Do agree with the A.I. du Pont principal's decision to cancel the rest of the team's basketball season?


  • Mom - 7 years ago

    DMA covers their own. It's a good ole boys' club. My daughter went there and came out as a lesbian and those old school military men tortured her. She wasn't allowed to wear a tux to prom so she missed it. Got depressed and nearly dropped out

  • Johnyboy69 - 7 years ago

    Listen dudes, I was tryna smoke some herbs in dat basketball court, and cresi just slapped that joint rite out of my hand, and I'm like yo, wut chu doing fam, u messing up mi weed. I told him wut u mad I ain't give u none. I gave him a joint but he just slapped it out of my hand when I tried to give it to him. Then I got kicked out for being too dank.

  • Shia LaBeouf - 7 years ago

    he will not divide us

  • Shia LaBeouf - 7 years ago

    he will not divide us

  • Shia LaBeouf - 7 years ago

    he will not divide us

  • Shia LaBeouf - 7 years ago

    he will not divide us

  • shia labeouf - 7 years ago

    He will not divide us.

  • Rick Harrison - 7 years ago

    Hi I'm rick Harrison, and this is my pawn shop.

  • 420blaze_it_6969 - 7 years ago

    fuck A.I. the last time i was at one of there games they kick me out for smoking some weed while i was watching some porn on my phone. cant believe they had the audacity to do somethings so un-American. at least with trump as president all those liberal fags we have as teachers will get fired.

  • Hail Hitler - 7 years ago

    I'm telling you, hitler did nothing wrong

  • B.Wingo - 7 years ago

    Man let them boys play man fr.. if my son was still here and this happened it would be a problem. I have been to A.I's game and they are good so let them play the worked their butts off they really deserve it

  • The Real A.I - 7 years ago

    We're talking about a game y'all! Not real life, paying your bills & shit! A game!!! Not going to work everyday to put food on your table.... We're talking about a game y'all! I mean what are we really talking about here? A game?! What about college? What about when will I get my own place & stop hanging from the government & mommaz tit shit?!! We talking about a game y'all! Not REAL LIFE!! A game y'all.... SMFH.... a game?! A GAME! Really?! Really! Not real life.... A Game! Wtf?!

  • Peters Penguin - 7 years ago

    What's right is right! Mr Palladinetti... you are right sir! Stand by your morals/words. You did/ are doing what you think is right & damn it... I can appreciate that these days. Let the protesters protest! What they need to do is get a job! Fuckin bums! I just can't comprehend how missing a basketball game is going to be life changing for them??!! You'll either win or lose & then life goes on, right? Right! This is a good hard lesson that'll prepare them for some real life struggles awaiting ahead after school is over! YOU DON'T ALWAYS GET WHAT YOU WANT! Get use to it!

  • AI all the way, been to dma, hated it - 7 years ago

    Dma is really coming at AI for what?? Let the boys play. Dma is the one that cheats all the time, they literally have the same officials for every game how do we know that they don't pay them more to help there boys win??? Maybe we should investigate DMA before investigating AI. AND SINCE DMA RECORDS THEIR BASKETBALL GAMES LETS SEE THE TAPE OF THE STUFF THAT HAPPENED. #SAVETHESEASON

  • AI all the way, been to dma, went there and don't - 7 years ago

    Dma is really coming at AI for what?? Let the boys play. Dma is the one that cheats all the time, they literally have the same officials for every game how do we know that they don't pay them more to help there boys win??? Maybe we should investigate DMA before investigating AI. AND SINCE DMA RECORDS THEIR BASKETBALL GAMES LETS SEE THE TAPE OF THE STUFF THAT HAPPENED. #SAVETHESEASON

  • Anonymous - 7 years ago

    Let them play

  • Hitler did nothing wrong - 7 years ago

    A.I did nothing wrong

  • Former AI student - 7 years ago

    4 years!! And yall take it away from the seniors, only thing they learn is that they cant say at least we got next year to try again......FOUL!! i dont see any other thing being stopped over emotions! Who tf plays a game and dont have emotions!!!

