Pasadena, CA vs. Peoria, IL (Poll Closed)

  • Pasadena, CA
    12,448 votes

  • Peoria, IL
    13,283 votes


Posted 2 years.


  • Not a Fan - 2 years ago

    If Adam was involved, it was not likely an honest way Peoria won.

  • juan arciniega - 2 years ago

    Rooting for Pasadena!

  • Shawn W - 2 years ago

    Great competition to two beautiful City Halls.

  • Paul - 2 years ago

    Congratulations. Great job Pasadena and Peoria.

  • Abby - 2 years ago

    All of the marble in Peoria City Hall makes it one of my favorite downtown buildings.

  • Congrats - 2 years ago

    Congrats to both ciities for the great community support. Both city halls are beautiful.

  • Chap - 2 years ago

    Historical and modern at the same time. Peoria

  • Lola - 2 years ago

    Go Peoria City Hall!

  • Randy - 2 years ago

    Peoria City Hall is so charming!

  • JR Whalen's girl - 2 years ago

    The team who built Peoria's fine City Hall would probably get a kick out of this! I'm sure John R Whalen would!

  • Jeremy - 2 years ago

    Peoria's City Hall is amazing! Go Peoria!

  • Merri - 2 years ago

    History, Art Beauty. Peoria City Hall

  • Mikey - 2 years ago

    Vote Peoria City Hall! They were kind enough to give me a step stool in the attic so I can reach the light switch. I feel accepted and loved at Peoria City Hall!

  • Kirk - 2 years ago

    Peoria, how I love thee!!

  • richard - 2 years ago

    Vote Peoria!!

  • Markie Mark - 2 years ago

    Pride in Peoria is shining brightly! LOVE our historic city hall!

  • David - 2 years ago

    I love my city and what a City Hall

  • Papa - 2 years ago

    Peoria is such a great city.

  • Murray Baker - 2 years ago

    Oh, that lovely city hall when you cross my bridge into Peoria-- Love it! Gorgeous; historic; meaningful.

  • Mike - 2 years ago

    A beautiful and historic City Hall for a terrific city

  • Janet - 2 years ago

    Vote Peoria!!!

  • :) John McLain - 2 years ago

    Yippee ki yay. Peoria is the best pal

  • Judy - 2 years ago

    The recent(ish) renovations to the peoria city hall council chambers are fabulous. They added technology but also kept the historic feel.

  • Josie - 2 years ago

    Peoria for the win!!

  • Captian Detweiler - 2 years ago

    The Illinois River keeps rolling, as does the River City in the #elglcityhall contest.
    Way to go, Peoria!!

  • Kathy - 2 years ago

    Not just the beautiful outside, the inside of Peoria's City Hall cannot be surpassed

  • Eric E - 2 years ago

    If you get a chance to go to the Clerk's office, you'll see the old safe that holds some of the records of the City of Peoria!

  • Pete - 2 years ago

    Such a fabulous historical and beautiful building. Go Peoria

  • Al - 2 years ago

    I love Peoria's City Hall! Beautiful!

  • P-townophile - 2 years ago

    Seriously, Peoria has the heart to win it all.

  • Estelle - 2 years ago

    Peoria's City Hall so well restored that it's hard to believe that it's 118 years old! The building is obviously loved and well cared for!

  • Aletta - 2 years ago

    Peoria's entertainment history is on display on the 3rd floor! The framed photos and the cases all pay tribute to Peoria's past!

  • Cat - 2 years ago

    Go Peoria Go

  • Ali - 2 years ago

    I think Peoria's City Hall looks magical and unexpected! The structure is historic, but so unique!

  • Bossy Pants - 2 years ago

    Vote City Hall right now.

  • Maggiew - 2 years ago

    Great civic pride in Peoria! This contest has brought out so many people in support of our city. Way to go Peoria!!!

  • Christine - 2 years ago

    Peoria, Yay!

  • Morgan - 2 years ago

    The historic photos that decorate peoria city hall are a good reminder about how far we have come.

  • Richard - 2 years ago

    Stop tripping! Peoria City Hall is the diggity

  • Bill - 2 years ago

    Historic Peoria City Hall. YES

  • Jean - 2 years ago

    I love Peoria's City Hall

  • S - 2 years ago

    Pasadena needs to stop complaining and start voting. You guys got less than 1,000 votes in the last round, so how did you get to 12k again?

  • Spike - 2 years ago

    Peoria City Hall...comin' on strong in the home stretch! Yay P-Town!

  • Cis - 2 years ago

    Go Peoria, Go!!

  • Christine - 2 years ago

    Go Peoria!! Best City Hal

  • Emily - 2 years ago

    Peoria City Hall - overlooks ice skating in winter and flower gardens in spring/summer.

  • Bill Carlson - 2 years ago

    I love Peoria's City Hall. It is a beautiful piece of architecture.

  • Cis Carlson - 2 years ago

    Peoria City Hall is so beautiful and full of history!!

  • Karen - 2 years ago

    Peoria City Hall is the place - arts inside & out and nearby entertainment for everyone.

