Should St Patrick's College be disqualified?

Posted 2 years.


  • Mia - 2 years ago

    St pats deserved the chance to re row. The poor year 9 will already be feeling so disappointed because everyone is blaming him. It's not his fault he lost weight. It's 2kg for goodness sake build a bridge and get over it, it's not even as if he did it on purpose or the school made him. People lose and gain weight all the time, not his fault at all. I'm certain that the school didn't mean it either, It's not as if they cheated, they just made a mistake, which was also a mistake made by the judges and officials, can anyone say that they have never made a mistake? NO!!!! I know the sort of people there and they wouldn't cheat on purpose. What is this world even coming to, we're telling people off for being light and fit? I strongly believe that St pats deserved this chance to prove that they can still win with the extra weight. And I'm so glad they did win because they deserved to and it's the first time they have won in about 5 years, AND THE FIRST TINE LORETO HAS EVER WON. GO ST PATS AND LORETO!!!!!!!

  • Upset - 2 years ago

    I am extremely disappointed with the lack of understanding of the situation in the media and the social media. The St Pat's cox was weighed some 40 hours before the race and given his weight to carry in the boat. He was weighed after the race and was 1.60kg underweight. Everybody would understand that he would be nervous and not eat and drink a lot in the lead up to the race. He is only a Year 9 boy and has been hammered from pillar to post. What a disgrace and people that have made observations making it seem he is to blame are ill advised and bullies. Also, why weren't all of the coxes weighed after the race? Who knows if the other crews were in the same situation if they were weighed days before the race. We will never know, because they were never checked. It smacks of hypocrisy. When was the last time a jockey was weighed 2 days out before the Melbourne Cup. It just doesn't happen. Get off St Pat's back. The system has been rightly found to have holes. Surely the BAS officials and the rowing officials on the day should apologise for the current situation because it should never have happened.

  • BHS fan - 2 years ago

    @LIZHANRAHAN - the rules and regulations around coxwain weigh in are clearly stipulated in Rowing Victoria Rules and Policies and the Ballarat Associated Schools handbooks. Each school will know exactly what these rules are. How a coxwain was allowed to weigh in more than 24 hours prior to a race is beyond explanation. Why that coxwain was allowed to weigh in wearing his school uniform and not that which he would be racing in is also beyond explanation. Clearly, whoever was overseeing this weigh in process at Clerk of Scales did not follow protocol. Furthermore, the school should have been overseeing that their coxwain was weighed in correctly. So, both at fault.

    If there was a small winning margin then the 2kg might have made a difference in a result. St Pats were clearly the better crew and were favourites all season, but, they failed to carry the correct weights and follow weigh in rules, this would not be a suitable excuse at a State or National Championship level and they would be disqualified. The referees of the Head of the Lake race had recommended that they be disqualified in accordance with the clearly stipulated rules and left the decision in the hands of the headmasters. In the end they could not offer a genuine resolution to the problem other than to re-row the race. St Pats have been lucky that this occurred now and not at a Rowing Victoria / Rowing Australia level championship event. They now get a second chance to prove that they truly are the better crew. Let this be a precedent for future events, schools should know the rules, officials should official in accordance with the rules.

  • Liz Hanrahan - 2 years ago

    Rules for weighing seemed very sloppy. Set them in concrete before this can happen again. Fair decision made by Principals. Any other way would have left ill feeling between local schools.

  • Dale - 2 years ago

    Call in ASADA.

    How did he lose 2 kg in 3 days?

  • Matt Reno - 2 years ago

    Firstly How pathetic to run a poll !!!!!!!!!!!! well done Courier quality journalism at it's best again.

    Secondly why aren't all the cox's weighed after the race,
    Thirdly why weigh them at all if you don't weigh the rowers??????????

  • Maureen Eddy - 2 years ago

    What an immature idea to run a poll. A decision has been made by those involved and that is the end of discussion, the only matter now to resolve, is to have set rules in place and a set weigh in time in place going forwrd that must be adhered to.

  • Dean Skittelty - 2 years ago

    Disqualify the rowing principles they are all (obviously) stupid

  • Confused2 - 2 years ago

    Unsure why there is such vitriol directed at Grammar. This was an error on SPC's behalf and adjudicated by the officials. All schools should be applauded for giving SPC the chance to row again.

  • Chirag - 2 years ago

    Geez. 2 KG. 2 Boat Lengths. Grammar the spooky pricks

  • Back in my day... BoatRace Geelong - 2 years ago

    Grammar do it every year. One year they questioned SPC on performance enhancement drugs!!!

  • Josh.k - 2 years ago

    Stpats won fair and square if you think they cheated you can suck a dick

  • Grammar legend 2010 - 2 years ago

    No one wants to win by default. If grammar wants to prove there worth. Do it a nationals!

  • Ex Rowing King - 2 years ago

    2kg doesn't make a impact when you win by that many lengths. View video

  • Don - 2 years ago

    Were all the coxes weighed after the race?

  • Anonymous - 2 years ago

    They have trained so hard all year and won clearly by ALOT! Don't think a little bit of weight would've made any difference!!!

  • Confused - 2 years ago

    Why are they weighed 2 days before and not on the day? Surely this isn't the first time there has been a weight discrepancy.

  • Ben - 2 years ago

    You need to add an option for if they should race again next week

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