Grade Stefano's 'Days' send-off:

  • ella lanier-mckenzie - 4 years ago

    I missed that episode and still thought Stefano would reappear as he usually did. Not until watching an old movie Shaft's Big Score and saw an actor who looked and sounded like Stefano ,checked the cast information and then Googled did I learn that the "man" had died in December 2016. I am very sadden by this new knowledge. .This character always added intrigue to the storyline and he will be greatly missed by his scores of fans. ????????

  • Diane Winter - 4 years ago

    Have enjoyed Stephano Dinero since it began in the 60s (I was 11.) The character was one we "loved to hate". His final episode was awful. Mr Dinero wold never had taken the verbal beating given by Salem's fans. His dying scene was suberb-with his falling on his chess game. He's gone...dump the silly Orwell plot and get back to love, sex & backstabbing.

  • Conchita - 4 years ago

    I have watched days since I was a little girl with my grandmother, and I still watch it now when I have a chance to, I have enjoyed it

  • Cathy Wilson - 4 years ago

    I've been watching DAYS since 1965. I always hated Stefano, but he was good at acting his character. (Even his role in JAWS was good.) Sad to see him off the show. I knew he was ill for a long time when I noticed his hands had gotten very arthritic and he had other problems. Anxious to see how he comes back from escaping from jail. RIP.

  • dee h - 4 years ago

    a fan 1965? I was in love with Him THE QUEEN OF THE NIGHT!

  • Tonya Roberts - 4 years ago

    I'm glad he got to appear one last time. I understand that he had alzheimer's and that he probably couldnt remember lines but i thought it was stupid for them to have him to just sit there and say nothing. Poot way to give honor to him in my book.

  • Sallye - 4 years ago

    Ive watched days for 30+ years. The show today was bazaar and I had not heard that he had passed away so I was totally shocked at the end. You wanted to hate Stefano but for some reason I really liked him and felt sorry for him at times. What a grand gentleman he must have been in real life.
    How did they get the scenes with him in this episode? And why did they make everyone say such horrible things to him. It was horribly sad to me when I look back at the scenes. It's all disturbing to me. I taught Hamlet and loved the lines as tribute to this wonderful talented actor

  • Donna Purcell - 4 years ago

    I have watched DOOL for years & Stefano was the best! He will be greatly missed, my condolences to his family.

  • Suzy Williams - 4 years ago

    Stefano, ( Mr. Mascolo ) was excellent in the part he played on DOOL'S.....and am sad he passed away. BUT he was an excellent actor, and may us all believe, that his part was VERY BELIEVEABLE !! He is and will be truly missed. Thank you sir, Mr. Mascolo--for playing your part on Days Of Our Lives, NO ONE WILL EVER, be able to play that role, as great as you did.....RIP

  • linda - 4 years ago

    I always thought that Stefano really added a lot to DOOL. He will be greatly missed by me and many others.
    I thought it was sad, really a poor way to see him go. The writers could have done a better job. But then the writers haven't done so well lately.
    I do like the way they are bringing back all the old favorites.
    I don't like to see men kiss, that grosses me out. They can hug, but do they have to kiss?

  • Debbie Bosley - 4 years ago

    He will be missed. So very sorry to his family for their loss. The show will miss him, I'm sure they all are like family.

  • thais bury - 4 years ago

    Thank God i skipped work today. I was ill, but this episode made me feel better! Sad to hear Stefano in real life died. It is Dazed of our Lives without him. God Bless your soul forever, Stefano.

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