  • Maryjane - 2 years ago

    Love Peoria City Hall- a treasure of history & beauty in the heart of the midwest!

  • Pam - 2 years ago

    Vote Peoria! It is the greatest

  • Amy - 2 years ago

    Peoria rock!!!

  • Night owl - 2 years ago

    I like the way peoria city hall is lit up at night.

  • Phoebe Ezmerelda - 2 years ago

    Beautiful old glory in the heart of downtown. Vote Peoria

  • giveitup - 2 years ago

    Umm... who works the system?

  • worktheroom - 2 years ago

    Peoria works the game. Good on us.

  • Phoebe - 2 years ago

    Vote vote vote for the most beautiful city hall. Peoria Ill

  • cheater - 2 years ago

    Pasadena got hosed

  • Vincent - 2 years ago

    Peoria is such a ricg city with history and a beautiful city hall.

  • Vincent - 2 years ago

    Peoria is such a ricg city with history and a beautiful city hall.

  • Cheater - 2 years ago

    Pasadena plays fairly

  • Mr Fuzzylumpkin - 2 years ago

    Peoria City Hall is the candyland of the world

  • Trisha - 2 years ago

    Pasadena has it all--not just a gorgeous city hall where so many movies and TV shows film, but awesome weather and the granddaddy of them all, the Rose Bowl. Nothing is better.

  • Kathy - 2 years ago

    Get going people. Show your support for our beautiful city hall

  • Adam - 2 years ago

    peoria all the way! Right now they have the art work of local students on display! It's lovely!

  • Leslie Knope - 2 years ago

    Parks and rec wishes it was filmed in Peoria City hall

  • Gene - 2 years ago

    Peoria is great place to raise a family.

  • Phoebe Ezmerlda - 2 years ago

    Lookin good at 118. Beautiful

  • kathy - 2 years ago

    Close race people. Lets show our support for our beautiful city hall

  • Charles - 2 years ago

    Peoria City Hall is historically solid. Beautiful place to visit.

  • Misty - 2 years ago

    The peoria city hall buildings has a few orbs. The story is that the drafter had a dream and they were in the dream so he added them to the plans.

  • Tanner - 2 years ago

    peoria a great place for sports!!!

  • Ty coleman - 2 years ago

    Peoria great city for education

  • N - 2 years ago

    Peoria City Hall is an architectural marvel.

  • :) - 2 years ago

    Everyone loves Peoria city hall.

  • Jimmie Boy - 2 years ago

    DTown PTown got it goin' on, boy! Peoria city hall has seen it al!

  • Charlie - 2 years ago

    Peoria is AWESOME!!!

  • Stanley - 2 years ago

    Peoria City Hall...a place for all seasons ( because we have more than one)

  • Peoria pride - 2 years ago

    Peoria city hall is full of hardworking dedicated city staff.

  • Magpie - 2 years ago

    The elevator in Peoria City Hall brings people together...really close together

  • Brittney - 2 years ago

    Peoria City Hall - Old world culture in the center of the arts and sports district

  • Sasha - 2 years ago

    I love Peoria City Hall! Even visiting from California, I didn't mind the winter or the snow and I got to skate in the ice rink next to City Hall!

  • Steamboat Willie - 2 years ago

    Spirit of Peoria is our flagship excursion boat, and our attitude. PTown rocks!

  • katie - 2 years ago

    Old world culture in a beautiful city hall building, against the background of a modern civic center

  • Quasimodo - 2 years ago

    There are two dead pigeons in the bell tower. Perhaps sacrificed to the gods of architecture for the construction of Peoria's beautiful City Hall? Go Peoria!

  • Nicholas - 2 years ago

    I like walking up the marble stairs at Peoria's city hall. Sometimes I even beat my coworkers so take the elevator.

  • Gayle - 2 years ago

    Peoria is a wonderful city with a beautiful waterfront area to enjoy!

  • Betty Friedan - 2 years ago

    Chicks dig peoria City Hall.

  • Gordon - 2 years ago

    Peoria City Hall, in all of it's quarried Sandstone glory, is an amazing structure!

  • Lily - 2 years ago

    Peoria is the best ????

  • Phoebe Ezmerlda - 2 years ago

    Beautiful city hall in the heart of a downtown revitalization

  • Stoffer - 2 years ago

    I like to ride my bike to Peoria's City Hall.

  • Whoot Whoot - 2 years ago

    Go Peoria!

  • NAS - 2 years ago

    118 and looking good- Peoria City Hall

  • Mudbone - 2 years ago

    Richard Prior thinks this is all pretty funny.
    What a comeback for Peoria. Pride of place.

  • Kris M - 2 years ago

    Go Peoria!

  • Terri - 2 years ago

    Peoria City Hall is a historic beauty.

  • Nick - 2 years ago

    The wood paneling in the attic in peoria city hall is not only beautiful but also in great shape. It's amazing that it looks so good at118 years old.

  • kathy - 2 years ago

    Beautiful City Hall building, carefully restored to its original beauty

  • Chuck Lauss - 2 years ago

    Beautiful City Hall, awesome citizens, and wonderful place to live. We love Peoria, IL

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