Grade the series premiere of 'The Blacklist: Redemption':

  • shirlee mckenna - 4 years ago

    Without James Spader no intention of watching. Blacklist may have run its course already due to some poor writing but I will follow anywhere Spader lands his acting abilities. Will not watch Redemption nor am I interested in any way.

  • Diana raetz - 4 years ago

    Keep it on. Tv. Now. This. Is. A. Twist. Please.

  • Diana raetz - 4 years ago

    Keep it on. Rv

  • Wetzel - 4 years ago

    UNLESS RED HAS A MAJOR ROLE IN THIS - FAIL. Everyone watches the blacklist for the character of Red. His relationship with Elizabeth was intriguing. You lost viewers when she was gone from the show. With that being said you could find a new intriguing relationship for RED if she chooses to leave the show completely

    This spin off is just a pathetic attempt to sell a knock off as the original

    Sorry won't be watching

  • Msrsha - 4 years ago

    I thought the show was too unbelievable...and I hate that Tom is going to put. his family in jeopardy again.

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