What rumored announcement for Apple's April event excites you the most?

  • Other (See comments)
    770 votes

  • Nothing.
    3,781 votes

  • New Apple Watch bands/configurations
    1,268 votes

  • Refreshed, affordable 9.7-inch iPad
    2,095 votes

  • Refreshed 12.9-inch iPad Pro
    2,017 votes

  • 10.5-inch iPad Pro
    5,125 votes

  • New Macs
    10,705 votes

  • 128GB iPhone SE
    1,082 votes

  • Red iPhone 7
    1,089 votes


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  • Roland Sarot - 3 years ago

    A new Thunderbolt display 8k of the same quality as the one before. LG are not bad but look cheap and not too reliable.

  • Brian - 3 years ago

    My entire family and I have been loyally buying Apple products for over 25 years and for the first time I am seriously considering switching us all over to the other side. We're just one family but that would amount to 4 iphones, 4 iPads and 3 computers. I'm sure we're not the only ones disappointed by the uninspired feature-set in the new MacBook Pro and the lack of attention the iMacs have received. Sadly, with the loss of Jobs, the company has also lost a step or two.

  • Thulasiram - 3 years ago

    No one talks about better battery technology. No one is investing in R&D to develop a battery tech which can last for weeks and months. All the other expectation will end up in spending more money on a simple device to talk, msg and browse on a year-on-year basis. depleting the ecosystem. new devices every year α more hardware wastage α more energy usage α more profit to the companies α more expenditure which can be used in other useful ways α conservation of natural resources α less heating up of the earth α self-control and self-satisfaction towards not being greedy on lifeless hardware :)

  • Arthur Tepper - 3 years ago

    Love to see the company expand its Apple pay system to include the acquisition of a major card processor....ie American Express or other and to develop the Apple card for mass distribution.

  • David D - 3 years ago

    iPad Pro Mini

  • William Olson - 3 years ago

    To me the most important thing would be the incorporation of Bluetooth 5. The current Bluetooth gives me the most headaches of anything I do with my iPhone.

  • Stephen Weil - 3 years ago

    A renewed focus on software and user experience...and Steve Jobs' dedication to the user.

    Apple's software has suffered mightily since Jobs' deaths. Poor user experience decisions, inconsistency, change for the sake of change rather than a good reason, a Photos app that replaced a perfectly good application with a piece of junk, and annual macOS upgrades that need to be avoided for the first 3-4 updates until "we, the users" iron out the bugs.

    I switched to Apple from Windows in 1994 for the software and got great hardware in the bargain. With the latest MacBook Pro, I get a noisy keyboard, the need to re-train by muscle memory from clicking on an icon to tapping on an icon on the keyboard, memory limited to 16gb, and a processor that's already out-of-date.

  • Mark Granger - 3 years ago

    iPad Mini Pro. The current minis overheat when you use them in direct sunlight on hot days as a drone controller.

  • Deon - 3 years ago

    I will be watching. If anything wows me, I will probably get it. This year, I'm not really excited for anything but WWDC and the iPhone even. I'll be crossing my fingers that the iPhone event does not disappoint until September.

  • Alex - 3 years ago

    iPad Mini Pro
    MacBook Pro Upgrades (& Price drop?)

  • Mark - 3 years ago

    I would like to pretend that Apple learned from their mistakes and will be adding ports back to the MacBook Pro.

  • Daniel - 3 years ago

    4k Apple TV for me too!

  • McDonald's - 3 years ago

    macOS - the spirit of apple is the system and the design and Not the Intel processor, Not the RAM, Not the SSD

  • Imre - 3 years ago

    New Mac Mini with SSD and traditional ports.

  • Gonidog - 3 years ago

    More to iHome- specifically always on Siri - potentially add on to appletv (think micro-USB connection) with physical shutter on camera for FaceTime/skype.
    Appletv - smaller/faster chip, more memory - finally delve into gaming for real.
    Appletv- cheaper motion sensors for games.
    iMacs with upgradable RAM chip slots and easily interchangeable hard drives.
    New and improved airport expresses.

  • Lloyd Maxfield - 3 years ago

    Would like to see an iPhone that's compatible with Apple Pencil. Also wish the apps from Apple [e.g. Photos, Reminders, Calendar, Notes] actually worked well -- currently they all stink.

    In my dreams, the next iPhone would have a real telephoto lens (200 - 500mm equiv) suitable for birding, but that's probably impossible without folded optics and a much larger lens.

  • dp - 3 years ago

    jobs alive

  • christian - 3 years ago

    I would like to see a total refresh of iWork for MacOS and iOS and iCloud. This would include new features for all iWork applications and updates to Mail, Calendar, and Contacts on all platforms.

    Software, Software Software........

  • tom cornell - 3 years ago

    I'd love to see a new Mac Mini with 32gb ram, quad core

  • Rene - 3 years ago

    I would love to see a new way to stream my apple music seeing they killed the AirPort Express!
    I loved AirPlay but now I'm tired of it chewing up my battery on my iOS devices or having to turn on my TV and steam it through my AppleTV and choosing AirPort Express as the speakers...I know first world problems!
    It would be great if they made something like the ChromeCast Audio where the iOS device is the controller/remote and the device fetches the music and plays it.

  • tr00don - 3 years ago

    1. Attention to detail
    2. Features, not vagaries of fashion
    3. A more powerful Apple TV (CPU/GPU matters more than 4K)
    4. A Mac Pro affordable to indies

  • Quattro - 3 years ago

    Apple HomeKit for macOS
    AppleTV 4K, Thunderbolt 3, Facetime option
    Wired Touchbar, TouchID Keyboard
    Retirement of "Air" name ( MacBook Air, iPad Air, etc )
    Apple's own HomeKit smoke/CO detector / WiFi mesh / hub / Siri presence

  • Kev46 - 3 years ago

    iPad mini Pro

  • Mars - 3 years ago

    Software, Bug fixes, return to professional creative roots, focus on power users instead of tech journalists.

  • Ken Porter - 3 years ago

    Waiting for an updated Mac Pro to replace my 2011 MacBook Pro.....................

  • Richard - 3 years ago

    New iPad minis!

  • Michael P. - 3 years ago

    I am excited for a refreshed iPad mini and 4K Apple TV! Hopefully there will be some nice updates!
    I am also interested to see if there actually is a red iPhone 7, so I can get my girlfriend to upgrade her phone and get it.

  • Rob - 3 years ago

    A kick-ass Siri speaker that's gonna wipe the floor with all other home assistants and an upgrade to Siri so that we can use natural language and not have to use 'key words'. Not going to happen though. I might just give up and buy an Amazon Echo.

  • SteveNYC - 3 years ago

    iPad Mini Pro!

  • JROCK - 3 years ago

    Agreed, at this point 4K Apple TV would be top on my list.

  • Rocsta - 3 years ago

    New Thunderbolt Display

  • Bdub12 - 3 years ago

    4K Apple TV!

  • Bobby Thompson - 3 years ago

    I’m still waiting for the iJetPack...

  • MacWacky - 3 years ago

    4K Apple TV!

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