What happens next during Adreh’s card game? (Poll Closed)

  • Rumwald plays a card that makes it so he will remain hard until he has cum thirty times. He then plays a card that will make Adreh tittyfuck him till his cock is soft, which now won’t happen till he has cum thirty times. Massive tittyfuck with tons of messy cum. In the end Adreh is nearly broken, wanting to give up her quest, but she can’t leave the game and the continue playing.

  • Rumwald plays a series of cards that win him the game and leave Adreh weak and magically manacled. Lord Pixyium magically appears, declaring that she is to be placed in the town square for a full day so any man can fuck her massive tits, after that time she is to be brought to him.

  • He plays a series of cards that temporarily make her act as if she is an animal that must crawl on all fours and makes her unable to speak. He then wins the game, parading her through the street and allowing a goblin merchant passing through town to pay to ride her. He does so, jerking off into her hair during the process.

  • Rumwald plays a card that makes her breasts even more sensitive and then one that makes her think her clothes have been returned to her, when in reality she is still naked. He then throws the game, letting her win and telling her Shalheira has been taken to Lord Pixyium’s tower. She sets off to face the evil wizard, unaware that she is naked and still dripping cum with breasts so sensitive they will surely betray her.

  • Rumwald plays a card that makes her tits twice as sensitive as they already are, then plays another that allows him to slap them around till he forces an orgasm from her. She’s left angry, humiliated, and with new determination to win.

  • Rumwald plays a card that pins Adreh to the ground letting him fuck her cum covered tits as she weakly screams her protestations. After words the game continues.

  • A male Dwarven Paladin breaks into the tavern, telling everyone to leave. He then calls upon his god, one of the good uncorrupted ones, to shatter the magic of the deck. The game is ended and the dwarf slays Rumwald. He rescues Adreh, taking her from the city before Lord Pixyium can send men after them. They retreat to a nearby cave where Adreh is compelled by the ring to show her thanks in a sexual manner.

  • Rumwald plays a card that makes Adreh’s breasts swell slightly and fill with milk. The game will not continue till her milk is both drained AND drunk, something the raucous men the tavern are happy to help with. The milking leaves her horny and daze and the game continues, but she also realizes that all the men who have drank her milk are now refreshed with hard cocks and balls once more full of cum.

  • Rumwald is excited to play a card he’s never gotten to use before. It summons a lust demon that will then fuck Adreh into submission. Afterwards it disappears, leaving her unconscious and her crystal empty. The game ends and Rumwald takes Adreh to Lord Pixyium.

  • Rumwald plays a card that makes Adreh get up on the table and dance sexually, showing off her cunt to all in the tavern and masturbating for them. The game continues after she cums.

  • Rumwald, satisfied that he’s humiliated the Silver Elf enough, plays a flurry of cards on his turn that both win him the game and knock Adreh unconscious. She wakes to find herself naked in a dimly lit dungeon, her arms pulled above her head and chained to the ceiling. Lord Pixyium arrives, telling her that she is now his and feeling up her naked body, paying special attention to her massive breasts.


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