Which designer belongs in the 'Project Runway: Junior' finale?


  • sheenah akiiki - 5 years ago

    seriously...........how can Hawwaa be in the finals.....so meannnnn.....never forget how she was so stingy on Akai.....she aint a good designer....

  • Arlene - 6 years ago

    I'm shocked at Tieler's elimination, a very talented designer.He at least won twice,Hawaa, never won ever? Plus I'll never forget how nasty she was to A'kai. She will never be a real designer not enough talent if any. What's up with Kelly, a real loser if it wasn't for her Dad, it would be Kelly who.

  • Pamela Reeder - 6 years ago

    VERY disappointed and shocked Tieler is not going on to the finale!! He is by far the better designer. I LOVED the two pieces he showed!! The colors were so beautiful... the fit perfect... the embroidery gorgeous. It was so fresh and new. I am so upset not to be able to see the rest of his collection!! I'm sure I'd want every piece!! That blue dress was swoon worthy...one of the prettiest dresses I've ever seen!!
    Sorry just don't get Hawaea... her clothes do not look well made and are not wearable. I agree she'd be great in costume design... that's not an insult by any means...I think she has a real fun and creative talent in that field .

  • Tia - 6 years ago

    So sad that people resort to always showing their nastiest, hateful selves. Name-calling? Really? These are children that we are talking about.

    As far as who deserved the final spot, it is definitely Hawwaa. Tieler was definitely my favorite in the beginning with his bold designs and fashion forward style. Then something changed drastically at the end. His collection looked like something off the rack at Kmart for little old ladies trying to still be fashionable. His outfit at the previous challenge should have sent him home. It was boring, so very ill-fitting and the worst thing on the stage quite frankly. I am much delighted in Kelly standing up for Hawwaa in the interest of fairness and not allowing the other judges to cheat her because they like him better based on his past challenges. In this type of competition you should only be as good as your last design. As they say, "One day you're in, the next day you're out."

    Even the other young contestants acknowledged that Hawwaa's collection was better than Tieler's. Of course, they were speaking truthfully, objectively and innocently without the bias, cynicism and close-mindedness that adulthood seems to bring.

    Hawwaa has been fortunate to survive in the competition because there was always one person who did worse. Personally, I can appreciate the quirky, never-boring aesthetic of her clothing. I will be rooting for her to shine at the finale.

  • Louisa - 6 years ago

    This show has lost all credibility. It was fun to watch until Molly was sent packing. Molly and Tieler should have been the final two to compete for the fourth spot but while they let Tieler compete (as he deserved), they also kept that clown in the running. Kelly was sickening the last episode. That bully needs to hit the highway. Her taste is all in her mouth. Watch clown face's "collection" of clown costumes win the whole thing. Then I will be through with PRJ for good.

  • Yvonne - 6 years ago

    Just wish people were not so vicious and ugly in voicing their opinions

  • Al - 6 years ago

    Just like in the Olympic trials or tennis quarter finals or semi finals; if you are ranked clearly #1 all year but during tournament you stumble or get injured and didn't win your round, regardless how great you have been you will be eliminated. He had a chance to be a star and he blew it. Blame him not the judges.

  • Dee - 6 years ago

    Soooo disappointed with the outcome. Hawwaa does not have the talent that Kelly wants her to have. Tieler should have won! He is a true designer and will make it on his own. I do not like contests that are rigged and will not watch anymore. You blew it big time.

  • Lori Principi - 6 years ago

    I think the judges made a huge mistake! I would wear Tyler's clothes, chic, classy ... Hawaas???
    costumey, clownish ... Who's going to wear them? Really???

  • Joan - 6 years ago

    I have been watching Project Runway since the very first season and was so happy to see these younger designers showcasing their amazing talents. I am beyond disgusted after watching Hawaa "win" her way into the finale. She doesn't have the skills she needs to compete and no one but actual clowns would want to wear her clothing. The only good thing I could see coming out of this is Tieler competing in the regular Project Runway and he would probably win that one. Hawaa is a bully and a mean girl who should not be promoted. She can't sew and is completely out of her league. The judges should be embarrassed at letting this happen. I think Christian is worried because Tieler is better than him. Project Runway get it together already!!

