How big of a focus do you think Apple should be putting on original video content?

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Posted 2 years.


  • genec - 2 years ago

    I'm so glad the majority of people said (None). I thought I was alone.

  • Grammar Ninja - 2 years ago

    "How big of a.." is illiterate. Including it in a huge headline makes it far worse. You can say, "How big a..." or "How much of a..." if you want to sound like an adult.

  • Alex Martens - 2 years ago

    I LOVE my Apple TV and would love to have access to more content on it. We also subscribe to Google Fiber, and, while it is excellent for cable, the on demand nature of the Apple TV is clearly a step above. I suspect I would like Apple to go all in on a package of channels so I can have on demand access to content without logging in through my cable provider. If Apple was interested in producing original content, I think they would be wise to purchase a small established player(s) of high quality independent content like AMC. I suspect that Apple really doesn't want to produce content, though, but get first rights to original content from a number of production companies.

  • Dave Park - 2 years ago

    I'm sorry, but Apple's offerings are so poor and their TV interface so unclean that at this point it doesn't matter what they do - they will never be a major player in that market unless they buy Netflix. If they DO buy Netflix, they will surely mess it up by ruining the excellent interface which makes it so quick and easy to do anything. The AppleTV interface is, frankly, a dog.

    The only reason I have one is because it came free with my DirecTV streaming subscription, and you have never seen an otherwise calm and rational person be so offended at a piece of hardware as me yelling at that stupid remote.

    Apple acts like their customer-base is still all 20-somethings. It isn't. It's 40-50-somethings.

  • bayportbob - 2 years ago

    either buy netflix or just forget about it. you stood still and now everyone has passed you buy.

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