What Do You Want To See From The 2018 Enclave?

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  • Stay True - 3 years ago

    Id like to see more SUV like design like the Traverse! The current design is GREAT probably the most beautiful vehicle of its time but i dont wanna see another swoopy "Hearse" like design these days... and i CANT wait for the "Avenir" Sub-Brand! Buick deserves it!

  • Amy Collins - 3 years ago

    Please, the interior color choices are hideous. Please light camel, no browns and oranges.

  • John Edds - 3 years ago

    a better transmission the current has about turned me away!

  • Steve - 3 years ago

    I bought a 2008 AWD Enclave and traded it in on a 2013 AWD Enclave. I have driven 180K miles over 9 years with this model. I expect big upgrades and changes with the new model. Lighter, faster, better handling, better cabin, better materials. If GM doesn't deliver on the new Enclave, I will downsize to a Porsche Cayenne, or an Audi Q7. Also, the lack of information about the new Enclave is pathetic. I have to go to the 2018 Chevy Traverse site and speculate on what the 2018 Enclave might look like. Will it be released at the April NYC auto show as the press is speculating? A confirmation of that possibility would be nice.

  • Scott - 3 years ago

    I would like to see a Diesel engine with a fuel economy close to 30 mpg.

  • Chris - 3 years ago

    Better electronics and phone integration. More phonelike OS.

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