How much data do you use on average per month?

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Posted 2 years.


  • Jack Hickman - 2 years ago

    Since wifi is so prevalent, I rarely use cellular data, especially when it comes to streaming video.

  • Lance - 2 years ago

    I held on to my grandfathered in unlimited data with Verizon because I use 25+ GB of data a month because I can only use wifi when I'm at home but even then I hardly use wifi since I live in a rural area and my internet speed is 3mbps at the max and that's only when everything is turned off and disconnected

  • Mark Granger - 2 years ago

    I voted 35+ GB. The reason is that I don't feel we should have to separate the data we use on our phones and tablets from the data we use on our home networks any more. Unlimited means unlimited. I should be able to sign up for a data plan and use it on all my devices both at home and on the road.

  • Marc - 2 years ago

    It's hard to say how much I would use with unlimited High Speed data. Because I do updates, uploads, downloads and streaming in WiFi surroundings as often as possible. And I still need at least 5GB per month. 1GB for Emails alone.

  • lee - 2 years ago

    I'm using approx 25gb - is this vote a true reflection. because if you plan only offers 5gb thats all your going to use anyway. because we are hot with massive pricing if we go over the allowance.

  • Taylor - 2 years ago

    But it IS technically unlimited data... Just because it can be throttled doesn't mean it isn't unlimited data ;)

    Now, if they said unlimited HIGH SPEED data then we have problems!

  • Daniel Packman - 2 years ago

    It might be interesting to get more information such as how many people are typically on these plans (usage per person) and for the highest data users, can you take advantage of wifi.

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