  • The real leeisland_ - 7 years ago

    That was not the real leeisland. Idk why people have to play as me.

  • Ed - 7 years ago

    Only reading the News Journal account of what transpired, it is impossible to discern exactly what took place. Having read the comments posted on this site it is almost comical that individuals from the community think that misdirected political rantings, accusations of racial bias, poor grammar and vulgar language will make anyone with at least a triple digit IQ agree with their position.

    From all accounts, following the game, the coach made the correct call. Once rowdy behavior ensued, the principal then took the appropriate steps to eliminate the potential for further escalation. It is a shame for the players who were not involved in the dust up that followed the game. However, there are consequences for your actions, and the sooner the young men learn this, the better off they will be.

  • William penn - 7 years ago

    Let them boys play man ...smh ... the world is a sad place.

  • JJ - 7 years ago

    If AI gets "punished" for some bs then DMA should too, it's unfair. DMA already had their senior night and so should AI. And let's be real TOO many Donald trump supporters go to that whack ass school and even though it's not necessarily ok to judge people based on their opinion, don't u think it's a little odd? OF COURSE us "minorities" get looked at as being "violent!" That's bs whatever happened at the game was clearly over exaggerated. It should even be about race, but I guess that's just the sick world we live in. WE SHOULD ALL BE TREATED EQUALLY! AND SINCE this is such a big deal why aren't the AI administrators realizing how important this is for the players ESPECIALLY THE SENIORS. work hard to have everything taken away? dumb

  • My name - 7 years ago

    From what I understand, there was a fight between DMA & AI. How does that affect whether they should play. There will be arguments that's just their emotions for the game. A.I should be able to play basketball. I may be a freshman @ St. Georges but when we played at AI, those were few of the most emotional games I've been apart of. #letthekidsplay

  • Whiskers Murray - 7 years ago

    AI killed Zakar

  • Ken Dockery - 7 years ago

    Let the boys play #savetheseason

  • Leeisland - 7 years ago

    I swear ... if y'all don't let them play ... I'm gonna let somebody mans have it ... and that's oBDM and Lamron ???? #4Ne

  • JaVon Gasby - 7 years ago

    As a student I feel as if our Boys basketball team has always been looked down apon. It's obvious that this situation has escalated to another level. Our boys aren't the violent, angry, and fighters the media is portraying them to be. At the DMA (Delaware Military Academy)game I believe there were less than 200 people in attendance (including my self within the attendance) plenty of which were DMA students,parents and staff memebers. At a support protest hosted at Alexis I. DuPont High school on February 21,2017 , which began at 8:05 A.M. the support protest had a attendance of 300 students who all in their mind in some form know's that this isn't the Alexis I. DuPont Boys Basketball Basketball team that we know and grown to love over the years (I've attended AIHS for 2 years currently) so with me stating how I look at our team and as how I and many others feel on how our team is reflected on how by other teams schools and individuals I feel as if the Boys Basketball team of AIHS isn't receiving the appropriate feedback and as a high school community Alexis I. DuPont high school isn't being shown the appropriate procedures of handling situations especially without any forms of evidence showing that their actually was a fight and that the "N" word (and I believe we all know what that word is) was being used from the student section I believe that DMA's basketball team FILM should be taken in for evidence and investigated to its farthest extent and THOROUGHLY! If you were a witness of the game like I was you would have been SHOCKED and EMBARRASSED on how BOTH SCHOOLS let this situation appear to be what it NEVER was. Red Clay shouldn't be able to feel comfortable for letting Kevin Palladinetti (Alexis I. DuPont High School Principal) make the decision to end AIHS Boys Basketball team without DOCUMENTED or CAM CORDED EVIDENCE to of what took place at rhe DMA game which HE DID NOT ATTEND, he specifically told students at the protest that "I can't go off of rumors that are told to be facts I have to go off of what I saw and what the coaches tell me." When asked by a student from the crowd about how he's gathering his facts he replied back with "I'm going off of what I believe to be are facts." WHICH CLEARLY CAN MEANS THAT ANYTHING HE HEARS COULD BE LOOKED AT AS A FACT. To only be 17 years of age I show pity toward this School district and the school itself for actually EMBARRASSING THE AI HIGH SCHOOL COMMUNITY. Kevin Palladinetti told the Ai's basketball team that he doesn't trust the team going to the playoff tournament due to their behavior and previous similar behavior regarding other teams during this season. When the team asked to see proof of the previous similar behavior he refused to go in detail about the statement he stated which showed lack of evidence to support his claim. Before I end this comment I also want to bring to the light that a AIHS Basketball PLAYER WAS CHOCKED IN DMA RIGHT AFTER THE GAME ENDED BY A FATHER OF A DMA STUDENT THAT IS A COP THAT WAS CURRENTLY OFF DUTY WHEN HE OFFENSIVELY TOUCHED A HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT AND WHEN A PARENT REPORTED THE CRIME TO THE ELSMERE COUNTY POLICE DEPUTIES THEY AVOIDED THE PARENT AND LET THE OFF DUTY POLICE OFFICER OUT OF A BACK DOOR TO BE TAKEN OUT OF THE SCENERY! I am disgusted at this point and I am sad to say I am currently a student at AIHS after these unlawful actions have taken place and that justice for our boys basketball team is not being shown nor served I pray we can over come this so that our hard working young men can participate in the Delaware State playoff tournament in March and so that all their hard work doesn't go to waste.

