How should we deal with Illegal Aliens?


  • jay Cee - 6 years ago

    As a person who has worked with them
    Discriminately Worked Under them (Classism)
    Shipped around them
    Lived around them..
    They need to go to the back of the line or Let them give their lives for their Country that their Grand parents gave to the drug ???? Cartels in Mexico..!

  • Scott Riley - 6 years ago

    Illegal means illegal. Deport until they find and work a legal way to be American. How nice it must be for other countries to use the United States as their dumping ground for their failed social programs and unwanted criminals. Time to wake up and send a message.

  • Ronald Craig - 6 years ago

    Extreme vetting and never be allowed to vote. Mandatory work giving back to the American people - MUST be a productive member of society or they forfeit the agreement and get sent back to their originating country.

  • John - 6 years ago

    Deport them all

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