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  • Linda - 3 years ago

    Having worked a lot with couples and from my own experience love looks differently day to day, however the essence, the question each wants to know is "Are you there for me?" I think the reason committed relationships remain an integral part of the human experience is that the "other" serves as a witness to our lives, a witness to our journey - to be seen, to be known.

  • xoxoxoxo - 3 years ago

    Love is beyond the feeling of butterflies, racing hearts, sweaty palms. It's about what you'll do for one another. What you'll sacrifice for one anther. Love is accepting someone for who they are, flaws and all. Being able to be strong for one another. Having each other's back no matter what. Supporting one another through life's journeys, whether it be academic, career, or financial. Being there. Ready to fight for each other. Someone who is willing to work together for a common goal.

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