'Agents of SHIELD' on ABC: Keep or Cut?

  • Sam - 4 years ago

    Please don't cut SHIELD!! I watched Inhumans and I don't like it already! Rather watch Agents.

  • Deanna King - 4 years ago

    I am 61 years old and agree with most all the previous comments. Truly there are so few TV shows worth watching anymore and when we get one that is ....well they always get cancelled!!!! This is a show my family can watch together. It is fun, exciting, and always evolving. AOS has many more seasons in them. Please let it continue!!!!

  • Rob - 4 years ago

    As I grew up on Star Trek and Star Wars. The cast and story lines are phenomenal. You see a mild mannered team that when faced with adversity they come through. It is amusing and suspenseful. It has twist and turns that you don't see coming i.e. Grant ward and his many reincarnations and characters. I agree with others on here also. If our opinion counts for something than consider us as a source. Oops soap box!!!
    It s a great show that desires at least closure of " the door is only open two more minutes. Really that's a heck of an cliffhanger. I just found the series on Netflix about 3 months ago and I just finished s4ep21 ????
    Keep AOS

  • Matthew farlow - 4 years ago

    Please keep. I'm absolutely dying to see the possible adventures and obstacles this cast will have to overcome in season 5. Come on you leave us with Phil Colson on a spaceship in the middle of an astroid belt. Season five has such great potential.

  • Alexander - 4 years ago

    Please keep I love this show

  • Edward Lebby - 4 years ago

    I love the show.A new season its greatly needed

  • Christina Tucker - 4 years ago

    Sayin i love this show would be nd understatement. Agents of sheild is a show that i have always watched. Everything marvels i have seen now will continue too. Dont take that away

  • Lori Christian - 4 years ago

    Don't take an awesome show away!! There are so few great ones like this one is!!

  • Jon - 4 years ago

    Please! Please!!!!! Keep it going end it properly

  • aaron d lueck - 4 years ago

    Please keep it going it will break my heart if it was done please keep it going

  • Twinkletoes - 4 years ago

    I liked it best when you had all the fun gagets fight in the bad guys and winning. Really do t like all of this wierd robot I human stuff. Can we go back to basics

  • Claudia - 4 years ago

    I have enjoyed this series from the beginning. It is something I look forward to each Tuesday. Please continue the show.

  • Anon 2.0 - 4 years ago

    Also going along with my las comment. Each season has such a brilliant plot and you watch it think it can't get any better. But every season or even episode is better than the last. This show is so addicting and my family and I watch seasons over and over again. There is so much room for creativity in this show and I am 110% in love.

  • Anon - 4 years ago

    This has been my #1 show since the day it aired. I love it so much and the plot is absolutely brilliant. I can't put to words how great agents of shield is, PLEASE DONT CUT!

  • Nina - 4 years ago

    Please keep, we love this show...

  • Lauren - 4 years ago

    I have been watching this show from the very beginning. Each season gets better and better. And each episode within these seasons gets increasingly better. I love this show so much my jaw usually drops about 20 times per episode. It is an addictive show, I'm already so stressed about how season four is going to end how can I live if I don't have a season five. THE POSSIBLILITY OF CANCELATION IS KILLING ME. DONT CANCEL THIS SHOW IT IS BEYOND PERFECT.

  • Shawn - 4 years ago

    All of my friends and I love this show! We need more Coulson and Daisy! Please don't cancel!!! It started off good and is only getting better! I've been a loyal viewer to the show and to all the marvel universe! Please give us what the fans want! More Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D!

  • Win - 4 years ago

    This season has been the best yet. Please don't cancel. We need more Coulson & Co.

  • Ryan Gervais - 4 years ago

    OK there are a lot of people who have dish and some can't watch because of something happening with hearst station and dish and hearst blacked out abc so that's why a lot of people haven't been watching it PLEASE DON"T CUT IT!!

  • Veronica - 4 years ago

    I LOVE Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
    You must keep it!!!

  • COLETTA YORK - 4 years ago

    Agents of Shield is one of the most addicting series i have ever watched i love the story line and i love all the many emotions it has you going through.. All the Actors in this show are amazing they keep you wanting to come back every episode and see more.
    I would love to have a couple more seasons or longer. So i hope you don't cut this show.

  • COLETTA YORK - 4 years ago

    Agents of Shield is one of the most addicting series i have ever watched i love the story line and i love the all the many emotions it has you going through.. All the Actors in this show are amazing they keep you wanting to come back every episode and see more.
    I would love to have a couple more seasons or longer. So i hope you don't cut this show.

  • Gregory - 4 years ago

    I feel like the show has really hit it's stride this season,and with the Marvel Cinematic Universe heading into Infinity War next year,I believe AOS has earned a Season-5. Let the show go out on it's own terms,and give the fans a chance to experience a proper ending to the journey.

