Are you willing to give up Touch ID for new biometric tech and a function area on iPhone 8?

  • Hans Mudlamootoo - 3 years ago

    it seems touch id would be more secure than face recognition, if the fr tech could be duped by a photo for example. touch id as is or a screen-embedded equivalent would seen to be more secure. it seems it would be a big mistake to drop it altogether on what would be a supposed flagship model, especially given the buy in to apple pay by by banks and retailers.

  • James McCarthy - 4 years ago

    TouchID and most fingerprint sensors constantly fail for me even if I re-program them regularly.

  • Oliver Miller - 4 years ago

    If this story about facial recognition is no fake news than this marks the tipping point to the end of the brand Apple as we no it and we then will finally arrive in 1984 which will be like 1984. At least in Europe Apple will certainly be dead, opening room for others to fill the gap. And just to be clear... I am using Macs and the whole Apple ecosystem since 1992! Sadly I have to admit Apple is no Gamer Changer any longer... But... Still... Thanks for all the inspiration over so many years...

  • NFR - 4 years ago

    It's not about the technology. It's about the functionality and convenience. Make it butt simple. Make it robust. Make it secure.

  • Fuck - 4 years ago

    Who gives a fuck

  • Dave Kitson - 4 years ago

    Could Apple keep the TouchID ring and build the centre to match the on screen display, while retaining the finger print reader through it?

  • Chad Davis - 4 years ago

    My hands sweat profusely. Touch ID rarely works for me anyway.

  • Brian - 4 years ago

    Fingerprints are biometrics.

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