Grade Jimmy Kimmel's Oscars monologue:

  • Renee - 4 years ago

    I grew up watching The Oscars, as I loved the movies and looked forward to seeing my favorite movie and actors win. Perhaps! Back in the day, it was a classy affair. Yes, there were some a "streaker" when actor David Niven was on stage, or Cher dressed all in black like a bird(?) Feathers and all she still looked gorgeous!!! Yes, sometimes they ran TOO LONG... or a Native American Indian (female) accepted the Oscar on behalf of Marlon Brando who declined to attend....because of his views....
    Celebrities ....mostly called movie stars in the 50's 60's, 70's, females were elegant, dressed like a star - and the men impeccable, also. Fast forward to was a total embarrassment. Kimmel should NEVER be asked back.
    His jokes were disrespectful, rude, regardless of his political view. I don't remember the former President EVER being ridiculed so maliciously. Why is that Kimmel??? Your joke on President Trump's 5am bowel movement did it for me!!! You should be ashamed. You went too far. Was that even in a joke category. You are worse than that Ricky J guy!!!! I will never, ever, watch your late night show. I don't know how your lines were even allowed by the directors/producers??? Yes, free speech and all that and I guess that allows for common sense to fly out the window! Too bad ED or BC were not asked or had other plans!! You were the worst HOST ever and not even funny. Some actors in the audience looked very uncomfortable and many laughed as they felt it the politically correct response. Like a bunch of sheep following the Kimmel sheep right over the cliff! (being the not so smart creatures that they are) . Then talk about racial division in this country, which is what many of the jokes were about. Mel Gibson and Jews.... President Trump and his views... again a rascist remark... on and on. No jokes about PEOPLE of COLOR that I remember..... In conclusion: thank you speeches that had a political view, political complaint.....comments about refugees, Middle East countries and borders had nothing to do with your acting ability. It's an entertainment show about movies and what they say to us individually and give us enjoyment, be it a learning lesson, sadness, joy, laughter. A few hours of escapism in a world full of wars, bombings, murders, etc. Politics has no place at the Oscars and those of you who call yourself an actor, director, writer (ha) best take some speech classes so you don't stand up there
    babbling like an idiot thanking the most ridiculous people like your nanny or 1st grade teacher. Say thank you I am honored and sit the ---- down. 3 1/2 hours plus was WAY TOO LONG for the lewd comments by Kimmel and the fumbling, bumbling, acceptance speeches. There ought to be a trap door and after 30 secs you go down the chute!! Would be an hour show!! I can hardly wait for 2018 Oscars. Maybe ED will be there. Thank you. ( I wonder how Roger Ebert would review the 2017 Oscar Ceremony? 2 THUMBS DOWN, perhaps!!

  • Cailanna Cholas - 4 years ago


  • John Gibbons - 4 years ago

    These actors are mostly not worth watching the old film professionals are gone instead we have out of touch amateurs

  • Janet - 4 years ago

    Brenda and Leslie said it well. So many of the Arts stage and screen actor's have just turned me off. We have stopped going to movies except for a very few, if it is an awards show of some kind (music or film) just skip it. Thank goodness Lada Gaga showed class and let it be about the game and didn't take anything away from it. It is insulting how entertainer's seem to feel that by lecturing, being ugly, nasty or tell you how you should feel somehow is supposed to override your individual sense of right or wrong. We must be just dark faces in the audience and they have an over inflated idea of their self worth.

  • Smith - 4 years ago

    Predictable Kimmel basing a President worth ten little jimmys - glad I didn't bother watching his head so far up the left's ass you couldn't see it bobble yessum ... no wait he didn't bash black names no he didn't. Oscars = entitled morons.

  • Diana - 4 years ago

    Disgusting display of the same entitled haters mis-using this venue to spout off their drivel against patriots and the Presidency - hope the rating plummeted as will this a-holes career as he shot himself in the foot mocking his homies

  • Brian - 4 years ago

    Jimmy Kimmel - just another reason not to watch the falsely entitled rabid haters bash patriots and pat themselves on their hypocritical backs. We don't care - are you listening yet???

  • Brenda M Pepper - 4 years ago

    I stopped watching any of the awards shows. They are supposed to be entertainment, not to be used as,a policial platform. So very many lost viewers. I am now no longer watching Kimmel. Options for movies and tv viewing getting sparse.

  • Dolores - 4 years ago

    I was definitely looking forward to watching the Oscars. But, after hearing the trash coming from Jimmy Kimmel I just changed the station. The academy needs to stop the bashing the President & actors.
    Jimmy Kimmel you are definitely a rude & not very funny individual. You are the worse that the Oscars has ever allowed to host the show.

  • - 4 years ago

    I don't watch the awards to hear President bashing comments, and find Kimmel's Trump comments a great way to ensure America becomes more divided. Great job Jimmy, not. Keep politics out of the future Academy shows please!

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