  • Elizabeth - 4 years ago

    Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D is one of THE best series that I've ever seen- which is saying a lot as I do watch a LOT of series and nothing - NOTHING- compares to the standard set by the show. Though the series has average rating (I really fail to see why) , it has everything to get you addicted- the emotions, the superb cast and not to mention the plot- it gets to me every time.Even if the show had failed at some points , it has redeemed itself with season 4 .Season 4 is by far the best season of S.H.I.E.L.D. and we just can't get enough of it already. Just waiting for the next episode to air itself is an agony.At this rate , what are we supposed to do if the show is not renewed? :/ This is seriously one of the most underrated series of all time.

  • Dean - 4 years ago

    I watch The Flash, The Arrow, DC's Legends of Tomorrow, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and nothing, compares with the consistency of S.H.I.E.L.D , they maintain the plot and the thrill in every episode!! .
    And I'm not talking just about the story, but the way it shows every angle of the plot, from everyone's perspectives being equally important and thrilling every time!
    This is the one show that keeps up the standards of competing with movies, but true, like in the movies , the villains are not all that great and hydra is a recurring menace, but season 4 has brought that down and taken the show to a whole new level introducing some of marvel's finer aspects from comics to the screen!
    The arrival of ghost-rider from movie to series was very well done by AoS, and couldn't have been done better!! The LMD arc was even more thrilling, and even though it seemed like Ultron and Matrix combined at one point, they gave due credit to both the ideas in the show!
    Season 4 showed a very bright future to shield, as did the season finale in season 3. Do not end this show when it is becoming more better and better by the episode.

  • Kevin - 4 years ago

    Keep Keep keep please I love this show I wait Evey week for the show to come on and I hate when the episode ends the acting is so good the writing is awesome please keep it at least let it have a season 5 thanks for letting us voice our opinion please keep it

  • Shadow - 4 years ago

    You can't get rid of Marvel Angents S.H.I.E.L.D me and my dad wach this all the time and it's the only thing we do together please keep it

  • Canan - 4 years ago

    Oh my god you can't cancel #AgentsofSHIELD. It's so action packed and fun to watch it's unbelievable. There are no British shows like this, so getting to see this on British TV and (Totally legal websites) cough cough ???? Is a miracle. The cast line up has never failed to impress me and I'm sure everyone else. I love the fact that it uses new faces instead of already majorly famous stars. It has some powerful male AND female characters e.g. Daisy and May who get me totally aroused when they take down like 20 guys on their own.

    ABC please do not make the same mistake as you did with cancelling the phenomenal Agent carter or England cancelling the amazing Merlin. If Agents of shield is cancelled then I will totally loose trust with both the marvel franchise and American shows because of their complete lack of imagination to continue an already brilliant show.

    The new inhumans season sounds great but it is nothing compared to Agents of Shield. agents of shield meshes perfectly with the MCU movie storylines which again...is very impressive writing. I still believe that inhumans would have been better off being a movie as that is what AOS has been building up to but a series sounds good to as long as THAT doesn't clash with agents of shield and not the other way around. Because if there was a choice between agents of shield and inhumans then I'd chose agents of shield. And petty as it may be...if agents of shield is cancelled then I wouldn't even watch inhumans. And I'd do my best to slate it if the first episode had even 1 thing wrong with it. #RenewAgentsofSHIELD

  • SD - 4 years ago

    Please please keep this show!!! The acting and plot are amazing, and I always gladly watch it live even w commercials

  • Keisha - 4 years ago

    Please keep this show. I love it! Keep it because if the connection to Marvel Movies. It helps me wait around for the next movie.

  • Connie O'Keefe Edwards - 4 years ago

    Please KEEP. I am 65 yrs old and there are few shows worth watching, and I have seen many come and go. With all the Marvel movies scheduled, it needs to stay. Keeps me going from one movie to the show, they are all intertwined. Please don't take it away. Then I am left with all those un-Reality shows....gag
    Thanks for letting us voice our opinions...PLEASE listen and please KEEP

  • Audrey Lancaster - 4 years ago

    Please, please don't cancel the show!! AOS is my life. I have watched all of the seasons at least 4 or 5 times. I would die if you canceled it. Going from Ghost rider to LMD was AMAZING!!!!!! Let's just says I will die if Agents of Shield is cut.

  • Diana Cazares - 4 years ago

    Omg...please renew this show! I have now finished watching the end of season 4 and I can't be without closure (not that I want this to end at all haha) of another great show. Look at all the Marvel movies coming out! This alone should sway y'all to keep AoS alive! I need to find out what happens with the framework, Aida, and all my favorite persons like Coulson, May, Gemma&Fitz, Mac, and DAISY A.K.A. SKY...