  • Louie Oronzio - 7 years ago

    Hmu I send pretty good nudes ????????+1 (302) 300-7835

  • -j - 7 years ago

    Whats the point in playing basketball knowing that you have bad sportsmanship & a messed up midset towards others. Yes , basketball games may get rowdy but that doesnt give you the right be racist to the other team when there only playing basketball just like you. Its not fair to end A.I Dupont High season because of another schools actions because clearly they're are not taught good sportsmanship and thats is unfair to others. Yall want the kids to interact in school but your taking something away that they loved the most & its not fair at all

  • FGE Gang - 7 years ago

    Let them play tf, they've worked so hard for this. How the hell, is everyone ignoring the fact that #DMA students are literally posting some racist comments and not one of y'all mf's are paying attention to this shit. #SaveTheSeason #LetThemPlay

  • Og - 7 years ago

    Why yall posting these nut ass comments, if u really want the team to be back and hopefully win, take this serious

  • A. I. Student - 7 years ago

    I have heard from numerous DMA friends and students that the student section that night got out of hand and that racial comments and slurs were said. The point is no punches were thrown and there was no fights. A student ran towards the locker room. DMA shouldn't have had the student section located there.

  • Mount Kid - 7 years ago

    Just let them play????????‍♂️ They deserve every right to play tbh.

  • Only1ki - 7 years ago

    Let them play dickheads

  • Nicole Asten - 7 years ago

    as a DMA parent I am very disappointed especially reading the comments!! this is a disgrace for our kids to be in these comments supporting violence, bad lyrics to songs, and also supporting bad choices! this is sickening and this generation needs to be changed. As a mother Ima very sad at what is being said about our boys and girls. as a parent looking at the comments and hearing about what happened at the game is sad because now I feel threatened and scared for my child's life fr them to ever be able to go to a game with A.I ever again, Also even going to a baksketball game ever again just because of the violence that is going on between our boys and girls. As a whole this generation needs to change and it starts off with out boys and girls!!

  • DMA - 7 years ago

    As a DMA parent, I have to say that I am embarrassed at the behavior that took place during the game. I was present and our students including some adults weren't exactly behaving themselves. For the sake of my son I won't list my name out of fear for retaliation against him but he's told me some things that actually go on unspoken or addressed by the admins. We had our senior night. This special night was also taken away from not tonly the basketball players but the cheerleaders as well. Discipline should be done at both schools not just one.

