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  • Mary Moore Graff - 2 years ago

    I fell in love with the Conrad mascot when I was only 5 years old & still love it 61 years later. So much history attached to that piece of land where that school was built. Never heard a derrogetory comment made by any students. (Check out Conard High School in Connecticut. Eerily similar school sign & mascot! Found it one day when I mis-typed while doing a search on Conrad!). Love & Honor!

  • DENNIS ROMANOSKI - 2 years ago

    Just another example of the majority being overruled by the minority....What a sad statement on the way this great country is going, when a handful of "social engineers" can dictate what they think is best for the rest of us......I believe that I speak for all of us who were fortunate enough to have attended Conrad High School will always be proud to wear the clothing and proudly speak the name CONRAD REDSKINS

  • Bobbie - 2 years ago

    I’m a Redskin and will always be! We honor our Indian traditions and legacy! This new mascot is nasty and mean looking; nothing that I will ever like or support!!!

  • Robert Hutnyan - 2 years ago

    So so stupid, ignorant and unnecessary!!!

    I'm HORRIBLY OFFENDED by the new logo. A red eyed wolf is the SIGN OF THE DEVIL!!! We stopped paying honor to our American Indian predecessors in favor of devil worship...... SHAMEFUL!!

  • Shirley Simpers Stewart - 2 years ago

    The team could have chosen an Indian theme and removed the so called "offense". Now that would have worked.

  • Mike B - 2 years ago

    The Redskin was adopted as the mascot in conjunction with the Lenape Indians to celebrate their heritage as the school is build on an old Lenape village site. The Redskin profile with head dress has always been revered and honored by students and staff, understanding that it stands for strength, perseverance, and integrity. Aren't those the values we want our children to have?

    It is unfortunate that political correctness, in it's desire to destroy US has been permitted to scrounge up sniveling snowflakes as examples of why a positive symbol should be discontinued.

    Bottom line, this is a Leftist "Progressive" strategy implemented by Barrack Hussein Obama and his use of the Dept of Ed to leverage funding as a condition of compliance. This strategy is being used from coast to coast with schools and we are now seeing other history being removed because someone's feelings could be hurt. Grow up and get a life America!

    LIBERALISM is the greatest threat to the USA and our way of life. WE THE PEOPLE must NOT tolerate the destruction of our history and values over the potential of hurting someone's feelings. It's time to PUSH BACK!

  • Joyce Irwin - 3 years ago

    Conrad Indians - a fine mascot and should be kept.

  • Lesley - 3 years ago

    changing the new mascot went against what the majority wanted...obviously the end goal was shutting out the alumni and history of 80 years that was Conrad Redskins.

  • Juan Garcia - 3 years ago

    GO R E D S K I N S !!!!!

  • Mary Ann Szewczyk Parker - 3 years ago

    Will always be a Conrad Redskin, respectfully❣

  • ron - 3 years ago

    this message is to Chief Wahoo, get a life Mr Wahoo, Conrad Redskins was probably around before U were born. My Dad went to that school in the 40's an the redskin name should never have been change. The school Board was wrong and they know it.

  • Pat Szewczyk - 3 years ago

    Leave it the same as it has been for years don't change anything

  • Rick - 3 years ago

    I am amused by J. Kross's comment, which ironically characterizes the change movement as arrogant, intolerant and condescending. Wow! Which side of the issue is he on? What could be more arrogant than believing that you have the right to name a people? They have their own names and they are not racial slurs; i.e. Algonquins. Intolerant? As in intertaining the views of others. Condescending, whitey? I call determining what offends someone else to be arrogant and condescending. Change the name to Algonquins - an actual native American Nation. You can still abbreviate it as the Quins.

  • Sharon g - 3 years ago

    I will always be a Conrad Redsin. I think they should have changed the name of the high school too, and let the Conrad Redskin legacy remain.

  • Jen - 3 years ago

    Richard, with all due respect, you are a DICK!

