Do you think the Joburg Mayor Herman Mashaba could do more to curb attacks against foreign nationals in his city?

Posted 2 years.

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  • William Dix - 2 years ago

    Herman Mashaba has a poisoned chalice from the ANC legacy of non- rule in Joburg. That the number of undocumented persons living in hijacked buildings is really a problem for the Municipality as the rates and taxes and service charges to the city are not being paid. No city is sustainable unless it can collect this essential revenue . Making comments about foreign nationals is not the way to go as all defaulters, squatters or illegal building occupiers should simply be called that . Illegal squatters. This simply covers all people because there are also indigenous people occupying land, buildings etc. South African in their revolt against the last regime developed a culture of non payment of services which continues to this day. They want free everything and forget that some one has to provide the money. So Mr Mashaba please tone down the comments about specific races , people and use a collective description for those that are defaulting and dodging the system

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