  • YOUR NAME - 7 years ago

    #Savetheseason #Lettheboysplay Let the guys play K PAL

  • Naruto - 7 years ago

    I am going to be hokage believe it

  • Supporter - 7 years ago

    Dma fr act like they're the shit so not suprised they were being racist to AI

  • Supporter - 7 years ago

    Kpal made a statement that this is not a racial issue... but if you clearly read the comments it is! It doesn't matter how much of your "staff" is black, racism is still an issue and these boys don't deserve to be treated like that. They're mostly seniors and this is most likely their last high school game. They've worked really hard to come this far and we're having a great season this year. Canceling the season without any reasons or information to back up your statement was unfair and wrong and Kpal you know that.

  • Seany - 7 years ago

    MLK didn't die for this frfr

  • Lud foe - 7 years ago

    I told my momma I'm on a mission to take over the streets

  • Lud Foe - 7 years ago

    Opp stick get mop stick @palladinetti

  • Mr Northside - 7 years ago

    I'm Looking for a bad brow skin female 15 - 17 #SeriousInquiresOnly ???? But don't cancel the season you weird ass nigga

  • Ai student - 7 years ago

    Perfect example of how dma fans and students were calling Ai the N word and being very racist just look at some comments

  • . - 7 years ago

    let them play. dma can go polish their shoes or something.

  • Kodak Black - 7 years ago

    Let the young men finish the season out strong

  • Iseah - 7 years ago

    LET THEM PLAY! -iseah here

  • Supporter - 7 years ago

    Don't justify that A.I is a bad school cause it's more black kids on there team unlike DMA. as if they started the violence. Y'all want kids to stay out the streets right? So let them play. They had a good season and worked so hard for this to come to a end like that. K PAL your better then that. Your a good principal don't let what DMA say affect your opinion. #TIGERNATION #LetTheBoysplay #theywontstopuntiltheyplay #SAVETHESEASON

  • Sam Mcguckin - 7 years ago

    Let me boys grind out the rest of the season rs

  • Domingo Garcia - 7 years ago

    DMA did nothing wrong - as A.I.'s principal confirmed. Always respectful and classy. Just because you didn't get into DMA, don't make up stories.

    Study hard and good luck in college.

  • Manager - 7 years ago

    Coming from someone who sat next to one of the coach who in which was both rude and disrespect no only to the players but towards me when we played them last week I don't think AI should be penalized for it and they need to let them play. Almost all the boys are seniors and it's their last year playing high school basketball they worked this hard for a reason

  • Your name - 7 years ago

    Would be completely unfair if there season was stripped from them. If you play a sport you would understand what it means and especially to a talented team like AI. Regardless of what transpired, I think it's wrong to take their season away espescially the seniors. Sports nowadays are the only thing that some kids have.

  • NorthSide Gang ???????????????? - 7 years ago

    Let Them Boys Play Man Real Rap !!! KPall Ont Even Have No Info To Even Cancel It Yall Ont Wan See Black Young Men Be Great In The Playoffs ????

  • Ai kid - 7 years ago

    Let them play !

  • Nasir - 7 years ago

    That them play it was not there fault ????????????

  • Fuck a.i - 7 years ago

    Don't let them play they cheat and they suck ????

  • Student - 7 years ago

    let them boys play man. this not even right. basketball the only thing some of these boys got

  • Elijah/@that_kidd_eli - 7 years ago

    Let them play

  • Don't worry about it. - 7 years ago

    Let the kids play. They don't deserve their season to be ended by one little bump in the road. Have a lot of potential and would love to watch them continue to play.

  • Aryana - 7 years ago

    Let them play !! They didn't end hodgson or Glasgow's season when they fought so don't end A.i season !!!! Let them play

  • Brandon - 7 years ago

    Let them boys play

  • Let em play - 7 years ago

    Why just ai like other teams this year haven't done anything bad. I was at the game at shit was messed up the whole game. I heard stuff COMING FROM A DMA PARENT that shouldn't come out of a fans mouth if your in public. Just because it may have been a rough game doesn't mean dma fans had to be obnoxious and throw things. I was on the balcony and saw how dma was treating Ai and overall behaving. The crazy thing is that if you have ever been to dma gym you cannot see the balcony from downstairs giving the dma fans room to antagonize other teams like ai

  • Iseah Nieves - 7 years ago


  • Justin honaker - 7 years ago

    Let them play !!

