Should politics be discussed in Second Life?


  • Prisilla (Silly Avro) - 7 years ago

    Thanks for the poll. I am personally tired of seeing comments from people telling others to to keep politics out of SL, and that SL is a place to have fun and escape. SL is what we make of it. "Your World, Your Imagination" right? Telling others not to bring politics in is equivalent to censorship. We can do what we like, be what we like and say what we like (within reason of course) in SL. Political discussion and action isn't for everyone and that is ok, we are all entitled to choose what we do and say in SL, but I would never tell another resident to keep a certain topic out of SL. If you don't like something don't attend, don't join in the conversation, don't take part. There are plenty of things in SL that don't interest me or that I don't care for and that's fine. I have tailored my SL to suit my needs, so those things I am not interested in don't impact me at all. We are all at liberty to make SL whatever world we want it to be, and telling others not to do something because it disturbs your SL experience just ludicrous to me.

  • Tayren Theas - 7 years ago

    If a business like LL wants to include political statements in their press releases or Mission/Vision, or group notices, I suppose it is their right if they feel it affect their company. But OTOH I also think it is complicated. I know that Facebook (for example) feels overly politically charged at times. Trolling, for example, or picking arguments would NOT be advisable. Plus SL is not JUST Americans. So I think it depends on the medium and method, but also perhaps it depends on the message, too. Some messages may have political ramifications but may not be overtly political - for example a simple statement embracing diversity and inclusion might not necessarily be partisan. But it can get its point across nonetheless. My preference is that political messages not be forced upon people (some of us go to SL to escape reality after all) but I have no objection to thoughtful statements by groups on their views. And certainly there could be groups devoted to political causes, where one could willingly go to discuss that topic, just like there are groups for other RL interests. We are a diverse universe and all people should have a place to feel welcome, where they can find people of like mindset.

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