If Apple sells wireless charging tech separately for the iPhone 8, would you buy it?

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Posted 2 years.


  • Lee - 2 years ago

    With all the green tech push why is Apple still using chargers for everything including the mouse, keyboard. I have the Logitech solar bluetooth keyboard and never run out of power after 4 years sofar. Can't say that about the batterys used for Apples devices. Time to make changes away from all this charging nonsense

  • StraightFire - 2 years ago

    I don't want long range wireless for a) health concerns, and b) possible interference with my wifi.

  • Tom - 2 years ago

    Health reasons is definitely a concern. And secondly, why? I don't mind putting in a cable at night. Just make the battery bigger so we don't need to plug it in in afternoon.

  • antiseptic - 2 years ago

    Long range wireless involves radiation the likes of sticking your head in a microwave oven. Yea yea "non-ionizing radiation" blah blah... You pump up the wattage (what's needed for long range charging) and that's what it's like.

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