  • Katrina Ingram - 4 years ago

    While I hate to see such a great series end, I can see the logic of cancelling. However​ I think that the Agents could be used in movie form, made for TV or big screen to cover all those unanswered questions and unresolved issues from the series.

  • Blanca - 4 years ago

    Please keep it going family and I love the program.

  • Sylvia Vargas - 4 years ago

    I could care less about all the comedies on ABC. Marvel's Agents of Shield has great writing and deserves at least Season 5. If you are planning on going with only a comedy spread then Marvel should get a chance to thrive where Flash, Supergirl, DC Legends etc has a fan base for such shows like the CW. I don't see why they are complaining, 2.5 million viewers tune in once a week on ABC that should be more than enough to meet their quota. Otherwise CW I'm sure will welcome a show that deserves to continue airing.

  • Keke - 4 years ago

    I say keep the show, as long as there making marvel super hero pictures there's always room to play off those.

  • Lina - 4 years ago

    If they gonna cancel the show I'm gonna die. Seriously. After this thing with Aida?? I need this show to end properly.

  • Carol - 4 years ago

    As a die-hard Marvel fan, A of S is an essential link to all the other Marvel movies. Was disappointed when it moved to 10 pm because it is hard to stay up then get up at 5 am. However DVR is a great thing. PLEASE DO NOT STOP THIS SHOW! It has more backing than you think.

  • Meg - 4 years ago

    Definitely a keeper! AoS is, in my opinion, one of the best shows on television, right now. Good storyline, great character development, consistently good acting, great sets/special effects, plus it ties in with the films. Not much more you can ask for.

  • Roxy - 4 years ago

    AOS is a great TV due to its storyline, character development and it's Marvel. This is the only TV that helps tie all the movies together and gives emotional impact that can't be seen (exhibit A - the fall of SHIELD) which compliments the movies without it being a 45 minute episode version of the movie which many TV shows fail to do but AOS can because of its amazing directors, writers and producers. This show is a great show and just because the views are small doesn't mean people aren't watching and aren't enjoying season as much or even more than the other seasons as the show is growing and it is definitely in the right direction. So ABC I beg you not to cancel AOS like you have done so for so many great TV shows - e.g. Agent Carter, Hellcats, 10 Things I Hate About You (I am pretty sure that you don't want another petition being sent out asking you renew a much loved series.

  • Rich - 4 years ago

    Great actors and character development, beautiful sets and cgi, interesting story lines, MCU, what more can be said? Most other shows competing are bland in comparison.

  • Lourdes Diaz - 4 years ago

    Shield is one of the best show I ever seen this show should have all time season....

  • Alannah - 4 years ago

    My Dad recently passed always and we always used to watch AoS together ever since it first came out in 2013. I'd honestly love the show to stick around for as long as possible, although it would help if it was advertised on Australian TV more because then I'd actually know when it's on instead of having to wait for it to come out on DVD.

  • Vicki - 4 years ago

    I love the show

  • Shivani - 4 years ago

    Agents of SHIELD is one of the best TV shows right now. Their story arc for season 4 is so amazing. It's truly my favourite show!!Episode 4x15 was specially unreal!! It was mind blowing. This show absolutely deserves to be renewed!

  • Annabelle - 4 years ago

    Also, I thought the point of history was to not repeat itself, Eg Agent Carter. And you see all these shows on their 54th season that not many people know about anymore. And the fact that it's not known worldwide contributes to that too. Agents Of SHIELD is known worldwide and has a very big fandom. Please keep this show, the producers have worked very hard to get it to this stage.

  • Annabelle - 4 years ago

    I love season 4. It's gripping and each episode has an amazing story arch that contributes to an amazing storyline. The reason why it doesn't get as many views anymore is because of the time. If they shiftedthe day of the airing to a night where there isthe weekend after and left it at the 10PM slot, it would get more views. Another thing to do is to move the time slot to 9PM, like it is in England. The views will skyrocket.

  • Jeff - 4 years ago

    The is totally lost with Radcliffe et all the robot replacements. Lost me a few episodes ago

  • Sayan - 4 years ago

    AOS needs to be renewed for atleast another season.Season 4 has been awesome and to be frank it is better than most of the other superhero oriented tv series(having 20-23 ep's a season) that are on right now.Strong characters,powerful story line delivered with top notch performances.Would love to see some cameos and tie in's from the netflix series's in the future as well as new characters from the comic books.

  • Mónica Vásquez - 4 years ago

    KEEP IT, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alma - 4 years ago


  • Karl - 4 years ago

    Yes this show is the best show on TV in my opinion, numbers might not be high but the ones who watch it love it, it would not take much to catch on like other shows have done later in their run.

