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  • Daniel - 7 years ago


  • Wicked - 7 years ago

    Hope AC won. FFXV was over rated And a shadow of final fantasy

  • Marcelo - 7 years ago

    FFXIV is a awesome game

  • Brandon lorriva - 7 years ago

    FFXIV is a awesome game

  • Danny sherrill - 7 years ago

    FFXV all the way

  • Gregory House - 7 years ago

    Final Fantasy XV is absolutely golden. I enjoy every aspect of it. Plus, it's a HELL of a lot newer than the Ezio games. It looks nicer, plays nicer, and, in my own opinion, the story is more interesting and the world is vast, more so than Assassin's Creed. I played FFXV's demo and loved it. I want this game and this sale would be my perfect opportunity.

  • Bonez - 7 years ago

    FF is a brand new game guys. Lets get a brand new game for $40. You are nuts if you vote ac

  • lance forbus - 7 years ago

    I've got both and theit both good

  • Leonardo - 7 years ago

    FF XV pessoal/guys!!!

  • Cheese Wolf - 7 years ago

    My vote goes to AC but only because I already bought FFXV Day one edition.

  • Tony Baptiste - 7 years ago

    3 games for $20. No brainer. AC

  • Brad - 7 years ago

    Most definitely Assassin's Creed.

  • Marquis Cocanougher - 7 years ago

    Sorry guys, but I already have FFXV. I love Ezio Trilogy, that's where my vote goes.

  • Anthony Resendez - 7 years ago

    Voting ffxv already played all the a.c. games before might as well play something new

  • Dylan - 7 years ago

    I really hope AC wins. It's about time we have a good free game

  • Chuck Tingle - 7 years ago

    If you casuals pick AC over FF I swear to god

    You could pirate AssCreed and play it on your toaster, why not pick the console exclusive?

  • Pryometrix - 7 years ago

    Already have Final Fantasy XV day one edition, so I can tell you where this guys votes going.... That's how people can vote for Assassin's Creed when Final Fantasy is up along side it just fyi lol.

  • D anderson - 7 years ago

    Played all assassins creeds when they came out love revelations because it brought new things to the game new elements that you didn't expect but I bought the trilogy and still haven't played it also have ffxv and love the game great story gorgeous settings but feels like there is something missing weirdly idk but I'll let the world decide on how to view this

  • Nicole - 7 years ago

    Assassin's creed all the way!! Love those games

  • Josh Williams - 7 years ago

    How would someone know if they like it unless they already bought it? In which case why would it matter the discount. Dumb

  • Draugharan - 7 years ago

    Is anyone, really, voting AssCreed when the other option is FF XV? O:

  • Kempee - 7 years ago

    Final Fantasy XV looks amazing.

  • Allan Kardeck - 7 years ago

    sou fã dos dois games, mais prefiro Final Fantasy XV

  • Dunny - 7 years ago

    I love ac trilogy,because have a great story about ezio audiotore da firenze.especialy ac brotherhood and revelation. I'll miss ac trilogy❤️♻️

  • Shao Kahn - 7 years ago

    Y'all want this with that $15 earned, don't you? You know it!

  • Ryan Hovinga - 7 years ago


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