  • Greg M - 3 years ago

    Redskins for ever ! That was the mascot since the school was built ! My mom and her brothers and my cousins and my children were all Conrad redskins, all this because of wanting to be politically correct, all this is doing is destroying a school tradition that has been there since the beginning of Conrad, a sad day for all Conrad Alumni!!

  • JKross - 3 years ago

    The "decision" represents all that is wrong with PC America: arrogant, intolerant, condescending

  • Sharon Fawcett - 3 years ago

    Something is always offensive to someone, this is ridiculous bullcrap! Go Redskins!

  • Chief Wahoo - 3 years ago

    Alumni - You can still be proud of your Conrad heritage. It's just a stupid mascot. You're being as big of crybabies as those advocating to change the name. You are just as offended over a mascot name. Go find something more important to complain about. Geez.

  • Karen - 3 years ago

    The red wolf is an endangered species, only 45 known to be currently in the wild. The menacing reeyed replacement just promotes the negative perception of wolves as vicious and dangerous that has lead to so many wolves being on the endangered list. How is this less offensive and more acceptable?

  • BB - 3 years ago

    4 People made this decision for everyone else. This will be important to remember the next time there is a vote of any kind when your vote will count -- especially a school board election. Saddest part is teachers and administration lied throughout the entire process. The goal was achieved -- to get rid of the name the logo and the alumni. They have proved how much they do not value the community or the alumni. Message received your Karma will come to you. Enjoy a mascot with a history of traveling in packs to kill all they encounter.

  • Richard - 3 years ago

    Wow look at the numbers the liberal politically correct MINIORITY wanted to find a problem that did not exist to justify their existence. As of. Now 300 say no change less than 100 say change. Everyone needs to VOTE the PC liberals out of office. They do not represent the majority of us here in America. They are adult snowflakes. Get them out of office. Every office including the school board. This does not teach our children anything good.

  • Richard - 3 years ago

    Wow look at the numbers the liberal politically correct MINIORITY wanted to find a problem that did not exist to justify their existence. As of. Now 300 say no change less than 100 say change. Everyone needs to VOTE the PC liberals out of office. They do not represent the majority of us here in America. They are adult snowflakes. Get them out of office. Every office including the school board. This does not teach our children anything good.

  • Kimberly Donovan - 3 years ago

    As I see it, the native Americans were honored to have us representing them and there heritage by being the "Redskins".
    How is changing the name to "Red Wolves" any different? We are still representing the native Americans!

  • Carol Gilbert Ford - 3 years ago

    We (Conrad Alumni & Conrad High School Alumni Band) will always be Conrad Redskins forever! Conrad High will never die!!!

  • Jessica - 3 years ago

    My dad was a Redskin, I was a redskin... we will always be REDSKINS! Completely stupid to change it! I am so glad I grew up when I did this generation is just sad!

  • John Barry - 3 years ago

    Some people look for things to offend them. If no offense is intended, none should be taken.

  • Fran - 3 years ago

    Sad day! The could have been Conrad Chiefs or Conrad Warriors. The choices they were given were bad to begin with. The school had so much support from the Alumni. Ashame they were willing to throw all that away.

  • Ken Lodge - 3 years ago

    The controversy is now over and done and it's important to move forward. Remember the only constant in life is change, SO it is imperative that the alumni association "change" their mission statement to benefit another more deserving and appreciative organization.

  • Chuck - 3 years ago

    This whole issue is dumb. Never should have happened. I hope the politically correct people who were "offended" are happy.

  • Kate Dewey - 3 years ago

    I think the name "Redskins" had to go. It is inherently derogatory and was not a term used by Native Americans about themselves. BUT the logo and Native American theme were in no way derogatory. Why didn't they choose something like "Warriors" where they could keep the history and the band uniforms that were Native American? I can still hear the strains of "Cherokee" and it's a shame to lose that history.

  • Joanna Capuano Benoit - 3 years ago

    It is shameful. What do I do with my wonderful Varsity Letter I earned for hockey? Doesn't feel as if it's related to, or represents any school now.