  • Saleh - 4 years ago

    AOS is one of the only shows on Tuesdays that I look forward to watching and I am always anxious to see what's next. I love the suspense and the story lines. Definitely keep it.

  • Saleh - 4 years ago

    AOS is one of the only shows on Tuesdays that I look forward to watching and I am always anxious to see what's next. I love the suspense and the story lines. Definitely keep it.

  • Beth - 4 years ago

    PLEASE keep SHIELD. I have been a faithful viewer since minute one of episode one in 2013, and it would break my heart to see this show die. I have seen every episode at least twice, and most up to three or four times. This is an EXCELLENT show with well-written, complicated, DIVERSE characters. Nearly half the characters are strong, powerful women - a much higher percentage than other shows have on their roll. The stories are engaging and thrilling and well-developed. Please don't cut this show. More than 2 MILLION faithful viewers can't be wrong.

  • Brian - 4 years ago

    KEEP. You have over 2 million people that you will piss off if you cancel it. That's not chopped liver. Our family of 5 will boycott all ABC associated products if they cancel this, synergy you know. I can live without everything else they have.

  • Brian - 4 years ago

    KEEP. You have over 2 million people that you will piss off if you cancel it. That's not chopped liver. Our family of 5 will boycott all ABC associated products if they cancel this, synergy you know. I can live without everything else they have.

  • Orly - 4 years ago

    Yes to season 5! And 6! AOS is the only show I turn my TV on for.

  • D. Bowen - 4 years ago

    Bad guys can't be the problem. This is shield we are talking about, they can go into any Marvel Super Hero storyline with features of the super hero and help that hero fight. Like they could use Spiderman and Doctor Octopus.

  • Dan - 4 years ago

    Agents of Shield is our family MUST WATCH TV. Cell phones turned off. Computers shutdown. For the 1 hour of Shield, there is only one screen in the house.
    The show has plenty of great characters, we each have our favorites. There are a few we would like to see returned to the show. (hint hint...Bobbie and Hunter).
    Please keep AoS. It is the best damn show on TV.

  • Caroline - 4 years ago

    I have been a faithful viewer since the show premiered. I really liked the show right from the start and it's only gotten better. PLEASE GIVE US A SEASON 5!!!!

  • Destini Stephens - 4 years ago

    Keep this show I'm sick of ABC always cancelling a good show and keeping the stupid ones whoever makes thesense decisions needs to be fired

  • Kim - 4 years ago


  • Tobias - 4 years ago

    AoS is one of the best shows I've ever seen with so much variety in it's storyline and characters (developments), jumping from mission to mission, love problems, questioning moral acts, tragic plot twist etc.

    I think it's great that AoS plays in the MCU, and I understand that Marvel/ABC want to spotlight other (upcoming) series like Inhumans, but cutting Agents of Shield would be too sad to be. Maybe there's an agreement for both sides, taking a break with the show and go on with it in a year or two. There are so many ways to let the show go on, so many potential villians and opportunities, especially interacting with the movies or other shows (#AoSwithDefenders? ;) )
    I'd love to watch Coulson and Co. meet the Avengers sometime... Maybe in the next season - Make it happen!


  • Aan - 4 years ago

    Please keep Agents of shield.
    We can enjoy thr thrill, the action, the love story altogather in this show.
    This show gives us the inside life of being an agent in thw shadow keeping peace and humam protection while Avenger deals with Thanos...
    Please keep this showww....
    I am in love with Chloe Bennet/ Skye/ Daisy/ Quake......
    And more important... Coulson is badass...
    Fitz Simmons is irreplaceable......

  • AMB - 4 years ago

    Take the best parts of Star Trek and Mission Impossible, throw in a dash of MacGyver and Pride and Prejudice and you've got Agents of Shield. What's not to like? There's something for everyone and this former engineer loves all the high tech gadget talk in between going after the bad guys/bad aliens/bad what-have-yous. I hope it stays around for a long time.

  • Peter - 4 years ago

    This is an excellent innovative show, and you can't say that for a lot we see. A fifth season would take it through to the Infinity war movie and could be used to tease and set the stage for that. In much the same way that season 1 of babylon 5 set the stage for the Shadow war. Season 5 of AOS could be a "signs and portents" season for the coming movie. Assisting the movie with a potential new audience and perhaps itself with improved ratings and continued opportunities past season 5.

  • Andrew - 4 years ago

    Most series didn't hit their stride until 4/5th seasons and peak around 7. This season 4 has been fantastic and while it only hits 0.8 in the demo live, +3/+7 puts it well over that. Throw in the fact that it has the synergy with the rest of the MCU... keep it for sure.

  • Caitlyn - 4 years ago


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