    You all DO know it doesn't really matter because this poll doesn't count for anything, right..?

  • Jimin - 4 years ago


  • Bangtan Bois - 4 years ago

    Aye Bangtan Boys (BTS) should totally play next year. :^)))

  • VOTE TØP - 4 years ago


  • miranda l-/ - 4 years ago

    you guys, i can't tell you how much it would mean to so many people if tøp won and performed. think about it. these guys are our inspiration, our role models, and for most of us, they're our reason to wake up in the morning and think "you know what? I'm gonna be ok. i can make it through this, and I'm not alone. everyone struggles." yes, Josh has insanely extreme anxiety. i can relate, so i understand. it would mean so much to them, but their inner demons would try to get the best of them. i totally get it, and most of us should think about this. Tyler and Josh both would struggle, but really anyone would. on average, about 1 billion football fans with the Super Bowl each year. That's a lot of stress!!! they wouldn't have time to do a full show, but they could still pull it off and put on a jaw dropping show! heck they could walk out on stage and sneeze and then walk off and it would be amazing. don't let this stop you from voting for them, because they've worked so so so incredibly hard for years and their fanbase has been so supportive for getting them here. please, you guys, vote for them! power to the local dreamer

    stay alive, fren l-/

  • Flightless._.Gøner - 4 years ago

    I really want twenty one pilots to win this poll so bad.!. •_• |-/

  • RARA - 4 years ago

    Why did you take bts off .. just cause there Korean .. and do sing in English except rap monster ... you people are rude they had 68% of the.polls yesterday and I took it off

  • velsa - 4 years ago

    petition to bring back BTS and also this poll is quite the liar bc ive had tons of friends choose the "Other" optionand write bts FOR DAYS now and its staying the same i'm pretty sure there's smth going on

  • BTS!?!? - 4 years ago


  • Why was BTS REMOVED??? THEY WERE WINNING!!!! - 4 years ago


  • |-/ TØP FTW |-/ - 4 years ago


  • Le Trae Wilborn - 4 years ago

    Come on y'all, Rihanna needs to perform. I know you know that she'll have everybody super hype, especially the players. I love Twenty One Pilots though too, but I feel like Rihanna is more suited for the Super Bowl stage.

  • SPØØKYJIM - 4 years ago

    STAY ALIVE |-/

  • how the he'll does BTS have so many votes all the - 4 years ago

    It wouldn't even be a poll if BTS was in it because we all know the whole population of Korea will vote...

  • - - 4 years ago


  • MC RIDE - 4 years ago

    FCK! ppl who vote for pilots and other shit in this list, plz kill urself. VOTE FOR DEATH GRIPS

  • Courtney - 4 years ago

    Yes BTS were on here, I suppose. But think of the backlash. I mean I love them and all but the unwanted comments would be coming. But I would love to hear tøp perform.

  • Dunnn - 4 years ago

    We can do it clique yeesss

  • Top - 4 years ago

    please Twenty one Pilots

  • Roya - 4 years ago

    Before people get mad about BTS being removed, think for a second. Don't get me wrong I love BTS with all my heart, but think of all the negative backlash. This is a football stadium, which means a bunch of stereotypical middle-aged men (no offense intended), who probably think "Korean" means bad. There would be so much hate about how BTS isn't an American artist and all that. BTS has already received hate from being recognized in America which is an absolutely terrible thing and I'm not trying to justify it in any way, but Armys can't help it if people are racist. I don't want BTS to be in that situation, and I don't want them to dislike America. It's just a really big risk. Plus, we all remember when BTS won a billboard award and all these American media outlets who know nothing about kpop would write so much false stuff about them just so that they could get clicks and views. So in conclusion - I know all of us are proud of BTS for winning an American music award and breaking boundaries which was AWESOME, and I know it would be just as groundbreaking for them to perform at the half time show, there would be so much hate. And you might be thinking "but it's the people's choice, it's our vote, that means the majority of people want BTS to perform", the only reason BTS was leading in votes for this pole was because only Armys heard about it. Be honest, when have you ever heard of a billboard poll? Wwhen have you ever voted in one in the past? You haven't. It's just that Armys hear about this things and vote nonstop, meanwhile, Taylor Swift fans and TwentyOnePilots fans and The Weeknd fans didn't even know about the poll. I hope you took the time to read all of this, and thank you from one Army to another.