  • Arianna Marie! - 7 years ago

    Let the guyzz play!!!

  • Supporter - 7 years ago

    The principle was not at the game and did not have ALL of the information. He made a decision on Friday BEFORE he even spoke to the players. If you were not at the game you shouldnt comment. It is never ok for FANS including PARENTS of DMA or any team to yell derogatory names at athletes/students of the opposing team. That is what happened, there were no fights, the DMA fans and parents were out of control the entire game. ALOT of other schools have had issues with DMA and their conduct/sportsmanship or lack of not only in basketball but other sports as well. It is not fair to the A I kids to be punished without the entire story being heard. As for A I coach, he should have forfeit the game and left when he saw that it was out of control, he was more worried about his "image" then he was the safety of the safety his team.

  • AI alumni.. - 7 years ago

    Let them play! DMA a military school? Their fans , students. they should be held accountable too!

  • @Therealkaynoso - 7 years ago

    In my opinion I say
    LET THEM PLAYYY half of them are seniors and this will be there last year let them finish their season it's only right the team is not at fault the crowd is and it's stupid the team is held accountable for their actions. ????????‍♀️

  • Blahhhh - 7 years ago

    You can't cancel the team !!!! I go to penn let the boys play , you weird

  • Harry - 7 years ago

    The principal did what he thought was best for ALL his kids. You gotta learn by example & pay the price for your actions... Doesn't matter what the other schools disciplinary actions are. What's right is right & I applaud Mr Palladinetti. We need more authority figures out there with exactly what this man has....BACKBONE! #WeAreTheWorldWeAreTheChildren. Representing the GTC!

  • anonymous - 7 years ago

    to be honest, the boys don't deserve to have their season canceled. the whole team has put in so much effort this season. They don't deserve to get that taken away from them. DMA Fans should have not been using the "N word" and throwing stuff at our players. The fans should have been ejected from that game. I don't understand why AI has to suffer the consequences and DMA doesn't . DMA did the same amount of damage that ai did. The season shouldnt be canceled bc it is just High school basket ball . if it was college, sure it'd be reasonable, even in NBA. But these kids have been playing their whole life. They have worked for this. To get it taken away from being treated like shit is fucking unreal. #savetheseason.

  • a student - 7 years ago

    Let the boys play.

  • A supporter - 7 years ago

    I applaud what this Principal did! Sometimes you must learn the hard way!

  • Brandon - 7 years ago

    Let my Guys play

  • Pretty Sad - 7 years ago

    This is not the first time A.I. DuPont has had in game issues from the basketball program. Typically when they lose, the team are sore losers. They always try to take it out on the refs, and usually wind up getting technical's because they can't control their emotions. Earlier this season after a loss, the team threw a trash can at the referee locker room and yelled curse words at them too. Over the years the A.I. basketball program has had the worst sportsmanship in the state. This is the absolute right thing to do. When players try to fight opposing fans, it is unacceptable. I would fire the coaching staff as well because they are accountable too. If the coach had any control of his team this would not have happened.

  • charles koston - 7 years ago

    How can there not be a system that punishes a team that is involved in a fight during or after a game. The players and coach should be a example for any young kids that want to be involved in sports. If the players want to be treated like adults start acting like one.

  • Jordan - 7 years ago

    Let the boys play

  • Jack bell - 7 years ago

    Let the players play

  • Your Name - 7 years ago

    The ONLY people that can participate in the survey are those that ACTUALLY saw what transpired, probably for most of the game. For the rest of us...
    “Unfortunately, before he could even get to the handshake with the coaches from DMA, our players acted in a way that I don’t support. It violates our standards of sportsmanship and conduct.”
    This is like an article that asks the public help to find a suspect; male 5'10" - 6'2" wearing dark clothing
    Finding a needle in a haystack would be easier...

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