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  • Erin Vellinger - 3 years ago

    Thank you to Mr. Cecil for providing the common sense side of this article. I won't repeat everything he just stated so cleary and correctly but let's look at a few facts from our past. A history lesson in race and politics. The Republican Party began in 1854 and totally opposed slavery. The southern Democrats called Dixiecrats voted for protecting slavery in all territories!!! The KKK's founding member was Nathan Bedford Forrest, a Dixiecrat who was invited to speak at the DNC in 1868. Also it was the Republican Party through amendments 13,14, and 15 that abolished slavery..... gave citizenship to all classes ....and gave voting rights to every citizen. So considering these facts, who is the party of compassion? I dare say it's not the Democrats. And as for the executive orders that Trump has signed? He is simply UN-doing all of King Obama's disasterous orders that he signed into place...totally ignoring the constitution. I must say it's refreshing to have the kind of President back in the White House who is patriotic, a conservative constitutionalist, pro-life, a man of his word, and a hard, hard worker. All the principles that this country was founded upon. The man gets up at 5am and works until midnight and through the weekend. He is a doer on behalf of the American people! And yes, his education secretary is going to shake things up! Praise God! Do you realize how low Indiana schools rank? It's pathetic...Also, It is a sad day in America where people can't have discussions about their ideas and differences...since when is it okay to spew hate, degrade people, riot with violence, disrupt and destroy people's businesses, put people out of business, because your side doesn't agree with another person's point of view or ideology?That's not freedom....That's called totalitarianism....and if you want that, move to Syria. And you just watch...things are beginning to shine again here in America! ????????Including but not limited to the stock market! Thank you for the opportunity to express my opinion.

  • Mikaela Paige Peters - 3 years ago

    Just going to point out a few flaws here. He's renegotiate NAFTA to reinstate and further help the US. The Obama administration already had these seven countries as a place of concern and had heavy restrictions on travel to and from them. Private schools statistcally send more kids to higher education and leading better and more fulfilled lives. As of 2012, 4% of the US was made of illegal immigrants, 59% of them being Mexican. The wall is literally a more fortified fence, which we already have. He can't just get rid of a bill altogether, he has to replace it with a bill of the same variety (i.e. healthcare with healthcare). You can't call the legitamte president and illegitament president, that's actually completely incorrect. Last I checked, firing someone for failure to do their job correctly isn't killing liberty. Government hasn't worked beautifully in many, many years, especially not the last 226. Personally, I'd be more afraid of people lining the streets, bashing in windows and setting fire to things rather than someone trying to keep our country safe as best he can with people trashing him. Also, if he has to appeal his ban to put it in effect, it can't take effect immediately, as stated in the paper, so at least one of your statements are incorrect. Also, as stated in every high school government class, seven year olds can't be president, sorry to bust any bubbles.

    Thanks for this issue of liberals weekly, but please learn how to use google.

  • Mr. Cecil A214 - 3 years ago

    At least this president is a man of his word and not blowing smoke and lying to the American people like Obama did the past eight years. It is pretty pitiful that a president like Obama would wait until the last few months of his eight year term and then decide to start making decisions and taking action. Let's think about what he will be remembered for, doubling the debt. (Accumulating as much as the previous 43 presidents combined.), putting more Americans in poverty, putting so many regulations and taxes on American businesses so that they decide to leave this country, more people living in poverty, more jobless, fewer homeowners, more families with no one working, and the list goes on and on. What a wonderful job he did in eight years. He will be remembered alright, for being a joke. How can anyone criticize our current president who is doing exactly what he said he would do while running for president. Never in history has a president gotten so much done for the American people as he has in the first three weeks of his term. In January alone he created 227,000 jobs, brought numerous company's back to the US, something he did with his Magic wand that Obama said had. What a presidentObama was saying the was nothing that could be done about companies leaving the US. What a waste of a president he was! Anyone who doesn't want border security and properly vetting immigrants from countries with no vetting as they enter airplanes to come to the US (which is the reason for the ban which has nothing to do with muslims) should go live in one of those countries and see how they as an American would be treated. Not at all as welcome as the current immigrants entering our country. By the way, of the top ten Muslim countries in population in the world, only one was listed in the ban. A very small percentage of the Muslim world I would say. As far as this newspapers report card, since the current President has over a 60% approval rating, I would say that grades much higher that D's and F's. People have the right to disagree, but this paper is one sided, I'd makes me not want to open one again. But, curiosity made me want to see what would be printed next. And as far as the truth goes, the attorney general was fired for failure to execute her oath of office. It had nothing to do with a TV show. She was an Obama holdover, no wonder she acted like she was above the law! People need to realize there is a new sheriff in town who takes care of business and is a man of his word unlike Obama! The things he is doing by the constitution are legal! Just because Obama ignored these laws that our current president is enforcing, does not give people the right to act like the idiots at Berkeley. Those students should be kicked out of that college and put in jail. Typical spoiled brats!Personally, I am loving a president who is not a puppet. Thank you for listening to my opinions.

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