  • jack - 4 years ago

    please twenty one pilots

  • ARMy - 4 years ago


  • Vampire Knight - 4 years ago

    Billboard (ppl behind this), I just want to ask where's BTS name at the choices? It's no where to find here unlike the other link of this poll which has the group's name on it.--> (http://www.billboard.com/articles/news/super-bowl/7865010/super-bowl-2018-halftime-performer-poll ) -Arigathanks - Sanke - Namaste

  • ConcernedTrend - 4 years ago

    Did billboard just remove BTS off the performers voting list for the 2018 Superbowl Halftime show? ????????

    BTS was certainly there yesterday and winning (76% of the votes and counting, the last time I checked)....What happened?


  • Rin - 4 years ago

    Lol someone made a version of this poll without BTS in it because ARMY is so insane hahaha

    And I love how insane we are

  • TØP - 4 years ago

    If tøp wins ill acually watch the super bowl

  • Jonathan Ficklin - 4 years ago

    Let's hear some Classic Rock. Styx is still rocking it and they just released an album.

  • Katie - 4 years ago

    I will puke if Rihanna plays... I'm cool with TØP, that's about it.

  • TØP winning - 4 years ago

    I gonna be honest I am a very big TØP fan. But just think of them performing in front of millions of people, first of all Josh's anxiety would be really bad and second people probably wouldn't even understand them, I'm not saying they shouldn't perform I mean that would be great. But I feel like they would get so much hatred from people that probably don't listen to their music or have never listened to their music.

  • Charlotte's Art - 4 years ago

    Yes!! Twenty one pilots!! They perform amazing. This would be great. Especially there new album coming!!❤❤lets do this. We made it. Let's make it farther.????

  • Whitney Veazey - 4 years ago

    So I noticed someone said that TØP only has a couple hits and won't b remembered in 5 years because apparently they are a one hit wonder. Trust me, they will most certainly be remembered. It may not be by the whole world, but it will be by us fans who had our lives saved because of them. They will be remembered by those who listen to them at 3 am and try to convince themselves that they are going to be okay. Because this band finally let us know we aren't alone. So yeah, call me a fucking 'emo' or whatever, but this band of two broken people mean a lot to their broken fans. It's not just a band to some of us, it's a lifeline. |-/

  • Jarrod - 4 years ago

    Like I said before I have nothing against twentyone pilots but honestly how many hit singles do they have there really only known for one song there a one hit wonder so far that would be like getting sir mix a lot to do baby got back for 12 mins I wouldn't be disappointed if they got 21 pilots anybody but Rihanna but van halen still should play

  • Jay - 4 years ago

    Vote for KANE BROWN

  • Jarrod - 4 years ago

    the NFL hasn't had a good half time show since prince I would rather watch a squirrel pass a kidney stone than have Rihanna up there or Florida Georgia line I can respect 21 pilots but honestly no one will remember them in five years why not get someone who has proven themselves as a force in the music industry I understand that this show has to be " family friendly" as much as I would love to see Metallica I know that the FCC would never let them play so I'm suggesting van halen not too over the top very few songs with explicit lyrics I mean you have to remember whoever they get only plays for 12 minutes and I think van halen could do a great job

  • Tiffany - 4 years ago


  • |-/ - 4 years ago

    heck, i'm so glad our boys are winning. twenty one pilots definitely deserve to play this, they have come so far, and if some of you could actually try to listen to their music, understand the lyrics and understand tyler and josh, maybe you'll see why they and this show will mean so much to us.
    let's win this.
    we've made it this far, let's go farther. |-/

  • Jerluvsemy - 4 years ago

    My son is not emo, but he does struggle with anxiety and depression, and possibly BPD. Twenty One Pilots music has kept him alive. He taught himself to play their music on the piano. He lives and breathes it. I am all for them playing at the Super Bowl. They have completely earned it.

  • Abby brown - 4 years ago

    Twenty one pilots deserves this they have come so far in the last 6 years I mean it started off as them playing for two people!!! This is sick as frock and I need them to win

  • Mike1973 - 4 years ago

    Twenty one pilots lyrics actually have good meaning in them. I don't listen to them but my daughter does and they're the only musical group of hers that I will actually listen to. I think it would be great to see them playing at the halftime show.

  • Ryanross24 - 4 years ago


  • KillerXxx - 4 years ago

    okay if tøp wins this is going to be the best half time show that's ever happened. I don't even listen to them very much at all but they are really good

  • Sarah - 4 years ago

    even if you don't listen to twenty one pilots, you won't be disappointed, because there performance is amazing

  • Bailey2003 - 4 years ago

    Twenty one pilots should win. I'm not just saying this because I like them, the others are also very good as well. They are an amazing band that any type of person would like if they actually listened to them. I've also been to one of their concerts and it was the best I've ever been to, so they will be really good to have at the super bowl. They are also VERY talented and dedicated to their fans. They also have a HUGE fanbase that will bring many people to watch the super bowl. Them performing can only make this years super bowl better.

