Stories set in a sci-fi/futuristic setting (Poll Closed)

  • A far future setting where the intergalactic government is run by feudal houses that all vie for dominance, each hoping to supplant the galaxies current imperial house. Each story will center on an over ambitious house meeting its downfall.

  • A series of one off stories about a space war between two different human societies. One society is matriarchal, with its military almost exclusively female while the other side is patriarchal with its military almost exclusively male. The male run society could easily win the war, but has kept it going to enjoy the process of using various sexual manners to continually play with and break their female opponents.

  • A story centering on a secluded colony that’s slowly being taken over by an alien hive mind. The hive mind takes over other beings when a member of the hive fucks another sentient being.

  • A series chronicling female space rangers, working to bring law and order to a lawless galaxy, all of which meet perverse endings.


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