Is the current dongle-centric Apple product lineup causing you frustration?

  • Tom - 4 years ago

    Intentionally bought a MacBook Air 2015 for my wife to avoid moving to the dongle world. Too much to dongle at once.

  • Abdul Swaleh - 4 years ago

    Expensive, annoying & frustrated
    Thinking of going back to android
    Samsung still has headfone jack & waterproof!

  • SteveH - 4 years ago

    I dislike dongles in general but I dislike Apple's regular connector changes and the disappearence of 'normal' (***) connectivity so badly that after waiting patiently for the Kabylake Macbook Pro that didn't materialize last fall, I decided to buy a new 2015 Retina MBP before they disappeared from Apple' product line.

    (***) 'normal' = SD Card, USB, HDMI. like every other computer on the planet.

    PS - I also opted to keep my iPhone 6, despite that the battery dischrges fairly rapidly and even though Applecare has expired, because I can plug my headphones into the thing.

    and dont get me going about how badly Apple software quality assurance and usability have gotten. Too bad that 30-year Mac veterans like me (I managed an Apple store when the Mac was introduced in the early-mid '80s) can't talk for even a few minutes with Apple product managers anymore. They need the advice. They need to resume paritcipation in trade shows - at least CES, NAB, and IBC...

  • Scott Falkner - 4 years ago


  • Walter - 4 years ago

    The dongles are just one more thing to track (and misplace). I am at work, but the adapter isn't. I am on a plane, and I realize I left the adapter at a client's office. I can't find the adapter, I buy another. Then find the original. I am buying lots of adapters because sometimes I can't find one when I need one.

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