  • It'sNøtEmø,It'sCalledMusic - 4 years ago

    Øk, sø peøple think it is øk tø call the Clique "emø" but what really is emø anymøre? Dø we løøk emø? I mean, like we are a little bit emø but majørity døn't even dress emø ør stuff. If yøu really think Twenty Øne Piløts will ruin the half time shøw, then døn't watch the half time shøw. Døn't hate øn sømething yøu prøbably døn't even knøw abøut. I am nøt saying yøu can't hate because nø øne can cøntrøl that. But peøple are just assuming they will because it's a grøup that became huge after "Stressed Out" and "Ride". Sø, yøu døn't need to vøte før them but yøu can't hate anyøne when the results happen. Peøple just need tø accept the fact that the grøup they wanted tø win, didn't. And the grøup that did will play a hell øf a shøw.

  • FrickAsSick - 4 years ago

    It's funny how people say no to TØP While they are the only ones on this list that are on the official Madden nfl soundtrack

  • Edmlover - 4 years ago


  • Clique as frick - 4 years ago

    To the people who say "tøp fans are just emo faggots" or what ever y'all are very wrong, have you ever herd their music and listened t their lyrics and not just the melody or background radio music? Nope didn't think so because while your precious radio songs promote sex and drugs Joshua me Tyler are help us stay alive and telling us that it's worth it and we are worth it. You haters will never understand what they've done for us, you haters will never understand what it's like to fell lost and broken and to have two boys from Ohio help up, to save us, To motivate us to get up in the morning. And if we are dumb emo faggots then why are we all here together supporting each other, hell the clique is my family, there are over 300 comments here supporting Josh and Tyler! So stay alive frens because trust me it's worth it! |-/

    Oh and to all you haters I dare you to DM me on Instagram- @0myjosh because I will hand write you all a personal letter telling you to FUCK OFF:)

    Have a nice day:)

  • TØPSAVEDMYLIFE - 4 years ago

    Hey. This is really stupid. Why criticize people for their taste in music!!!???!!! Tyler and josh deserve this, they grew from a small local band and now they are performing for thousands. It would be a huge leap for Clique kind to have them perform for millions. But josh has anxiety and he might not be able to handle a crowd that big, and If they can perform, that is a major accomplishment for josh. Don't hate on them if they do win, because josh will probably have a really hard time with that. And if you think tøp is stupid, you can think that, but if you care you can read on as I try to explain why you shouldn't think that. They have meaningful lyrics. Not about getting drunk, ODs, or having sex, but about struggling with your inner deamons. They said that everything they do has a meaning. For example in the song guns for hands, they say "its obviously best for them to turn their guns into a fist" and I translate that into you should stop killing and start fighting because guns are used for killing and fists are used for fighting. And that's a huge metaphor for only one line. Imagine the rest. Theh also don't cuss. I think the worst they have said is whore in Ode To Sleep. Thank you for listening to the other side and not plugging your ears like people do when they think they are always right. Stay alive and power to the local dreamer! |-/

  • Kendre Thomas - 4 years ago

    Man y'all need to add Drake and Eminem as options????

  • Denisse_duh - 4 years ago

    Yayy TØP's winning

  • shiny99Ø2 - 4 years ago

    You all say TØP will ruin football. Have you wver even listened to their music? Their music saves lives and addresses real probelems, meanwhile other artists talk about drugs and sex. If you think TØP will ruin football, then you don't have to ever watch football again. You should actually think for once, and realize how many people voted for TØP. The average person watches at least some football, and clearly, the public likes TØP more than the other options. Stop posting hate comments, because if you think your comment will get people to change their vote, you're incredibly mistaken. Let's go Clique |-/

    Stay alive.

  • BandTrash - 4 years ago

    People should Die for being rude To our smol beans #joshler is real tøp is not gay for whoever said that Tøp slays life no they are better than life there angels wait even better they are saints no they are God's ????????????okay but i don't watch football so but I will if Tøp plays lol Like my speech guys????????????

