How many Model 3 Tesla will produce in 2017?

  • IAmNotARobot0010 - 4 years ago

    As somebody who works around production and automation Elon is nuts if he thinks he can ramp a green facility up to those kind of numbers without issue. Good luck!

  • TUNC CAN - 4 years ago

    It seems that there lots of complaints from the workers Tesla employers are closing their eyes to these negative sayings. If it is real which seems not known till now but has to be taken into consideration seriously and in fact it has a huge impact for the future of Tesla! Production of 80.000 unit of Model 3 will be done late or on time but sustainable Tesla could only be based on healthy work environment.

  • P. R. Bodine - 4 years ago

    My 02 Chevy S10 is on its way out. Hope I can make it till. Pick-UPS are out!

  • Klaus Pohlschmidt - 4 years ago

    The focus and pressure to produce this car has exceeded any mass produced product of the past.
    Suppliers to Tesla have their reputations on the line and will pull out all stops to deliver on time. A lot of very talented people are working towards one goal and I'm confident that with Elon Musk's leadership this will be a successful launch and pointed to in the future of how to execute such an enormous undertaking. My single concern and hope is that quality will not be allowed to suffer. Any reports of poor quality will derail this game changing industrial revolution towards a cleaner environment for the next generation on our planet.

  • PjSkip - 4 years ago

    I'm guessing under 25k Wishing them success but I want to make sure that they take their time to get production right and slower #'s at end of 2017 is no biggie.

  • Lou Ciesco - 4 years ago

    I'm hoping for 55-65 thousand in production. I wish them luck and great care!!!

  • Ian knox - 4 years ago

    My guess would be 50000 in 2017 as there are always issues????

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