  • Linda - 3 years ago

    Bet there was an American Indian named Red Wolf

  • Jeff - 3 years ago

    Sounds like a gang of hooligans. I would have rather been called a Fighting Whistle Pig. Now the mascot is a canid of unresolved taxonomic identity. That's clever. So much for trying to relate education to thinking. Duh.

  • lyn - 3 years ago

    It's regrettable that the District chose to alienate itself from the Alumni and neighborhoods supporting the school. These components are an undervalued asset.

  • Tinker Simpers - 3 years ago

    Why didn't the administration/school allow the students a vote last year - Redskins or No? Because they didn't want to give young adults a voice - so they wait until the school board voted in June - leaving "Redskins" out of the options.

  • Carol - 3 years ago

    Don't like the new name or the new mascot. Redskin forever!!!!

  • Jim Kelley - 3 years ago

    This article is just another one in a long list of them from the News Journal about this topic over the past couple of years that is unbalanced and which leans heavily on the side the politically correct advocates of changing the Conrad Redskins name to something else. Where is your objectivity on this topic, News Journal?

  • Dave Johnson - 3 years ago

    Another sad example of the disposable society that we live in these days. Unfortunately, as exemplified with this action, a large group of loyal people have become disposable too. All in the name of "political correctness". smh

  • Mark Deshon - 3 years ago

    Logo concept is OK, but there are some nasty letter-spacing issues that need to be addressed in any final version.

  • Karlyn - 3 years ago

    Truly a sad day for the Conrad School, Alumni, Community, & our Native American supporters. An 80 year loving & respectful tradition has been thrown away, as if it never meant anything. My family goes back to early 1950's with Conrad, & we were still active Alumni after all these years. The Conrad Alumni support was incredible & strong....will never be found again. Conrad has lost way more than a name change. My heart goes out to so many, due to this incredibly bad decision, but especially to the wonderful students that wished so much to remain Redskins, & to the thousands of Native American supporters that have been ignored, & their Redskins name ripped away once again, as if they never existed. Heartbreaking.

  • Bex - 3 years ago

    Boo! My kid goes there and didn't want it changed, either. The least they could have done was do something that either has to do with Delaware or be fictional... Oh, let's use Red Wolves that aren't around here! They should have gone with the Phoenixes... At least they could have made that into something different... I wasn't even against the Clippers since we have the Kalmar Nyckel... Smh. So stupid.
    A former REDSKIN!

  • Bill - 3 years ago

    I guess its also kaput for the girls wearing the feathered head dress as well as the song Cherokee. People today are just gutless.

  • Lorraine Cox - 3 years ago

    I don't think Redskins is offensive. What Bothers me more is having to be concerned with issues such as this, and whether we offend anyone when we say Merry Christmas, and so on ( and on)

  • Jen - 3 years ago

    I think Trump is going to be angry and tweet that all teams be changed to the Red Trumpers.
    Or the Stupid Looking Hair Fools

    By the way, there is actually such a thing as a red wolf
    Native to Mississippi and Florida, but not Delaware as far as I know.
    Dumb name for a sports team.

  • Malloy - 3 years ago

    I was adamant regarding the name change. I Hope the people who were involved Knew the early history of the area i.e. Middleborough, Richardson Park, Ashley, Elmhurst, Woodcrest, Boxwood. I have a great book titled "The Richardson's of Delaware" published in 1957 that references the history of the native Americans in our area. Maybe then, they would understand there was no disrespect intended in choosing the mascot "Redskins" instead, an Honor to the native inhabitants of the areas mentioned above, where Conrad High School is centered. And a forever remembrance that they were there. I see again, per the survey, where the majority's voice is not heard again.....so "The New America"

  • CC - 3 years ago

    I agree, it is offensive to wolves...when does it stop? Someone is always going to find something offensive about everything - get over it and leave things alone! They are not meant to be offensive.

  • George Haughney - 3 years ago

    I think the new mascot is offensive to wolves

  • Chuck - 3 years ago

    There is no such thing as a red wolf to my knowledge

  • ron - 3 years ago

    It stinks. The orignal has been there forever. Hope the school board is happy now.

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