  • RAIRAI - 4 years ago


  • JustSømeøne - 4 years ago

    twenty øne piløts is sick as frick |-/

  • JISHWA & TYJO - 4 years ago

    Twenty Øne Piløts are fricken amazing. They are amazing preførmers whø have saved sø many peøples lives with their lyrics. They are fantastic human beings and i think they deserve this. Ønly members øf the clique will understand this but everyøne whø's vøting før rhianna " excuse me cøuld yøu please leave?" and i really just want tø say this because i løve this videø sø much "keepin' things wet since 1988"

  • Hi - 4 years ago

    Here's a word for all the fags that call TOP trash. Look at the with anxiety going up to get a Grammy in their underwear when you can't even get a girl or a job and sit on your fatass trolling people for their good taste in music. The "pussie" is you cause TØP is way ahead of that bitch. We are alive and we're always be so go fuck your self and that poster you got of her. And if you like wtf her name is her music is as good as Jacob sartourouss singing. So go fangirl to that.

  • @xxBroPaigexx Insta - 4 years ago


  • EmoMemeTrash - 4 years ago

    Although I would love it if twenty øne pilots performs at the Super Bowl, just think about Josh's anxiety for a second. He's already nervous performing in front of a thousand people, imagine millions. Again, tøp performing at the Super Bowl would be awesome, it's just that they might not be able to handle the amount of people.

  • Msbeliever - 4 years ago

    Hey, it's Hannah. Power to the local dreamer. I love twenty øne piløts so much. Don't stop voting, they deserve this. They started as a small band in Ohio, and lost some members. But Josh joined Tyler, and the two of them fought their own Blurryface. They rose above the popular songs on the radio. They are more than popular, their lyrics motivate us. They are not basic, they don't use profanity or insult other people. I have been reading through some of these comments, and it makes me cry how people want to hurt others because of their taste in music. Well let me tell you, my taste in music is your face. I have been a fan of twenty øne piløts ever since 2013. Stay strong and stay alive. God bless all of you.

  • HEAVYDIRTYSØUL - 4 years ago

    Twenty øne piløts must win. I'm eliave,I'm stay alive|-/

  • Stewart r u ok - 4 years ago

    Stewart r u ok

  • JishwaJoseph - 4 years ago

    lol I like how people are saying "RIHANNA IS BETTER AND HELPS ALONG WITH THE OTHERS AND TØP IS JUST FOR EMO FAGGOTS AND KILLS THEM" When really tøp saves lives and the others do drugs and sex and their music tell kids about sex and drugs. While Tyler and Josh help people with suicidal thoughts and depression and anxiety and self harm.

  • Stay Alive Frens|-/ - 4 years ago

    These people need to go somewhere it doesn't even matter if you watch football or not I bet some of the other people dont watch football. At least they save peoples life's and help people survive they dont write songs about sex and drugs and beer and how big some girls butt is. Like the music people listen to can be offensive to women. In the songs on the radio that talk about how all they want is sex you barley here songs about how someone just wants to be with this person. And you NEVER here songs that are telling people to stay alive that suicide is a permanent solution for a temporary problem. Twenty One pilots helps people live while this crappy music everyone loves is about sex and drugs.

  • TWENTY ØNE PILØTS - 4 years ago

    ???? ???? |-/

  • CC - 4 years ago

    Honestly Rihanna has an amazing voice and is very beautiful but she's rude to her fans, as are most artists on that list. Twenty One Pilots has come so far and has worked so hard. Can we please just give them this one thing?

  • jamie - 4 years ago


  • Leydi - 4 years ago

    Voten por Top pliz
    Podemos ganar llevamos la delantera
    Twenty one pilots????❤

  • Meah - 4 years ago

    I like the idea of both Rihanna and twenty one pilots peforming bc they both slay. But if I had to pick, I'd go with twenty one pilots

  • Sup3r TOP - 4 years ago


  • i dun care - 4 years ago

    Sick as frick, frens |-/ we'll keep this thing up!

  • Flightless ._. Gøner - 4 years ago

    Twenty One Pilots deserves to win, so stop hating on them PEOPLE! |-/

  • Fri - 4 years ago

    I don't know if this really determines who plays at the Super Bowl but if it does Tyler and Josh really deserve to win. Stay Alive frens

  • Anna - 4 years ago

    Anyone that is shaming twenty one pilots for being "emo faggots" and "pussies" can go fuck themselves. Their music actually has meaning compared to some of the artists on here. And if you have the time to comment something so rude on here by insulting them-there's the door, leave and take your negativity with you. Learn how to spell for the haters on here-seriously, you make me cringe. Besides, why can't you guys (the haters) just vote for who you want without making it a big deal and insulting twenty one pilots and the clique. Just vote and leave. That's not hard to do. Anyway, stay alive |-/

  • fag - 4 years ago

    this poll is pointless you really think some dumb poll from polldaddy decides the fucking super bowl performer? y'all retarded

  • non fag - 4 years ago

    fuck them bro they are gonna ruin football for guys like what the hell pussys don't watch football

  • Stewart - 4 years ago


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