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G.O.A.T.: Who is No. 1 in Lakeview girls basketball history (Poll Closed)

Total Votes: 21,637

  • Jessica - 6 years ago

    Hey informed, maybe you should learn some manners! The polls closed 3 days ago why are you even posting? Real cute talking smack to a kid behind a computer. Grow up creep!

  • Jane - 6 years ago

    Way to go Informed for attacking a child who doesn't know any better. What's your excuse? You could have said whatever you needed to say without attacking a child. Now your character has come into play! Shame on you!

  • Informed - 6 years ago

    Very funny Audrey's Daughter, her dad is the most honest person on this planet. Since you weren't even born, you may want to leave this to people who seen both players players play. Questioning people's character is not even on the table. Maybe your mom should teach you manners. Oh that's right, your mom sold you that sack of lies.

  • Audrey' daughter - 6 years ago

    And y'all can stop trying to down my mom because she is the best!!

  • Audrey's daughter - 6 years ago

    Shado, the only reason why she has records at the school is cuz her dad took the stats and everybody knows. My mom is the best person to come out of lakeview, she was a beast at basketball and still will continue to be one! Good job mommy I'm proud of you????

  • Friend and GOAT Analyst - 6 years ago

    Stats do speak clear and She turned down Central Michigan and went to Western Michigan University on a full-ride basketball scholarship before Kcc! She was also conference mvp twice. Count how many full-ride division 1 basketball scholarships your candidate was offered? Enough said. Congratulations and good job to the BC Enquirer on the GOAT awards!! Your picks have been on point every week!!

  • Shado - 6 years ago

    Congrats to all the top 5. Stats speak clearly! Whoot whoot Holy your the best either way, no one can take that from you no matter how many times we vote!

  • One and only - 6 years ago

    Actually Audrey did everything she was an all around player so what r u saying congrats to all u ladies anyway and she also had to guard every team best player so defense and offense must I say congratulations all u ladies

  • Lori - 6 years ago

    Proud of you Holly Gremore.
    No matter what place you come in.
    This is quite an honor and your friends and family are SUPER PROUD. WOO HOO

  • Margo Miller - 6 years ago

    Vote Audrey!!! Not only is she the greatest basketball player of all time, she is one of the greatest coaches of all time! She has been an amazing role model to me and so many other Lakeview athletes!! No one deserves this more than Audrey!!

  • Yo - 6 years ago

    I'm not related to anyone! Go Audrey

  • Joy Graham Kirkland - 6 years ago

    I AM a family member and my opinion IS biased... However, there is no one in our family named Tammy, therefore she must be a fan. Thank you Tammy for supporting my AWESOME sister Audrey! The Battle Creek Enquirer obviously agrees with you! They all appear to be GREAT athletes, congrats to all!

  • Jamie - 6 years ago

    Obviously, you are a family member, so I will respect your opinion, as it is that, an opinion. However, scoring does not make a complete player. Several of these people on the list had several stats listed: assists, rebounds, steals, not just points. You have to look at the team records to see if they made other people better, and that will give you the G.O.A.T. Congrats to all the top 5 ladies on the list!

  • TAMMY - 6 years ago

    Why we are even voting! Everyone knows AUDREY GRAHAM is the Best female athlete and basketball player to ever come out of Lakeview!

    Audrey knows it and the OTHER CANDIDATES AND THEIR FAMILIES know it! Even if the person who is getting online and voting a million times wins, they still know that AUDREY is the BEST and none of these players even came close to her skills and abilities! Another point is No one is even close to her in points she scored lol!!!!

    Numbers don't lie. You can't take that away. Have fun continuing to click your fingers and mouses for the opposing candidates, even though it is pointless because everybody in the city knows who the best is... In addition, The Enquirer already made their choice, ha! Congrats Audrey on being the real #1, no one can take that from yoU!!!!!!!!!!!! You're the best, we love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gabriel - 6 years ago

    Go Holly!

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