Who Won the DNC Chair Debate Tonight?


  • Philip - 6 years ago

    I was going in an Ellison fan and walked away a Sam Ronan convert. A little reality can go a long way. The others besides Ronan, except for the old guy, were trying to sell me some Bill Clinton bullshit from the 90's! Perez was the worst. Just answer the fucking question ya puppet head!!!

  • Kasey - 6 years ago

    I really think pete is the way the party needs to head.

  • Tammy show - 6 years ago

    Pete is the best. Gooooooooooo pete goooo

  • What? - 6 years ago

    Can Keith explain better:

    1. How is a executive order put in place days score Obama leaves office an Obama era order trump reversed. It got reversed in the same week it was written.
    2. How are immigrants here illegally law abiding citizens. They are not even citizens and the fact they are here illegally doesn't register with him?

    If the Democratic Party puts this fool as Chairman, it shows we learned nothing from trump being elected.

  • Michael - 6 years ago

    Samuel Ronan all the way! He is the only one to say that the primaries were rigged. Until this truth is admitting by the DNC they can not move forward! He willooked give the voice back to the people. He is a true progressive and someone we will all benefit from having him as the DNC chair! Let's take back our power as the people and demand that the DNC and the Democrats represent the people again!

  • Tracy - 6 years ago

    I'd like to work for Mr. Ronan

  • Shane Brown - 6 years ago

    Sam Ronan all the way. It's time for a fresh new non politician face. Everyone else on stage is a tired politician

  • Adrienne - 6 years ago

    Sam Ronan all the way! The only one brace enough to confront the rigging of the primary which has caused 14 million former Democrats to Demexit.

  • Tyler Thurston - 6 years ago

    Sally really stook up agianst fascism and oligarchy.

  • Wilfred Barrage - 6 years ago

    Keith Ellison hands down, was the most convincing

  • Laughing Crow - 6 years ago

    Glad to see people are not falling for Perez. So, when the DNC picks him it will be damn funny to watch them spit in our faces again. #SamRonanOrBust

  • Lamont Peay - 6 years ago

    Sam Ronan; despite DNC attempts to simply silence him, said what the real LEFT feels. Democrat Establisment is tone deaf and it will be their demise. Democrats are simply not as good at lying as Republicans are. Tom Perez dodged question and is the epitome of Establisment status quo.

  • Ashley - 6 years ago

    Really impressed by Pete tonight. I can't believe that anyone think someone other than him won. I definitely hope they run him for something big soon. Unfortunately I'm not sure if America is ready for an openly gay senator or president especially from Indiana.

  • Scott R - 6 years ago

    Sam Ronan represents the kind of thinking it will require to right the ship. The Dems lost their working class base to - of all people - an Oligarch. Sam represents the path forward to reclaim that base.

  • Janiece Turner - 6 years ago

    The DNC cannot afford to lose Sam Ronan. There's not a single person who would not benefit from him as DNC chair.

  • Angela Franklin - 6 years ago

    I absolutely loved Pete what a great speaking, smart young man. Exactly what the DNC needs.

  • Edward Ritchie - 6 years ago

    Did Ellison denial of what he said about 2nd amendment bother anyone?

  • Tom Ly - 6 years ago

    Samuel Ronan all the way. He was the only one who answered the questions directly and truthfully.

  • Thomasina - 6 years ago

    PETE all the way! He is authentic and truly gets that people follow people who stand for values not fights with other politicians. He is the future of this party.

  • Andrew Shain - 6 years ago

    Came in not knowing anyone walked away thinking Pete was the only choice. Liked Sam too, but less polished.

  • Ernest Canning - 6 years ago

    The debate left no doubt but that the Keith Ellison represents the best path forward. That said, I thought Sam Ronan, who like Ellison, was a Bernie Sanders supporter, gave a remarkably erudite performance. He was the only one who recognized that the correct answer to the vulnerability of e-voting is paper ballots. I am quite surprised by those who were impressed by Peter Buttigieg, who in my mind comes off as a typical up and coming politician who relies upon slogans and sound bites.

  • Darrel Stagg - 6 years ago

    All candidates seem sincere and knowledgeable but Jehmu Green struck me as particularly eloquent in addressing the fact that the election of Trump signals a paradigm shift in American politics that demands a non-traditional response from the Democratic party. The arithmetic suggests that if the Dems can harness, sustain and direct the passions and energy of the anti-Trump protesters and resisters they will be able to realign the balance of power in government and preserve the historical values and inclusiveness the Democratic party stands for. Ms Greene spoke more persuasively that she understands this with Mayor Pete Buddigieg coming in a close second.

  • Mark Mayfield - 6 years ago

    My partner and I were extremely impressed with Pete. He is EXACTLY what the Dems need; an articulate, well-spoken, and enthusiastic leader. We hope he wins!

  • Mark Mayfield - 6 years ago

    My partner and I were extremely impressed with Pete. He is EXACTLY what the Dems need; an articulate, well-spoken, and enthusiastic leader. We hope he wins!

  • Marlo F - 6 years ago

    Tom Perez side-stepped every important question of the night. Very weak on his part, and just shows that's he's not fit to represent the will of the people...just the will of corporate interests and donors.

  • Matthew O'Connor - 6 years ago

    What an incredible debate from Pete buttigieg. I came into this debate a huge Keith Ellison, but Pete showed that he was the antidote for the DNC's woes and was a champion for the future that they seek for their next election cycles. I couldn't think of someone more perfect if I tried. He was eloquent, and smart, and I hope the DNC will realize his potential. If he doesn't get the chair, I hope he runs for something big.

  • Yim G Lee - 6 years ago

    The millennials and the women's march the two forces that will change America and the Democratic Party. Pete is a millennial and supported the women's march.

  • David Balkin - 6 years ago

    Most impressed by the Mayor of South Bend. He is articulate, passionate, well qualified with clearly the best intuition and relevant experience.

  • Merri-Anne Smith - 6 years ago

    I agree Pete was refreashingly susinct and enthusiastic. Plus it would be good to know that a tech savvy chair could receive the old hacks guard.

  • Kimberly KB - 6 years ago

    Everyone was extremely eloquent in their responses. Their passion exudes compassion, change and forward movement. I enjoyed Green, Ellison, Harrison and Perez. I least enjoyed Peckarsky.

  • Wesnelle Bonnet - 6 years ago

    We have to choose a Candidat who can help us win the Election/ Senat , Congress Governor Mayor, and President.please we needs that focus on Job I support Keith.

  • David Sloan - 6 years ago

    Buttigieg was really phenominal. My goodness. Its great to know that we have talented Dems leading cities all over the country. Gonna tell my DNC members to vote for Pete.

  • Eric R - 6 years ago

    A star is born with Buttigieg. WOW. If he's not chair I think he should consider going from mayor to the White House. I was not expecting to support someone other than Ellison or Perez. I was also really impressed with Greene!

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