What happens after the woman exposes her breasts to Keith? (Poll Closed)

  • They are revealed to be small (b cups at the most) but perky, the woman is small with a fit body of a runner. He asks her if she has a car and she says yes. He makes her take him to it. Once in it he tells her to drive him around the city. It seems the longer she is in the trance state the more normal she acts. While getting a tour of the city he makes her masturbate for him while she drives.

  • They are revealed to be large and plump and heavy. The woman is a slightly plump blond dressed in expensive clothing with strings of pearls around her neck. He makes her follow him back to his apartment where, while still in an obedient trance, he makes her take her top off. He then roughly fucks her face before fucking her tits.

  • They are plump little tits that would fill a large c cup, happy handfuls but nothing to write home about. The woman is thin with an average body and perky plump little ass. After feeling up her tits in the street he snaps his fingers again, following her from a time. She heads back to her home, where he then starts playing with her tits and reaching into her pants and fingering her while he’s invisible to her. The woman, and whoever lives in her home with her, react with confusion.

  • They are large and heavy and wide. The woman is thick and curvy, a blond in her late 30’s. After staring at them for a moment he loses the bravery to try more and snaps, removing her from the trance. But he follows her, finding that she’s going to a weekly hypno therapy session. Once there he decides to have some fun, feeling her up once the doctor puts her under.

Posted 2 years.