  • KraigNYC - 6 years ago

    Sorry guys.
    That decision had NOTHING to do with cultural bias. It was because last week, Tieler crashed and burned so, SO BADLY, with the washed out skin tight velvet thing, they were turning themselves inside out to find some way, ANY way, not to send him packing. I think it was clear to the judges that not only was his design worse than Hawaa's, it was worse than Molly's.
    So they bent the rules and kept him, which is actually okay by me, as I really liked some of his designs earlier in the season.
    But he had to really bring it with his collection to justify his staying in the competition.
    But the two designs he sent down the runway this week were unambitious, design free and ugly. And yes, they were worse than Hawaa's, which took some doing, since hers were pretty bad.
    But his were worse. The only slightly interesting element in them at all was the embroidery, which, turns out Tieler didn't even do himself.
    So what were we left with? Sad, ugly, depressing, design-free hospital outfits.
    Hawaa's stuff was ridiculous, but it was vastly more ambitious, more playful, more colorful, braver, and more visually interesting than what Tieler showed.
    By your logic, they should have just stopped having competitions three weeks ago and given the title to Tieler, when he was doing better. But the last three weeks, he messed up. Lots of good designers on this show mess up once and they're gone, while others get waved through (anyone remember Logan?
    Or when Anthony Ryan got coronated in his all-star season, even though at least a third of his designs were appalling.)
    There is, occasionally, no explaining the judging on this show, but to say that it's some kind of PC bias in silly and inaccurate, IMHO.
    I wish Molly was still there, but the judges disagree. So be it. Many folks don't like Hawaa's stuff, which is fair, but to immediately leap to "PC bias", which I suppose is code for, "they just keep her because she's black/Muslim/nonwhitemale/whatever" is a facile and nasty method of explaining why the judges dare to disagree with you.

  • KAYGRACE - 6 years ago

    I agree with everyone regarding PC bias HOWEVER, Tyler's designs in this finale were shocking. Nothing like what he showed throughout the season. And how he thought his bright, sunny-sweet Southern designs were "Van Gogh" like just shows how young he is. I almost wonder if someone suggested the "Van Gogh" thing to him thinking it sounded sophisticated and cultured. Or does he identify with VG because VG was unhappy and unsuccessful and ultimately committed suicide? I admit the VG thing really had me a bit worried...

    Back to the judging, when did KELLY OSBORNE become a design expert? She was the one driving the Haawaa bus; she loves "fashion" that is shocking and doesn't follow the rules. Of course she loved the circus-y juvenile designs. sigh.

  • Lin - 6 years ago

    Wow, what are those judges thinking. Hawwaa is a very sweet girl but I wouldn't put her clothes on anyone over 10 years old. The judges should have considered what Tieler did all season instead of basing their decision on his last showing which, unfortunately, wasn't so great.

  • Karen - 6 years ago

    Wow! Shocking decision. Hate to think there may have been some bias, but considering Hawwaa's mediocre showing the entire season, I can't think of any other reason Tieler isn't presenting in the finale. He was a top designer all season and could absolutely have taken the prize given the chance. I'm afraid Hawwaa is out of her league and a valuable finale spot was wasted.

  • Disappointed - 6 years ago

    The decision made by the judges was rediculous! I am a long time fan of project runway and tonight's episode left me extremely disappointed. After watching my DVRed episode I came online to see what others thought and I see that everyone agrees. I also felt like they chose hawa based on her religion and political bias. I come from a Muslim background and 100% disagree with what is happening politically in today's America but the reason that I disagree with the politics is because I believe in fairness. Choosing hawa over Tieler was definitely not a fair choice. It was very clear that he was the better designer. In my opinion, not only is she not a good designer but she is also a mean girl... remember how she treated her poor parttner in the partners challenge. She has no place in the finals. In any other season they would have kicked her out the second or third time she was on the bottom. Not only should Tieler have beat her in the 1 on 1 but he should have also won the competition. He has a very clear eye for fashion and is such a mature designer at such a young age. His designs were all high fashion and his level of taste and class was far above the rest.

    Ps to the person that wrote the mean Muslim comment about her head scarf - please show some respect. You dont have to agree with another persons religion but you should always respect other human beings.

