Do you approve of how 'Jane' handled Michael's death?

  • Kat - 3 years ago

    Am I the only one that found it beyond stupid that they killed the hero of the love story, considering the episode in which a young Jane chastises a romance novelist that killed the hero of her love story?! And she was right! In the end, all the audience wants is the happily ever after. And just like one of the fans admitted in that episode, I have to say- this left me feeling empty for days. This isn't Wuthering Heights. This is a ROM COM.

    The episode in which Michael died is the last I will ever watch. It's a lazy device that they used, and definitely in opposition to what the majority of their viewers wanted. If you don't respect most of your audience, how can you retain them? Until this horrific episode, the show balanced goofy comedy with genuine interpersonal trials and connections, and kept the crime and tragedy ridiculous and not too upsetting. This move has upset the balance, and flies in the face of WHY all of the viewers watch it. In the end, it is to feel good.

  • Teammichael All-the-way - 4 years ago

    I litterally don't like the show anymore. They moved on way to fast. They came up with all these little problems for the show, but wait. How about the big problem?!! FREAKING MICHAEL JUST DIED!!! HELLO?!!! LIKE CAN I RECOVER FROM THAT FIRST B4 YOU JUST JUMP INTO THE FUTURE WITH ALL THE NEW ADJUSTMENTS?!!! LIKE TAKE A STEP BACK! MICHAEL. JUST. DIED. I DON'T CARE ABOUT YOUR REALITY TV-SHOW, OR THE REOPENING OF THE MARBELLA. MICHAEL JUST DIEDDDDDDDD UGHHHHH

  • Elisabeth - 4 years ago

    Not watching this show anymore! killing the best character in the show is just dumb. :( :(

  • Vidah - 4 years ago

    I guess he deserved better but i am a Jafael fan and Micheal needed to!! I really hope jafael gets back together coz Jane was good with Micheal...Rafael challenges her n builds her up..thts something i may be during the course of the show they can develop the micheal factor but Jafael is the deal

  • Kim - 4 years ago

    Wow! I felt the same frustration and frustration is not the emotion a person feels after a death. I hated this last episode's "time warp". I did not like one element about this episode. My husband even said, "Where's the punchline?" and "Do you think we're being punked?" I know I may get some flack for this statement but this seems like it's "the big middle finger from Hollywood for electing Trump" that we've been hearing about. It's like JANE is telling us...Don't be surprised if ALL the national public's favorite characters or shows somehow take a backstab at you. Well, I guess it's time to move on and/or watch movies we've missed over the years.

  • Melissa castro - 4 years ago

    I would love to see Michael come back .jane isn't Jane without Michael!.

  • Nai - 4 years ago

    Killing a major character is a cheat to get a shocking effect and is a shortcut for writers. The writer stated that Michael was originally to be killed in season 1 but did such a good job they rewrote it. This show is an escape, we have enough bad in life as it is (here's looking at you America). It was nice to watch a loving happy relationship like Michael and Jane. Call me crazy but it's nice to watch something that makes you believe in love and happy endings!

  • CHRISTINE- Zearfoss - 4 years ago

    Don't like how michael was killed out the show. Then move on a couple of years. Michael and jane romance made the show everything they had to do to get back and keep there romance. Why kill him off. Show isn't the same without michael. The show as better when he was in it.

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