  • Lo D. - 6 years ago

    They obviously picked hawaa for some political motivation because of recent events. What a biased show. Anyone with half a brain and a shred of fashion sense would have picked Tieler. I mean Hawaa's getups looking like something a drunk one-eye gypsy would haphazardly put on out of their closet while dropping acid. Only then would someone ever think her clothes would be a good idea. She's living in some fantasy land when Tieler clearly has a refined and mature eye for design and style at such a young age.

  • Shirl - 6 years ago

    It's obvious that there was a hidden agenda this season and it completely undermined why people tune into this show. We watch this show to see up and coming TALENTED designers demonstrate their ideas and creativity. We do NOT watch
    this show to have more PC thought policing shoved down our throats. Tieler was clearly the most talented and polished designer out of all the contestants. Hawwaa consistently presented clothing that was poorly made, tasteless and clownish so it wasn't a surprise that her theme was the circus. No one with sight and any sense would ever leave the house in one of Hawwaa's getups. On the other hand, each week Tieler presented beautifully tailored clothing that anyone would be thrilled to wear. One is left wondering if the Project Runway producers and judges were more concerned with pushing a pro-muslim agenda than presenting an entertaining show about young talent. Actually, no one is left wondering because it was so blatantly bias this season. Enough already. Keep your politics out of our entertainment. We will no longer watch this show as we do not wish to perpetuate this outrageous assault on our personal views and beliefs. Whatever happened to rewarding real talent and ability regardless of race/color/creed? Of course we want to encourage ALL young people to follow their dreams and become successful. But, people should be rewarded for their abilities without introducing poorly veiled bias agendas. Project Runway Junior won't be around very much longer if they continue in this vein.

  • Barbara Edwards - 6 years ago


  • Frances - 6 years ago

    It's a shame. Hawwaa has no business in the final four. That's why one of the judges was crying. She knew it was wrong.

  • Barbara Edwards - 6 years ago


  • Beth - 6 years ago

    Oh my God, these judges are a joke. Tieler's clothes are beautiful and very tasteful. Hawa's clothes are horrible ugh. Her clothes were poorly made and they looked like bad home ec assignments. I can't believe that she even made it this far. Not watching this show again, what a freakin joke.

  • beth brown - 6 years ago

    So mad at the result. Christian Siriano needs to go away. His reasons are always based on what he would do and not how they look. Tieler was so good and anybody who watched knew from the beginning he should win. So disgusted with the judges. They were more upset when the little guy went home and he should have gone the first time and not saved. He needed a couple more years of practice but Tieler was ready.

  • judy davis - 6 years ago

    That was a bad decision. I am shocked that the judges sent Tyler away. Any one with common sence could see that this child is going to be a big time fashion designer.. What teen has that kind of fashion sense. The young ladies clothing was un wearable except for a minute population. This was the worst series Ive ever seen on project runway. This makes you think was there another alternative here. Please support or teens to promote sofistication and beautiful clothes.

  • Kimberly - 6 years ago

    Can you say "RIGGED?" You send a person to the finale that has MAJOR construction issues, (has spent most of the program on the bottom) not to mention fit, marketability and taste issues. But hey, guess multiple piercings, nose rings, multi-hued lips and eyebrows trump talent any day. Sorry, won't be tuning in for the finale because it's obvious you're more concerned with being PC than with actual talent.

  • Stacey - 6 years ago

    mistake tonight.. who wants to wear circus clothes.. very disappointed.. i hope they get a few new judges next season.. clown clothes vs. beautiful dress...

  • Jamie - 6 years ago

    If I bought a quilt I would want color blocking! Huge mistake! Teiler, you ARE a designer! Not a failure, a learning experience. First time I have gotten so angry at a decision.

  • G - 6 years ago

    Judges got it totally wrong. No one will ever wear Hawwaa's clothes. Tieler will make a name in fashion.

  • Sinde - 6 years ago

    Think you people need to get new judges... how in the world can you get rid of the best designer that you had and leave someone that designs clown clothes and looks like a clown herself?

  • Stella Bell - 6 years ago

    Teller makes clothes that most women might wear and Hawwaa does not. I can't see many women wanting a closet full of color blocked clothes, okay for a quilt.

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